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Relax With Spa Treatments In Vancouver

Are you a frequent flyer of cheap flights to Vancouver who loves to travel but hate jet lags? Fret not! We are here with solution in Vancouver.

There is so much to see and experience in Vancouver but sometimes, jet lag can hold you back with its unwanted effects. We are listing here four popular body spas to rejuvenate you after a tiring flight. These places are guaranteed to melt away your stress to let you enjoy your visit.

1. Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spa

In the heart of Vancouver, this spa is a great urban heaven. With about 8,500 sq ft of area, the spa provides luxurious and relaxing treatments for men and women. With breathtaking city views, it is retreat for spa-goers to relish.

The spa lifts the theme – “locally authentic” to offer signature treatments that are specific to Vancouver and its conditions. Treatments can be chosen to match your lifestyle whether you are a local resident or a busy traveler. There also is a personal steam room to relax your body and release impurities. Van Active Body is a highly recommended treatment to boost your vitality with extremely soft skin.

2. Chi Spa At Shangri-La

This is the finest place to relieve your jet lag effects and experience the inner energy (ch’i). From the legends of Shangri-la, this exquisite spa is the place to achieve well being, enchantment and total peace.

This spa is popular because of its traditional Chinese philosophy. You may choose from a long list of treatments but for your fatigued traveler’s feet, Chi Flow Pedicure is the best treatment to try. It will magically enhance the ankle mobility by stimulating internal organs. The natural CHI oils are used to relieve swelling.

3. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

This is an award winning spa to pamper you after your cheap flights to Vancouver. Huge selections of luxury spa treatments are available here. For an itchy feet traveler, men’s hand & foot recovery treatment is the best. You can relax in Eucalyptus steam room from where you will be taken to a heated bed to work on your fatigued feet and hands.

Various massages are also given here to enhance blood circulation in the organs and eliminate jet lag.

4. Sense Spa At Rosewood

Sense is a perfect spa to go when you seek much needed pampering after a travel in cheap flights to Vancouver. This spa is popular for stimulating your senses and restoring the balance between your body and mind.

It mixes touch therapy and aromatherapy to offer soothing treatments to the travel weary body. Go for Georgian revival massage for a heavenly experience. The sensational hot oil massage along with traditional Swedish massage movements helps in increasing your blood circulation, removing toxins, cleansing body and promoting relaxation. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while sipping the herbal tea offered after the massage.

In case you do not have an urgent appointment to rush for, it’s worth taking a pause from your busy traveling and relaxing at one of the above mentioned spas. For stress free traveling book your flights at

Nanak Flights Offers Travel Insurance


The most important benefit of buying travel insurance from Nanak Flights when booking tickets is the assurance that should something go wrong while you are traveling, you will not have to worry about finding the resources to put it right.


Like you do when you purchase any insurance policy, it is important that you read the policy documents carefully to ensure your expectations and the coverage the policy offers match. Nanak Flights offers travel insurance provided by Travel Guard. Nanak Flights has added this option to the booking process for the benefit of the customers.


Following are the coverage benefits per person:


·         Trip Cancellation: 100% of Insured Trip Cost

·         Trip Interruption: 125% of Insured Trip Cost

·         Trip Delay: $100 per day up to maximum of $500

·         Missed Connection: $ 500

·         Baggage and Personal Effects: $ 500

·         Baggage Delay: $100 per day up to maximum of $300

·         Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $25000


What Is Travel Insurance?


The term travel insurance is commonly used to describe a few different types of insurance. It can be very confusing for new travelers to figure it all out. You should know what coverage a policy includes, because it may not include everything.


Travel Health Insurance is coverage for accidents, injuries, and hospital visits while you are away from home.


Medical Evacuation Insurance is coverage for transporting you to a major hospital for treatment.


Trip Cancelation Insurance is coverage for unexpected interruptions in your travel plans.


Baggage/Property Insurance is coverage for theft or damage to your gear while traveling.


Why should you buy travel insurance from Nanak Flights?


Customers sometimes think about the differences between buying an insurance policy direct from an insurance company compared to buying from Nanak Flights. Below are the advantages for buying from Nanak Flights:


Choice and Selection


It is very tricky for customers to choose the right travel insurance. Nanak Flights with all its experience has chosen the best policy that suits its customers.


