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Leave The Video Game Controller And Experience The Exit Kelowna

This new attraction in the town will instantly compel you to book cheap flights to Kelowna and experience the thrill.

We are talking about a new game – “The Exit Kelowna”.

This game is brought to Kelowna by the owners Linda Murran and Tony. It is a very engaging real life game just like the ones you love playing on your computer or gaming consoles. It has captured immediate interest of the public.

In this real-life adventure game, you are left in a room with dim lights and eerie soundtrack playing in the background. You get 45 minutes to find the clues and escape out of this thrilling game in Kelowna. You can go in a team as it keeps entire team excited with unexpected surprises and baffling clues.

Exit – The Game!

It doesn’t really matter if you have booked cheap flights to Kelowna for a business meet or family vacation, you got to experience this newest attraction to make most of your trip. You can enter the room minimum with two and maximum with 6 people to solve the mystery. Surprisingly, only a few participants till now have been successful to exit this captivating game. Less than 1% of people have been successful in their first attempt and with that, one could really imagine how amazing the game is!

The entire concept is quite new to the public and owners have planned to change the clues and puzzles every six months. You’ll definitely like to come here again and again. New themes will regularly be introduced to keep things fresh and attractive for the locals and the tourists. Currently, there are four rooms set with different themes of – Black Ops Room, Mannequin Room, Ninja House and Mystic Jungle.

Since the game itself does not require any special skill set, it is suitable for people of all ages and types provided you are brave enough to test your nerves. In fact, Exit is a game of brains where you have to work your way out in a team by solving complex puzzles in a scenario room. This real time game is actually a giant 3D mystery to be enjoyed by all.

You will frantically be running across the rooms, ripping off the wall pictures, leaping down the doors and smashing through the windows in order to exit. The well dressed staff will look after you who are also allowed to give you 2 hints whenever you need and they will also hand you some mini lights to look for the clues in the dimly lit rooms.

It may sound like a teaser, but you got to try this game once to feel your nerves tight with thrill. So, what is the wait for? Just get your cheap flights to Kelowna booked and take your family for an unforgettable journey into the real time game – Exit. If you are visiting this game spot at 2453 Highway 97N in a large group, do not forget to book your participation in advance.

Inspiring Destination Weddings In Canada

Whether you are in a great hurry to book cheap flights to Toronto to say “I do” in the most magnificent boutique hotels or you are tying the knot near the Niagara Falls, Canada offers endless possibilities to choose from.

You can either chose to be rustic and book cheap flights to Montreal for a wedding that is set amid French culture and songs; or you can chose to have a completely glamorized wedding at the sea side. Whatever you decide, Canada’s picturesque setting is most inspiring to have a destination wedding.

Why Canada?

Weddings are exciting and when you chose Gorgeous Canada as a place to get married, you just made the best bet for a perfect wedding. Here are some more reasons to substantiate what we say is true:

1. Choose Your Best Match

Destination weddings are the unique way of celebrating most precious moments of your life at a location that reflect your true colors. And Canada, as a destination has the entire rainbow of colors to let you find your match.

You can decide between country club, barn, banquet halls, heritage properties and other open wedding venues with a pleasant setting. Deciding the venue is the most important part of planning the destination wedding and with Canada as your choice, nothing could go wrong.

2. The Cultural Touch

The best thing about planning your destination wedding is that you can bring your dreams into reality along with breathtaking surroundings in Canada. You can arrange your wedding around many themes such as syrup, Neil Young songs, hockey night or traditional wedding.

You can even book your honeymoon in one of the sophisticated hotels in Canada so that you do not have to rush immediately to another destination after your wedding.  

3. Local flavors

Canada is also known for its farm fresh products and extremely delicious sea food. Since food is a quintessential part of marriages, Canada guarantees that none of your guests will leave without their taste buds completely satisfied with delectable local flavors.

Moreover, Canada is also the home for excellent brews. You can find best local breweries to serve their products in your wedding; it’ll amazingly accent the overall mood. You can refer to local travel books to get more information on such things. You can even access online website of the particular area or town where you have decided to get married.

Just Remember

Although your wedding planner will take care of most of the things such as arranging the venue or booking the cheap flights to Ottawa or any other place but you need to keep following important points in mind:

·         Avoid planning weddings during festivals and sports event as during this time, hotels and restaurants will be booked to full

·         Things are generally more expensive during sports events and festivals

·         Do not forget to check the local marriage license rules and make sure that you exactly know what is required

But, first thing first, to have a perfect destination wedding in Canada or anywhere else in the world, you need the right assistance and a reputable travel agency to ensure that you reach your wedding venue merrily, safely and in good time. So, make the right start and have a wonderful destination wedding in Canada.

