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Feel At Home When you Are Not At Home

Taking up cheap flights to Calgary or any other place exciting place to travel and discover the untold and unseen is amongst the best experiences one should thrive for. Most people do not like traveling because of their fear of unfamiliarity.

Such people do not realize that traveling can bring enormous fanaticism into their lives. As they find themselves in a totally foreign environment, they start feeling anxious and despairing. But, it is quite easy to feel like you are at your own home when you are actually quite away from it. If you are among such people, we can help you coming out of this murk.

As you plan your trip and book cheap flights to Vancouver or other cities, pay attention to following small but vital elements that can make you feel like you are never too far away from your home:

Find A Place To Retreat

If you really want to enjoy your stay out of your home, stop looking for the cheapest accommodation deals. You need to look for the accommodations that are likely to have no cockroaches peaking out of the bathroom shower and there are no mold spots on the bed.

When you need to feel like at home, you need to sleep in a place that you can think of as your temporary space. A comfortable and clean room may cost you a few bucks extra but it is priceless to have a relaxing place where you can decompress when you are in a new city.

Find A Place To Chill

When you feel the solitude in an unfamiliar place, the best thing is to find a place where you can simply sit and enjoy the local environs. It could be a bar with low lighting, joyful drinks and delighting music or it could be a public library or an eventful restaurant or a coffee shop. These are the easy places to mix up with local people and travelers plus such places could be found everywhere. This way, you will feel closer to local people and culture.   

Find A Way To Move Around

Funnily enough, when you are in a place that is completely new for you, you must know a way to escape and move around. If you have taken cheap flights to Winnipeg and you are in beautiful Canada, the best way to explore new places is to go by a bike, a bus or by foot. You will feel utterly contended to have the ability to travel around the entire city and yet have a cozy home like place to come back to.

When you feel that you are unfamiliar with the street names, food and paths, the best way out is to speak to local residents. You will feel more homely when you have a company of cheerful people.

We hope that above tips will help and inspire you to enjoy traveling and finding new places where you can be as happy and secure as you are in your home. So, what’s the wait for, just get your bags packed and get on for an amazing experience, book your tickets now.

Beginners Guide For Hassle FreeTravel To Montreal

Montreal is a lively city with year round activities to be enjoyed by the whole family. If you have your cheap flights to Montreal booked for a family vacation and if you have never been there before, we get you covered with our comprehensive beginners guide:

Staying Options

You get enormous choices when it comes to booking accommodations in Montreal. If you like to stay in the charming old port area, you can consider staying in the Westin Montreal. It’s a great family accommodation especially for kids as they can enjoy in their outdoor pool with glass bottom.

If you love exploring the city, stay in the downtown where you get an easy access to popular museums, restaurants, shopping centers and metro for convenient commutation. You can check out The Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel which is at a walking distance from city’s main railway station. This accommodation also offers great views of downtown Montreal and Mount Royal.

Family Outing Options

The word “M” does not always refer to the museums, there is much more than just museums in Montreal. And most of the popular museums in the city are kid-friendly with guided tours and special workshops.

You can even take your family for a fun-filled day outing to Espace Pour La Vie in the Olympic Park that has botanical gardens, biodome, insectariums and a newly build planetarium. Unlike any other museum, animals of the biodome are not stuffed and showcased for display from behind the glass; in fact, the biodome takes you and your family through five ecosystems in America with home-grown animals.

As your kids enjoy watching the animals in their natural habitat, your entire planning of boarding cheap flights to Montreal and taking your family for an outing proves to be utterly great.  

Montreal even gives you an immense opportunity to go back to Mother Nature. The year-round botanical gardens named Jardin Botanique houses around 22000 species of plants planted in 10 greenhouses and 20 different gardens. Here, you can even signup for a free guided tour and exhibition of the greenhouses.

Eating Options

When you need instant sugar fixes, head straight to Juliette Et chocolate to choose from a great variety of hot chocolates. While your kids delight on traditional chocolate milk, you can relish on vintage hot chocolate with salad and savory buckwheat crepes for a change.