Lower Cost


Since we sell bulk volumes of travel insurance packages to our customers, we are able to offer lower rates.


Representing the Client


Nanak Flights help you with many nuances of travel insurance when you are in situation that you have to claim it and you are clueless about it. Due to our ongoing working relationship with the insurance company, we make it easy for the customer.


Dealing with Problems


In many cases, clients do not have complete understanding of the insurance policies. This is where Nanak Flights can help you.


No Extra Cost


Many customers mistakenly believe that they will be charged extra by using Nanak Flights.  This, however, is not the case at all!  By law, insurance intermediaries are required to charge the exact same premium as insurance companies.


Please feel free to contact one of our friendly travel agents should you have any questions.



Instrument Landing System – ILS


Everyone round the globe would have, at least once in their life, dreamt of flying an aircraft. Those who don’t have the guts to give it a shot, will at least want to fly in an aircraft.

No wonder, I always chose to fly in it rather than flying it. It’s just not about only directions and altitudes for flying one. It involves a lot of (indeed a lot) technological understanding before you could even sit for a course to fly.

Though I don’t believe in life after death, it would be good if we could have had Wright Brothers now.

The factor that keeps the world on its feet is “time”. Before wright brothers’ invention travelling from India to Malaysia would take 76 hours by sea and now it’s just more than a couple of hours.

One should definitely understand the importance of an aircraft and as a step to promote its importance, here we present to you the 67 year old ILS – Instrument Landing System.


ILS was widely accepted as a standard system by International Civil Aviation Organization in 1947. ILS is a board system embedded in an aircraft with a reliable and co-operative ILS ground system installed in every airport.

What does ILS do?

It is a ground based instrumental approach that provides a clear-cut guidance to an aircraft approaching a runway. This includes both the lateral and vertical guidance of the altitudes.

How does ILS work?

It uses a combination of radio signals, lighting arrays, marker beacons, VHF localizer, glide slope and few other granular subsystems, with the localizer providing lateral guidance and glide slope for the vertical.

The localizer receiver on the system board of the aircraft is used to measure the difference in the depth of modulation of two priority signals along the runway. i.e. the 90 Hz one and the 150 Hz one. When the receiver signal stays on the centerline of the radar in the cockpit, the depth of modulation would be around 20% for each of the modulating frequencies. The difference varies based on the deviation of the aircraft from the centerline.

On a lighter note, this will not be your “cup of tea” if we you are no way related with aviation stuffs J

When is ILS used?

To maintain an efficient operation at the busiest commercial airports, ILS approach is always preferred by the pilot to ensure smooth flow of traffic. Though, ILS is not used for what it was intended to be used.

The primary intention of ILS was to ensure safe landing during the likes of low-visibility, heavy snow/rain and hail etc.

Being busy with their routine, no one would really want to understand technologies that doesn’t fall under their roof. But let’s take a day-off from our routine and understand few technologies that may be of help sometime.

After all, spending some time on gaining knowledge is not going to hurt you much. Hope you got to know a bit about ILS approach.


The next time you fly, look for the lighting arrays, marker beacons and the localizers and spread a word of mouth about the information you have gained today J J


Flying with babies: Points to be noted


In every real man there lies a hidden child that wants to play. If I had to pick the most beautiful creation ever by god, I would have definitely ended up choosing a bunch of children. Their weeping sounds that almost shatters a glass, their mischievous behavior that keeps us running behind them always, their wonderful expressions and many more would transform the stressful adult in you to a fun loving kid. But there are few cases, where you would really give up on kids and one such instance is while traveling. We present to you a few points that will educate you on flying with your babies.

Before we go on into what needs to be checked before you fly, let us make a note of who can fly? By which, I mean babies of what ages can fly?

Airline policies change often and it is always a better option to either check your airline’s website or to call them ahead.

Babies ideally should be at least 7 days old to fly. A few airlines indeed allow younger infants to fly, upon a doctor’s written statement, while others have 14 days as the minimal requirement for the babies to fly. None of us would want to fly a 14-day infant except for an emergency J

Now, here we go with the tips for you to fly with your babies.