Do You Actually Need Travel Insurance?

No matter how well you plan your trip, some little nasty things may always find their way to completely ruin your vacation. There may be incidences where you forget your bag in the cheap flights to Vancouver or there may be a theft in the hotel room when you were out for sightseeing. So, should you buy travel insurance? Can all such incidents be covered into your travel insurance?

Following write up will help you with everything you need to know about travel insurance:

Types Of Travel Insurances

Travel insurances are mainly of three types:

·         Baggage Insurance

·         Medical Insurance

·         Cancellation or Interruption Insurance

You must buy a medical coverage while traveling especially when you are with your family that has kids. And baggage coverage is generally rolled in as a part of the travel plan. People generally skip cancellation or interruption coverage since it is a bit pricier; but remember, it can be extremely helpful in event of any natural disaster such as earthquake or evacuation hindering your vacation.

It is recommended to buy the cancellation insurance albeit it feels little heavier on your pocket but you can consider buying cheap flights to Montreal or other destinations to recompense that amount.

Read The Documents Well

Some of the employee cards or credit cards can include out-of-the-province coverage. But such cards may have certain limits regarding the age or eligibility requirements. So, if you are using such cards, it is better to check in advance what is being offered and confirm all the pre-existing conditions. Make sure to cover all the gaps if there are any.

Also check if your card or proposed insurance document covers your whole family along with you.

See Who Is Taking Responsibility

Hospital or emergency bills can be in many thousands or even more than that. It is better to look and see if your coverage is just about reimbursement (where you pay upfront) or it offers cashless operations in case of emergencies.

Check if your insurer will negotiate on your behalf for hospital visits. Also see if it offers any added coverage and also consider deductibles if any. All these things can bring the cost of coverage significantly down.  This is specifically true when you already have a medical condition or when you are planning being out of the country for an elongated period.

Advice For Frequent Travelers

You certainly do not buy insurance while going for cross-border shopping just for few hours! But if you are a frequent flyer, looking for cheap flights to Ottawa or any other destination, an annual travel insurance plan will surely keep you covered no matter if your trip is short or extended. This way you would also not need to be worried for any short-notice trip; you would just need to pack and go.

Even if you are not a frequent but casual vacationer traveling with family, it is highly recommended to protect your family against all odd situations with suitable travel insurances. You can ask your trusted travel agency to suggest you appropriate plans.

Vancouver’s Coolest Evening Picnic Beaches To Explore This Summer

Vancouver is a busy metropolitan city and a lot of people visit Vancouver for business. However, if you are boarding cheap flights to Vancouver for a busy schedule and your family has accompanied you, you still can amuse them after your 9-5 meetings.

The quiet beaches in Vancouver may not be as easy to find as cheap flights to Vancouver but we get you covered with our recommendations. After you are done with your business meetings, just grab your family and take them to a fun-filled evening picnic at one of the following coolest beaches in Vancouver:

The Secret Beach

This beach is located at the west of Kits Pool right along the Point Grey Road and you could take a bike to reach there. You can easily know that you are at the secret beach when you see a large rope swing waiting to be hopped upon. You may need to shuffle the beach a bit to find a quieter place but being here is truly magical all the ways. You can relax on the sand while watching your kids happily enjoying in the water and around.


This spot will become one of your favorites since it offers many activities to be enjoyed with family. You can lie down on a blanket or could enjoy paddle boating here. There also are some good shops along the main market where you can buy stuff to eat and spend happy times with family. Options of fly fishing cast is also available here and this beach is dog-friendly; so, your four-legged friends could also have fun in the open.

Spanish Banks East

Being at this beach, you will feel that you are miles away from the city hassles but actually it is just a 10 minutes drive from the Mount Pleasant to reach this picturesque beach. Here, you are allowed to bring your volleyballs or kites and you are also free to swim in the water. When you are completely exhausted from the long day’s work, you can head to the beach-side concession stands to treat on delicious fish & chips. Your kids can enjoy making the sand castle or a friendly ball match. Just be cautious not to leave your food unattended as crows and seagulls will love to have some feast on it.

Second Beach

It is another beach that proffers many activities for the entire family. There are many trees surrounding the kid’s park, so if it is still sunny for the kids to enjoy, you can just lay a blanket under a shady tree on grass and feast on the food you have packed for the picnic. There also are some concession food stands to buy food from in case you have forgotten. Be careful with kids as there may be some crabs around the water pools on the beach.

Though these beaches offer a great escape for the evenings, Vancouver also has many lively evening activities to get involved with in case you are not very happy with the idea of playing in the sand. So, next time your family wishes to join you on the cheap flights to Vancouver on a business trip, get them booked happily because you know where to take them for best evening hangouts.