And when you need to taste best of the poutine in Montreal, you can head to La Banquise in the neighborhood of Le Plateau Mont Royal. This place has more than 30 types of delectable poutiness including bacon, pepperoni, T-Rex, smoked meat and even hot dog. It is also the place to taste city’s best sandwiches and burgers. Open for 24 hours a day, this eating destination also serve lunch and dinner. Some other places to discover in Montreal are Mister Steer’s Milkshake for their steerburger and Suzy Q curly crisp fries.

All the above information will give you a happy first time tour to Montreal. Your kids will surely demand booking cheap flights to Montreal every year for their vacations; and you will be more than happy to take them there especially when you can get great deals on flights just with a click.  

Toronto’s Best Day Spas

Are you feeling exhausted in Toronto’s busy life? Do you need to enliven after cheap flights to Toronto? We highly recommend taking your time and relax at one of the top day time spas in Toronto we are listing here for your expediency. These spas have it all to pamper you with their variety of specialized treatments.

The Quartz Crystal Spa

This is an exemplary spa at the 31st and 32nd floor of the Trump International Hotel to offer a range of therapeutic treatments. They also have dry sauna, heated saltwater lap pool and a fully equipped fitness centre. After you have relaxed at the spa, you can also get beauty treatments at their hair salon and makeup bar.

Quartz Crystal is a lavish spa with 15,000 square foot area and modern décor. Before you begin your treatment, you can choose a drink to be enjoyed in the relaxation room. Keeping up with the Russian quartz bath traditions of 19th century, this spa offers a great variety of treatments with healing properties of quartz. It revitalizes your mind, body and soul.

One of the most popular treatments here is the purifying oxygen facial with benefits of pumpkin enzymes to boost moisture, cell repair and collagen production to make your face look fresh, supple and youthful.

The Hammam Spa

This is an ideal place to spend a laid back day at the King West Garment district. This particular spa has been very popular since 2005 for offering spa therapies with holistic approach. They offer a range of body massages and skin rejuvenation therapies such as Monticelli Mud Wrap, invigorating coffee scrub and more.   

Here, you can experience the Turkish steam room, nail bar and private suites. This is a perfect subterranean escape from the hustles of the city. It has a warm décor with wooden floors, Middle Eastern designs and exposed brick walls.

This spa is inspired by European communal baths and hence they support communal gathering with an appeal to both the sexes. The steam room is completely made out of black slate to allow your body to cool after the steaming therapy. In their mini fridge outside the steaming room, they have chilled flavored water with slices of orange and lemon.

Spa At Four Seasons Hotel

This newly built spa in Toronto is totally unique and the best place to refresh you after a long journey in cheap flights to Toronto. This spa supports the “Go Green” ideology.

This is a spacious facility with refreshing and nature-friendly atmosphere. When you visit here, indulge into their facial treatments in which they use Hungarian Moor Mud to draw out toxins from the skin. You can also enjoy an indoor pool here with terrific view of the main city. With 17 treatment suites and steam room, this spa has a clear emphasis on total well being and sustainability.

Hope this list will inspire you to get pampered by professionals who are the best to do their jobs in these day time spas. So, if you have booked cheap flights to Toronto for a family vacation, make sure to visit one of these spas to revitalize your body. You can book your flights to Toronto right here.

The Amazing Train Trip Of Canada

The great railway routes of Canada connect the Eastern and Western coasts of this enormous country.  The Canadian train route from Victoria to Toronto is greatly appreciated as being one of the most amazing train routes. It’s worth boarding cheap flights to Victoria and then travel to Toronto via the historical train – The Canadian.

Some other routes like Vancouver to Halifax are also equally fascinating and here, we will take you for a beautiful journey through the amazing geography of Canada.

The Canadian train was debuted in 1955 with stainless steel carriages, spacious sleeping cars and 360 degree observatory domes. Since then, not much has changed; it now is a beautifully dated train that appeals to huge crowd of tourists and people who love to travel by trains over taking cheap flights to Toronto.

The stunning interior of fifties is still maintained and there still are smartly-dressed crew members to take care of you during your journey. The lavish meals and drinks are served in the train’s elegant restaurant as it passes through the beautiful countryside.