Car Seats:

There are two aspects to the use of car seats. One being that, you could save money by not booking your infant a ticket, instead pay an extra baggage allowance for your car seat and the other being to free yourselves from flying with your kids sitting on your lap throughout the travel, while your better halves enjoy their flight J. Car seats these days are allowed by almost all major airlines and checked at the gates through boarding and helps ensure safety of the kid.


The word Medication reminds me of a saying - “Prevention is better than cure”. It always good to carry an emergency sheet with your child's health information or save it on your smartphone. If in case you have a list handy and your kid needs some medical attention, the list can help you better.

That way, everything is in one place if you need it.

Food and Comfort:

This time it is not about the kid and it’s about the women. If you do breastfeed your kid, don’t forget to buy a drink after you go through the security gates, since it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated. And for those women who do not breast feed, may be for some reason are advised to carry ready-to-use formula for their babies. However, this has to be handed over to the security officers during the screening process.


When you are just changing a diaper, you will want to keep things simple. You will never want to take their shoes, socks and jacket on and off, every now and then. A comfortable suit would be a Pajama or their favorite tees to keep them away from weeping Turning up white and white is definitely going to be a bad option. Always carry at least one change of clothes for both you and the kid. You just can’t complain on the quality of diapers after it had leaked.

Hope these points will make some sense to add up something to your travel... Have a hilarious travel with your naughty ones

Airline Connections - How to Manage Connecting Flights and Have a Happy Journey!



Connections are bound to connect people. Sometimes, when connections don’t serve the purpose that they are intended to, the whole picture gets spoiled. With these connection citations, I am trying to connect you to the transits - “the connection points”.

Unless you are travelling to a major city with a huge airline hub, you will have to take these connection flights to fly from your place to the destination. There is always a chance of missing those connection flights if not planned properly. To ensure a smooth connection, we would recommend:

Avoid being tightly connected:

If suppose, you are travelling via Heathrow airport, which is one of the world’s busiest airports, you may end up walking to the departure gate, if in case the transportation factor between terminals is missing. Though they operate buses every six to ten minutes between terminals, passengers may find it difficult to commute to the gates for their outbound flights. With such constraints ahead, one cannot chose connecting flights with a transit time of 90 minutes. So, we would suggest you allow yourselves a minimum of 3 hours to connect to your destinations. This will not be a problem since most of the aerodrome allow up to 6 hours for connections to be made.

Baggage Transfer:

When you are not on a long trip, you won’t be carrying a lot. When you are overloaded, you are inviting trouble, if your airline doesn’t provide you the baggage transfer facility.

When your baggage is checked through to the destination at the departure airport, then you don’t have to collect baggage at transit hub since that will eat up a good amount of time from your pockets. Be sure to choose an airline that offers this baggage transfer and save time.

If these two trepidations are given sheer importance then your connection flight becomes pleasant..!!

At the worst case, if it happens for you to miss your connection flight, then what do you do? You still have a chance to fly at no additional cost. Take a look at how can this be possible?

Demand a seat to fly:

If a planned delay or cancellation of one flight segment causes you to miss your connection flight which you have booked under one booking number, then you can, by all means, demand for a seat in the next available flight. You are just a phone call away to avail this service, if you are expecting a delay. Once you land at the transit, you should look for your airline’s travel desk and follow the procedures to board the next available flight. As simple as that J

How do you manage the delay?

“Time and tide waits for none” marks the significance of time. Few things go out of control and this sort of delay falls under those few things. You will always have to be prepared to face the consequences of it. A few steps that you could take to manage this delay:

Drop by the Duty-Free shops:

Be it window shopping or shopping, for sure, it kills a lot of time. And if you have got women with you, you are already done for the dayJ. With kids onboard, the play becomes even more interesting. With women shopping and kids weeping, you can’t complain about killing time J

Plan for your stay at the hotel:

If the delay is going to be for 2-3 hours then waiting at the travelers lounge makes sense. But for a delay of more than 6-7 hours, the airline takes responsibility in arranging suitable accommodation for its passengers and incur transportation charges to the place of accommodation. Heathrow airport doesn’t have a place to stay during nights within their premises and hence in case of delays, airlines are bound to look for hotels nearby.

To be prepared, in case of such delays, let us carry an additional attire. Two pairs of clothing’s shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Hope that sums up the strategy to keep your flight pleasant through the transit!!! Safe journey!!!