Best 5 Hiking Trails In Canada

In Canada, the line between urban civilization and natural wilderness is loosely defined. One may catch cheap flights to Toronto or Calgary to experience the modern Canadian culture with its roots firmly attached with love for environment. There also are some wonderful hiking trails with natural spaces covered with peaceful forests and clear-water lakes.

The Canadian wild flourishes along the edges of the urban Canadian cities and that is why they are easily accessible whether you have boarded cheap flights to Montreal or Cheap flights to Calgary. So, we are listing here top 5 urban hiking trails of Canada for you to enjoy the wilds without going too far:

1. Milkman’s Lane In Toronto

This trail is located just next to the Craighleigh Gardens Park and it is 300 meters wide crossing through the Maple Tree and oak forests of Don Valley. In old days, milkmen and other local vendors used this trail to bring their goods into the city; now this trail is enjoyed by hikers, dog walkers, cyclists and joggers. A walk through this trail will instantly connect you with many tree species such as black cherry, ironwood and even the endangered butternut. Enjoy a stress-free hike after exploring the busy metropolitan city of Toronto.

2. Mount Royal In Montreal

The Mount Royal rises from the beautiful French-Canadian city to proffer stunning views of its tall buildings and other prime structures such as the bridges connecting Quebec mainland to the island and the giant copper dome of the St. Joseph’s Oratory. The park covers an area of 200 hectare and it is extremely inviting with its quietness and shades all over. Come here in autumn to witness beautiful colors of leaves in brown, orange, amber and crimson hues.

3. The Rideau Canal In Ottawa

You can start your walk on the trail from East of the Ottawa Parliament Building to Dows Lake Southwards. This trail is a chain of lakes, canals and rivers that also hold great historical significance as it was used to transport people and goods in olden days. It offers a continuous hike of 202Kms with paths on both sides and if it is during winter, you can even skate down the icy water.

4. Stanley Park & Seawall In Vancouver

To make most of your trip to Vancouver, take a walk along the 22Km Seawall alongside the waterfront. You will enjoy the majestic mountains and downtown skyline. Along this trail, you can also find the Stanley Park that offers shady trail for some family fun. In case you have time, you can also visit Vancouver Aquarium for amazing display of underwater animals and life.

5. Weaselhead Flats Environment Park In Calgary

This is a natural environment park which is ideal for hiking with family. Along the trail, you will also find forests, wetland habitats and coniferous. It offers a relaxed hike alongside the Elbow River. This is a great place to adventure with kids.

These are just top five (not all) of Canadian hiking trails; book flights and plan your trip to experience the serene Canadian exquisiteness.

Little Corners In Canada

Canada is emerging to be the best travel destination for people who wish to enjoy a laid back holidays in midst of all the modern sophistication. To help you decide where to go for your next Canadian vacation, we are listing here some of the best Canadian corners considering easy travel facilities, local activities, entertainment options and landscapes:


Since there are many cheap flights to Vancouver easily available, this city tops our list. Vancouver is the preferred destination for people who love sports and outdoors.  Visitors can spend their days either surfing at the Wreck Beach or skiing on the Grouse Mountain or just strolling through the lush Stanley Park. Plus, Vancouver has a rich cultural scene with many attractions that includes great outdoor markets, museums, local festivals, fashion boutiques and urban play grounds. Your visit to this young city is quintessential when you travel to Canada.


Montreal is an amazing city where the century old architecture is blending with modern skyscrapers. The days in Montreal could be spent shopping in the world-class malls at Boulevard Saint-Laurent and nights in the popular party locations. This multifaceted city is well connected with rest of the world via cheap flights to Montreal and if you visit Montreal do not miss dining at some of the best fusion restaurants here that serve delectable food to complete your trip.


Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a tiny mountain town that serves as best destination for luxury travelers and nature enthusiasts. Many opulent hotels offer comfortable night stays when you are tired of skiing or hiking. You can even relish on hearty bison steaks and enjoy relaxing spa therapies in Banff when you seek absolute refreshment. Visit the Banff National Park to explore the wild life in close bonding with nature.


Toronto city with its diversity will literally transport you around the globe and you can experience traveling the whole world by only visiting Toronto. Enjoy shopping at the biggest underground shopping mall in Canada. A visit to the CN Tower will open you to great local shops, restaurants, entertainment hubs and best of nightlife options. The huge expanse of this city lets you explore the Greektown, Little Italy, Little India, Koreatown, Chinataown in a single city– the neighborhoods of Toronto worth visiting.