From Vancouver To Toronto

The Canadian takes up the Vancouver to Toronto route quite late in the night and so the travelers have to wait for the sun to rise to enjoy the delightful flashes of pine trees, many of the amazing waterfalls and river valleys, sky scratching mountain peaks, grazing animals and much more. If you are lucky, you could also hear the staff announcement that is made at the sighting of the grizzly bear.

The train sways through the Mount Robson Provincial Park and the Jasper National Park and just before the Jasper town, which a whistle-stop of the train, the route slides down to the Yellowhead Pass – the crest of which forms the border between British Columbia and Alberta. This route has some immensely beautiful views to be enjoyed around the tracks that are framed by spectacular pine trees and mountain peaks.

The visuals gets a significant change when the train moves about three hours ahead of the Jasper, miles of prairie land across Alberta and Manitoba will entice you into just another world. The striking landmarks, Canola flowers, wooden grain elevators along with best of the local jokes together will make the journey absolutely joyous.

As you move ahead towards Toronto, the scene will change entirely. The birch trees would get replaced by maple trees and you will get to see a lot of ponds and some beautiful holiday cabins especially in the popular holiday spots like Muskoka.

From Victoria to Toronto, it is about 4466 kilometers covered in 83 hours by The Canadian train and you are sure to enjoy every second of the trip.

So, if you are planning a relaxed holiday trip to Toronto or Victoria, getting a tour in this train is highly recommended. Canada is full of fun holiday destinations and you can even get cheap flights to Winnipeg or any other Canadian city booked in a jiffy, right here.   

Top 10 Places For Shopping In Vancouver

The shopping scene of Vancouver is so enticing that you simply cannot resist your temptation to indulge into some serious shopping as soon as your cheap flights to Vancouver land you in the city.

Vancouver offers one of the best shopping opportunities in the whole world. For many tourists who land in this magnificent city via cheap flights to Vancouver, shopping rules the first place in their things-to-do list.  Doesn’t matter if you are on a holiday, a business tour or family outing, Vancouver shopping scene has everything to satisfy all – from fashion to household and much more.

So, here we take a dip and list down top 10 places in Vancouver for ultimate shopping experience:

1. Downtown Vancouver & Robson Street

This very popular shopping district has everything from famous brands to international stores. Visit this place for all your shopping requirements for clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, electronics and even books. The department stores at the Robson Street offer eclectic goods for common purposes.

2. South Granville

South Granville is often overlooked over Granville Street Bridge but it offers independent stores and popular chains such as Williams-Sonoma and others. Since it has good number of art galleries, it is also referred as Gallery Row. It is a great place to visit some remarkable home ware stores and clothing boutiques.

3. Metropolis At Metrotown

There are about 400 stores and it is one of the biggest shopping centers. You can take a skytrain from downtown Vancouver to reach Metropolis in just 15 minutes.

4. Gastown

Gastown has great historical value and this place is well known for its interior design. This is the best place to discover independent Vancouver fashion and marvelous home décor items and gifts. The most popular stores here are Inform, Parliament and Coastal People Fine art Gallery.

5. Mainstreet

Unlike Robson Street, Main Street dwells many original Canadian and local Vancouver fashion boutiques. This happening market appeal to people who are interested to find high quality used wares and collectibles.

6. Chinatown

The options in this market is endless from chic Chinese house wares to cheap Chinese imported items, everything is available here. Toys, clothes, jewelry, art works and incredible tea accessories and herbal medicines from the Chinatown are not to be missed.

7. Little India Or Punjabi Market

South Vancouver is home to largest Indo-Canadian communities and Little India is the best spot to buy Indian fashion clothes, jewelry, authentic Indian food, costumes, beaded bags and fabulous fabric.

8. West 4th Avenue

This is a perfect place when you need to buy best yoga wear, snowboarding equipments, baby clothes, house wares, maternity fashion and more.

9. Granville Island

It is the main hub for Vancouver’s foodie and craft community. It has many shops for selling collectibles, craft, arts, toys and jewelry etc.