According to the 2014 Global Green Economy Index, Vancouver was recognized as the fourth greenest city in the world. Are you wondering what would have they done to achieve this? Here are few practices followed by the people of Vancouver with the goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020:

1. Emphasize on the importance of Green Jobs:

Green Job or a Green-collar Job includes any work that contributes to preserve the environmental quality. Agriculture is a good example of Green-collar Job.

2. Promote Green Transportation:

By encouraging the use of public transit and bicycle instead of driving a car, the city becomes free from pollution which in turn keeps the city green forever.

3. Green Buildings:

Reducing Carbon-di-oxide emissions in existing buildings is one among the initiatives adopted by the crowd of Vancouver to keep their city clean and green.

4. Consumption of local food:

By increasing the amount of locally grown food, the ecosystem can be balanced and improved further. When there is a demand for locally grown food then the importance of agriculture goes high eventually, which will promote green jobs and hence a green environment.

5. Use of Clean Water:

Water scarcity is the biggest threat to any living population. Fortunately this is not prevalent in many parts of the world. Though having water resources in abundance, Vancouver accentuates people on consumption of water. Improving the quality of water and reducing its consumption helps better in achieving a green environment.

So all excited to visit this Green city? Want to know more about the city? Here are those attractions that will blow your mind away.

1. Stanley Park:

Not everyone likes to walk, run or jog. But who will hate jogging in Canada’s biggest park? It’s just not about walking, it is a must visit for all the bike lovers around. Rent a bike and ride it along the seawall and feel the heroics within youJ

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge:

A long walk with their soul-mate would make everyone’s life romantic. A walk on this bridge alongside your loved ones, by the night with all city lights on, can be one romantic moment that you could have ever dreamt of J

And for those who wants to present a thriller to their partner’s, take them to Cliff walk and teach them what does being adventurous mean J

3. Grouse Mountain:

Do you like the feel of adrenaline rush in you? Why are you still waiting? Go to Grouse Mountain and try Skiing, Snowshoeing, Ice skating, Sleigh rides, Eco walks, Paragliding, Mountain zip lines, Lumberjack show, Theatre in the sky and what not ? Oh gosh… A lot of varieties to make your life more interesting and memorable.

This is just a sneak picture of what you could get to see in Vancouver and there are lots of places to explore. Find the best deal for you with us and get them booked for your trip to Vancouver.

Have fun and help the people of Vancouver in keeping their city clean during your visitJ. Let us do our part by at least not polluting the city when we are there J


VICTORIA – THE GARDEN CITYBeing the capital city of the province of British Columbia, Victoria is known as the Garden City for Butchart Gardens and much green space. The city also lies within the world’s highest northern Mediterranean climate at a latitude of 48.5 degrees north. Create your itinerary based on the gardens around the city. Here we bring to you two of the best gardens available in the city.

Butchart Gardens:

The roots of this garden come from the early 19th century. Ownership of the garden still remains with Butchart family, who initially designed this garden. Robin-Lee Clarke, great-granddaughter of Robert Pim Butchart and Jennie Butchart, owns this garden since 2001. During the days of Mr. and Mrs. Butchart, symphony concerts were conducted by them for their family guests which, with the time progressing, attracted larger audience. This culture still continues and the garden offers a wide range of local entertainment from Jazz to Classical music. The attractions of the garden include “Circle of Doves” installed in front of the begonia bower, the “Jennie B”, an electrically driven 12-passenger boat giving visitors a glance at the waterside history and aquatic plants and animals, and the fountain statue of “Three Sturgeon”, installed near the Japanese garden.

Visit this garden to make your day a memorable one with the floral species aroundJ

Beacon Hill Park:

Adding a feather to its cap, Victoria also has this wonderful public park as a tourist attraction. The park is popular both with tourists and locals. The amenities of the park include, 2 playgrounds, a water park, tennis courts and landscaped gardens. Flora and Fauna are important species for any country and this park has given utmost important to both of those which is evident from the floral variety spread across the park and the type of birds that are often seen here. Floral variety includes Garry Oak, Western Red cedar, Snowberry, Oregon grape and Fawn Lilly. Raccoons, River Otters and Squirrels fall under the bird category whilst Swans, Ducks, Canada geese and Blue herons make ponds in this park noted. This park has a dedicated site reserved for concerts that is functional between June and September every year.