10. Yaletown

The Yaletown’s brick warehouses were once the industrial heart of the Vancouver but now it possesses trendy clothing boutiques and interior decoration depots.

Most of the top airlines have cheap flights to Vancouver flying frequently to take shopping-sprees to this amazing city. You can book in tickets at best prices right here to spare most of the money for shopping in Vancouver.

Why We Love Ottawa: 5 Exquisite Reasons

Besides the easy availability of cheap flights to Ottawa, there are some things very exquisite about Ottawa that makes us love this beautiful Canadian capital city.

The best thing about Ottawa is that you do not need a weeklong vacation to get the feel of the city; even a short 2 days trip will get you indulged into this city with many exciting things. Out of many, we give you 5 most compelling reasons to enjoy a family vacation in Ottawa:

It Is Walk-able

Ottawa is kind of a place where you can just move out, ask directions and start walking; you are sure to find many interesting things in between your way to compel you to take a pause and enjoy. Especially, if you can find a place to stay in downtown, most of the major attractions of the city such as Parliament Hill, many museums, The Rideau Canal etc are at a walkable distance.

There are many small and big markets for mid-way shopping indulgence; you will be surprised by the freshest products and exemplary goods. If you have elderly people accompanying, you can always use easily available public transports to reach your destinations.

It Has Abundance Of Great Restaurants

Many people do not consider Ottawa as a paradise for foodies, but it surprisingly is!

You can find good cafes and restaurants almost everywhere. Most of the top Ottawa restaurants are part of an initiative called “Savor Ottawa’ – it brings together the local chefs, consumers and local farmers with their best & fresh produces.

It is hard to escape the aromas coming out of the local bakeries without relishing upon and there also are great pubs for active nighttimes.

It Is Bilingual

Ottawa is truly a bilingual place. Almost everyone here speaks English and French. You can even see a little kid speaking French with full fluency. So, it is easy to communicate with people here and find the best places to stay, dine or hangout.

It’s Full Of Bookstores

Canadians are much interested in reading the books and hence, Ottawa is full of magnificent book stores where you can find books on eclectic topics. Books are an excellent source to know about the local culture, food and lifestyle. You could buy some books matching everyone’s interest from these bookstores to be read in your cheap flights to Ottawa and back home.

It Will Not Overpower You

Being a capital city, Ottawa is moderately populated city but you will be amazed how this city doesn’t feels overwhelming like any other busy capital cities. People are generally friendly and are always ready to help travelers, the traffic will not scare you and it is extremely easy find way around in the clean streets. Overall, the city will not feel like overpowering you while you know you are in a huge capital city.

Ottawa is a perfect place to take a last minute vacation as the cheap flights to Ottawa can easily be booked here without any hassles. So, go on and explore this wonderful city with so many things to do and love.

Leave The Video Game Controller And Experience The Exit Kelowna

This new attraction in the town will instantly compel you to book cheap flights to Kelowna and experience the thrill.

We are talking about a new game – “The Exit Kelowna”.

This game is brought to Kelowna by the owners Linda Murran and Tony. It is a very engaging real life game just like the ones you love playing on your computer or gaming consoles. It has captured immediate interest of the public.

In this real-life adventure game, you are left in a room with dim lights and eerie soundtrack playing in the background. You get 45 minutes to find the clues and escape out of this thrilling game in Kelowna. You can go in a team as it keeps entire team excited with unexpected surprises and baffling clues.

Exit – The Game!

It doesn’t really matter if you have booked cheap flights to Kelowna for a business meet or family vacation, you got to experience this newest attraction to make most of your trip. You can enter the room minimum with two and maximum with 6 people to solve the mystery. Surprisingly, only a few participants till now have been successful to exit this captivating game. Less than 1% of people have been successful in their first attempt and with that, one could really imagine how amazing the game is!

The entire concept is quite new to the public and owners have planned to change the clues and puzzles every six months. You’ll definitely like to come here again and again. New themes will regularly be introduced to keep things fresh and attractive for the locals and the tourists. Currently, there are four rooms set with different themes of – Black Ops Room, Mannequin Room, Ninja House and Mystic Jungle.

Since the game itself does not require any special skill set, it is suitable for people of all ages and types provided you are brave enough to test your nerves. In fact, Exit is a game of brains where you have to work your way out in a team by solving complex puzzles in a scenario room. This real time game is actually a giant 3D mystery to be enjoyed by all.

You will frantically be running across the rooms, ripping off the wall pictures, leaping down the doors and smashing through the windows in order to exit. The well dressed staff will look after you who are also allowed to give you 2 hints whenever you need and they will also hand you some mini lights to look for the clues in the dimly lit rooms.

It may sound like a teaser, but you got to try this game once to feel your nerves tight with thrill. So, what is the wait for? Just get your cheap flights to Kelowna booked and take your family for an unforgettable journey into the real time game – Exit. If you are visiting this game spot at 2453 Highway 97N in a large group, do not forget to book your participation in advance.

Inspiring Destination Weddings In Canada

Whether you are in a great hurry to book cheap flights to Toronto to say “I do” in the most magnificent boutique hotels or you are tying the knot near the Niagara Falls, Canada offers endless possibilities to choose from.

You can either chose to be rustic and book cheap flights to Montreal for a wedding that is set amid French culture and songs; or you can chose to have a completely glamorized wedding at the sea side. Whatever you decide, Canada’s picturesque setting is most inspiring to have a destination wedding.

Why Canada?

Weddings are exciting and when you chose Gorgeous Canada as a place to get married, you just made the best bet for a perfect wedding. Here are some more reasons to substantiate what we say is true:

1. Choose Your Best Match

Destination weddings are the unique way of celebrating most precious moments of your life at a location that reflect your true colors. And Canada, as a destination has the entire rainbow of colors to let you find your match.

You can decide between country club, barn, banquet halls, heritage properties and other open wedding venues with a pleasant setting. Deciding the venue is the most important part of planning the destination wedding and with Canada as your choice, nothing could go wrong.

2. The Cultural Touch

The best thing about planning your destination wedding is that you can bring your dreams into reality along with breathtaking surroundings in Canada. You can arrange your wedding around many themes such as syrup, Neil Young songs, hockey night or traditional wedding.

You can even book your honeymoon in one of the sophisticated hotels in Canada so that you do not have to rush immediately to another destination after your wedding.  

3. Local flavors

Canada is also known for its farm fresh products and extremely delicious sea food. Since food is a quintessential part of marriages, Canada guarantees that none of your guests will leave without their taste buds completely satisfied with delectable local flavors.

Moreover, Canada is also the home for excellent brews. You can find best local breweries to serve their products in your wedding; it’ll amazingly accent the overall mood. You can refer to local travel books to get more information on such things. You can even access online website of the particular area or town where you have decided to get married.

Just Remember

Although your wedding planner will take care of most of the things such as arranging the venue or booking the cheap flights to Ottawa or any other place but you need to keep following important points in mind:

·         Avoid planning weddings during festivals and sports event as during this time, hotels and restaurants will be booked to full

·         Things are generally more expensive during sports events and festivals

·         Do not forget to check the local marriage license rules and make sure that you exactly know what is required

But, first thing first, to have a perfect destination wedding in Canada or anywhere else in the world, you need the right assistance and a reputable travel agency to ensure that you reach your wedding venue merrily, safely and in good time. So, make the right start and have a wonderful destination wedding in Canada.

Do You Actually Need Travel Insurance?

No matter how well you plan your trip, some little nasty things may always find their way to completely ruin your vacation. There may be incidences where you forget your bag in the cheap flights to Vancouver or there may be a theft in the hotel room when you were out for sightseeing. So, should you buy travel insurance? Can all such incidents be covered into your travel insurance?

Following write up will help you with everything you need to know about travel insurance:

Types Of Travel Insurances

Travel insurances are mainly of three types:

·         Baggage Insurance

·         Medical Insurance

·         Cancellation or Interruption Insurance

You must buy a medical coverage while traveling especially when you are with your family that has kids. And baggage coverage is generally rolled in as a part of the travel plan. People generally skip cancellation or interruption coverage since it is a bit pricier; but remember, it can be extremely helpful in event of any natural disaster such as earthquake or evacuation hindering your vacation.