One man made feature of the park which makes it special is the Totem pole. This prominent feature is the world’s fourth tallest one. This 38.8m (127 feet) totem pole was carved by Mungo Martin and was erected in 1956. By then, this was the world’s tallest totem pole. This park also holds a tribute of a sister to her brother, which is the pebble bridge over the Stream of Fountain Lake. Emily Carr, brother of Alice Carr was a renowned BC artist and this pebble bridge serves as a tribute this artistJ . The petting zoo of the park makes this spot a lovable one and is the X factor behind the park’s success.  The peacocks move freely around the zoo with their feathers decorating visitor’s eyes. “Running of goats” event makes the zoo even more attractive.

Visit to this garden city will never be regretted by a single individual who has a liking towards nature and floral species. So, to have an enjoyable weekend or a picnic with your family on a special occasion, fly to Victoria and have funJ.



Kelowna – The Okanagan Lake City

Situated on the banks of Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is the largest city in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Though being famous for wineries, Kelowna may also be claimed to be famous for being the birthplace of a handful of athletes. We hereby put forward to you those athletes who has represented Kelowna and Canada in various sports events.

Olympic Rower:

Rowing a boat against the stream of water is not an easy task. Easier said than done J Rowing can either be recreational or competitive. By being recreational, one can get to learn about the rowing techniques and by being competitive athletes can race against each other in boats. Rowing demands extreme core balance, physical strength and cardiovascular fortitude. Kelowna and the people are proud of Scott Frandsen, who has represented Canada in the 2003 Rowing World Champions in Milan, alongside Wayne Pommen and secured sixth place. He has also won Silver for Canada in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“Participating is more important than winning a game” is what we are being taught since childhood and being able to represent your country is not a joke. J  Keep rowing Scott...

Professional Racer:

Kids this generation go crazy about cars and bikes. One sport that everyone would want to be indulged in is racing. Being one among the loved sports across the globe, Racing can be really dangerous. Of course, every sport has its own pros and constraints. Leaving aside the constraints, let us enjoy the sport with utmost safety in place. The leading marques of today’s automobile market such as Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Aston Martin were all derived, from their success in this sport and the World Sports car Championship. Kees Nierop is the only Canadian to have his name on a Porsche race car, which is displayed in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Kees Nierop has also won the famous 12 Hours of Sebring race, driving a Porsche 934 in 1983. His other major wins include Canadian GT-1 Championship held in 1983, Rothman's Porsche champion in 1986 and Porsche factory driver at LeMans in 1987.

With your driving skills, you can drive a million crazy and Kees Nierop is one such exampleJ Salute Kees…

Olympic Skier:

Skiing is a competitive winter sport that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which has a history of almost five millennia. Gliding on snow is always fun and when you take it up as a profession, you enjoy your life. Skiing has a lot of techniques such as Telemark turn, Snow plough, Parallel turn and a few more, which were evolved along with ski geometry. Kelsey Serwa, a 25 year old, has added fame to her country and self by endearing a silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. She also reigns the FIS World Championship and Winter X Games Championship. Her medal tally also includes a bronze which was won at 2010 Winter X Games in Aspen. At a young age, adding 4 medals to her bucket, Kelsey Serwa seems to be commendable with her Ski suits and poles on. Kelowna, will always be with her, wishing a continued success in all her endeavors.

So, wonder about the city of Kelowna for producing so many talents? Kelowna has not only produced sports talents but also produced a number of wines that has claimed championships at various events. Don’t wait to book your tickets to Kelowna to experience the best of the wines and may be if you are lucky, you may stand a chance to meet anyone of the mentioned athletesJ Try your luck… Get your tickets booked right away… Good luckJ



Pre-paid Taxi at the airport

TIME, one important factor that keeps the world going. Rushing to airport to take your flights have always been a stress. With this stress factor sucking the most out of your brain, you will not be able to spare a thought on how to commute to your place of stay after the flight. To help you with the best services, we suggest you to book your taxi once you land at your destination. Highlights of booking pre-paid taxi would be:

Safety Concern:

New to a place? Know no-one around? So what, you don’t have to worry about your safety. We will tell you why. These Pre-Paid Taxi’s that you book at the airport will be tracked every single minute and on any abnormal behavior the cops rush there right away. Obviously, safety becomes utmost priority for anyone and we assure you that you can avail it from the pre-paid taxis at the airport. To run you through how this pre-paid taxi works, you will have to pay an approximate fare depending on the distance that you are supposed to travel, before boarding the taxi and you get a receipt for the amount that was paid. Once you are at the destination and if the meter fare exceeds the amount paid, you owe the driver the excess amount and if it doesn’t then it’s the other way round. Be safe on your holiday to party hard J

Save Money:

When you are on a budget trip, these pre-paid taxis can save you a lot of money indeed. If there arises a question, if I am not on a budget trip, then what the use is, you can still save money to make your trip more funny and enjoyable. If you are to avail the cab services of the hotel, for sure, they are going to charge you double more than what the pre-paid taxis do, since they travel from hotel to airport to hotel. There may still be a concern what if I go with a private cab service that offers me a drive to my destination. Those private services charge you more than what the pre-paid taxis at the airport do. As simple as thatJ. If you pay more and travel a considerable amount of distance, you still get the excess money back, which means you pay only for what you travel and not more which really is cool J

Freedom of choice:

To make your travel pleasant, the pre-paid taxi services offers you the freedom of choice which you don’t necessarily get to enjoy with every other cab service provider. You may have to choose between the luxury of the car and the type of it, by which we mean, you will have to choose either between an A/c and Non-A/c or between a sedan and hatchback. With this we help you enjoy your short travel at your choiceJ. Sometimes this short travel can be hectic depending upon the traffic at your destination and so pre-paid taxi service providers offers this privilege to their clients. If not for pre-paid taxi services, you still have this freedom of choice but at fixed rates which is again going to cost you more and eat up your pockets. Think wisely and act wisely J



So pre-pay your taxi and have a pleasant flight and safe short travel too!!

Currency Conversion At Airports - Guide by Nanak Flights

You can’t own a property unless until you have this piece of paper with you. MONEY. A basic need of every human being in this competitive and racy world. On a funny note, if seen from a larger perspective, it seems like money would take precedence than food and water. With such importance being given to money, you are forced not to lose money at any cost and you will have to be careful when handling money more than how would you have been usually. So here we bring to you a few important points to remember when you are willing to convert your currency to the local currency of your destination, on your holiday trip.

Money Exchange on the fly:

With your tour itinerary fully loaded, you can’t spend time on searching for random agents all around the city. Hence it is advisable to get your currency exchanged at the Travelex counters or other Forex dealers at the airport lounge. Though foreign exchange is a can be a pain-stake for the seller, it serves to be a lucrative business to the buyers. Even though Credit/Debit cards are accepted at majority of the city hangouts, it is always good to carry a small amount of money with you and this small amount can be exchanged at the airport once you land and this is going to keep you safe by all means.

Look for ‘the best’ deal than a ‘perfect’ deal:

Every action today has become a business and money exchange is no exception. FOREX is a serious business and loads of money is made out of it and hence help yourselves from being trapped to the marketing minds by being 200% carefulJ. The primary advantage of using the forex services at the airport would be to save time. Though you are going to pay 10-15$ extra, it still makes sense for a smaller amount. If the amount is going to be huge, then the option of considering bank’s exchange rate is 100% fine. But to pay for your taxi and other basic needs, you can’t waste time looking for a perfect deal. The best is always okay than the betterJ.

Travelers Cheque:

Though being obsolete in most part of the countries, there are a few merchants who still continue to accept travelers cheque. This is most probably available only at the Forex counters at the airport lounge and other private forex agents tend to ignore this service. Upon receipt of this travelers cheque, one tends to sign it which may backfire in case of a loss or theft of the cheque. Still the issuer of the cheque will be able to reimburse the loss the incurred, but the process of claim is really cumbersome. It is a best practice to sign the travelers cheque only during payments and not in advance. With ATM and Credit cards, in today’s world, it would be a nightmare to use these cheques. Travelers Cheque stands to be one of the advantages of having your currency exchanged at the airport rather than at a random agency.

So, keep your eyes wide open when you use a travelers cheque and be informed about the exchange rates through newspaper, so that you are not ripped off by a bigger margin.


Have a happy flight and a bargain free exchange J