It is recommended to buy the cancellation insurance albeit it feels little heavier on your pocket but you can consider buying cheap flights to Montreal or other destinations to recompense that amount.

Read The Documents Well

Some of the employee cards or credit cards can include out-of-the-province coverage. But such cards may have certain limits regarding the age or eligibility requirements. So, if you are using such cards, it is better to check in advance what is being offered and confirm all the pre-existing conditions. Make sure to cover all the gaps if there are any.

Also check if your card or proposed insurance document covers your whole family along with you.

See Who Is Taking Responsibility

Hospital or emergency bills can be in many thousands or even more than that. It is better to look and see if your coverage is just about reimbursement (where you pay upfront) or it offers cashless operations in case of emergencies.

Check if your insurer will negotiate on your behalf for hospital visits. Also see if it offers any added coverage and also consider deductibles if any. All these things can bring the cost of coverage significantly down.  This is specifically true when you already have a medical condition or when you are planning being out of the country for an elongated period.

Advice For Frequent Travelers

You certainly do not buy insurance while going for cross-border shopping just for few hours! But if you are a frequent flyer, looking for cheap flights to Ottawa or any other destination, an annual travel insurance plan will surely keep you covered no matter if your trip is short or extended. This way you would also not need to be worried for any short-notice trip; you would just need to pack and go.

Even if you are not a frequent but casual vacationer traveling with family, it is highly recommended to protect your family against all odd situations with suitable travel insurances. You can ask your trusted travel agency to suggest you appropriate plans.

Vancouver’s Coolest Evening Picnic Beaches To Explore This Summer

Vancouver is a busy metropolitan city and a lot of people visit Vancouver for business. However, if you are boarding cheap flights to Vancouver for a busy schedule and your family has accompanied you, you still can amuse them after your 9-5 meetings.

The quiet beaches in Vancouver may not be as easy to find as cheap flights to Vancouver but we get you covered with our recommendations. After you are done with your business meetings, just grab your family and take them to a fun-filled evening picnic at one of the following coolest beaches in Vancouver:

The Secret Beach

This beach is located at the west of Kits Pool right along the Point Grey Road and you could take a bike to reach there. You can easily know that you are at the secret beach when you see a large rope swing waiting to be hopped upon. You may need to shuffle the beach a bit to find a quieter place but being here is truly magical all the ways. You can relax on the sand while watching your kids happily enjoying in the water and around.


This spot will become one of your favorites since it offers many activities to be enjoyed with family. You can lie down on a blanket or could enjoy paddle boating here. There also are some good shops along the main market where you can buy stuff to eat and spend happy times with family. Options of fly fishing cast is also available here and this beach is dog-friendly; so, your four-legged friends could also have fun in the open.

Spanish Banks East

Being at this beach, you will feel that you are miles away from the city hassles but actually it is just a 10 minutes drive from the Mount Pleasant to reach this picturesque beach. Here, you are allowed to bring your volleyballs or kites and you are also free to swim in the water. When you are completely exhausted from the long day’s work, you can head to the beach-side concession stands to treat on delicious fish & chips. Your kids can enjoy making the sand castle or a friendly ball match. Just be cautious not to leave your food unattended as crows and seagulls will love to have some feast on it.

Second Beach

It is another beach that proffers many activities for the entire family. There are many trees surrounding the kid’s park, so if it is still sunny for the kids to enjoy, you can just lay a blanket under a shady tree on grass and feast on the food you have packed for the picnic. There also are some concession food stands to buy food from in case you have forgotten. Be careful with kids as there may be some crabs around the water pools on the beach.

Though these beaches offer a great escape for the evenings, Vancouver also has many lively evening activities to get involved with in case you are not very happy with the idea of playing in the sand. So, next time your family wishes to join you on the cheap flights to Vancouver on a business trip, get them booked happily because you know where to take them for best evening hangouts.