Quebec City

Provincial capital of Canada - the Quebec City is a common place for tourists to flock. The cobblestone streets, French pleasantries, smell of cheese, coffee and fresh-baked breads can all make you feel like you are in France but you are in Quebec – the UNESCO World Heritage site that also is the birthplace of New France. With strong cultural attachment to its motherland, this city offers many restaurants, to indulge in delicious 3 or 4 course meals.

The word Great is just a beginning to describe the charm and beauty of these Canadian cities that are well preserved by local residents. Besides the above suggested cities, you can also take cheap flights to Edmonton or Calgary that are by no mean a less exciting place. Does this excite you enough? Just get set and go!

Fantastic Holidaying In Kelowna With Family

If you are willing to take your family on a carefree fun vacation, take up cheap flights to Kelowna – a cool family holiday destination with many interesting things to involve your family and especially kids.

Kelowna is a beautiful town in British Columbia on the shores of Okanagan Lake. This place is well known for its rustic natural beauty and scenic surroundings. Kelowna is a popular destination to enjoy winter sports but this charming city has much more to offer during other months. Here is our list for best things to do in Kelowna (the staid sightseeing options are excluded) with family:

Rutlands Lion Park

It is a local park located at 175 Gray Road, Kelowna. The park has incredible playing equipments with a special area set aside for small kids to play. You are even allowed to bring your lunch here to be enjoyed with family and friends amid great outdoors. The best thing about this park is that it’s right in the middle of the town and it is absolutely free!

Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake is a beautiful expanse of water that attracts many to board cheap flights to Kelowna and delight this natural grandeur. The lake is surrounded by natural beaches with a lot of interesting activities to enjoy. You can rent a horse, bike, canoe or paddleboats to get around in water or on land. The lake is also open for camping, picnic or just lazily soaking up the sun on shores during spring.

H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre

It is the biggest and most popular publicly-owned water-park in Canada. Going by its name, this park is set to provide loads of wet and wacky activities to be enjoyed by all. To make it even more exciting, the H2O water park includes Canada’s first water ride – FlowRider where surfers can enjoy in high artificial waves.

Okanagan Amusements

An old-fashioned kid’s amusement park offer great family fun at reasonable price. Enjoy bumper boats, go-karting, mini golf and much more with your family in Okanagan Amusement park.


No matter what your age is, Ruckers family fun center would surely have games to excite you. Located right outside of Kelowna, Ruckers can conveniently be visited if you want to enjoy arcade, video or action games in an urbane setup. You can even earn point with game wins for prizes. Ruckers is also open for parties and other events.

Scandia Golf & Games

When you need to spend fantastic times with your family and want to please your kids, Scandia Golf & Games is the place to head for. It has over 130 games with different types of fun rides such as roller-coaster, biggest miniature golf course, bumper cars and many other simulation games.

Besides these fun places, Kelowna is also an amazing place to enjoy local festivals and events such as Kelowna Hydrofest, Kelowna Regatta and more. With such incredible activities to get your family drenched in super fun, Kelowna makes a perfect family holiday destination. It’s cool, kids-friendly, naturally spectacular place and above all, cheap flights to Kelowna are easily available. Book Now!

Vancouver’s Deliciousness

With frequent cheap flights to Vancouver from all over the world, Vancouver has become one of the prime travel destinations. Besides the popular tourist attractions, the food scene of Vancouver is feasting tourists and local residents alike throughout the year. Here’s a peek into the Vancouver’s deliciousness:

The Fresh Local Food

The abundance of British Columbian’s agricultural legacy and its numerous local farmers and growers make a huge contribution to the local food scene in Vancouver. The local restaurants and food joints serve the fresh farm produces with best of seasonal ingredients. “Farm-To-Plate” could be an infrequent proposition in restaurants at other places but in Vancouver, it’s an ingrained practice.

Best Of Sea Food

From the fresh B.C. waters, Vancouver has tastiest prawns, halibut, clams, cod, trout, salmon and many other varieties of sea food to be served on your plate. For sea food lovers, Vancouver is nothing less than a paradise to party. Many sea huggers travel via cheap flights to Vancouver to participate in Ocean Wise Conservation Program.

Best Of Chinese Food

Vancouver has many strip malls between Chinatown and Richmond that offers exciting Chinese food. To make it even more exciting, the city also organizes Chinese Food Awards for best dishes. A whole variety of Chinese food like dim sum, hot pot, noodles, hunan and much more is easily available here.

Incredible Indian Food

It is not an exceptional scene in Vancouver to see Chinese, Italian, Greek, Thai, French, Japanese and Indian food being served to the diners. Often, you may find all these great cuisines in a same block. Since Vancouver is home to large Indian population, it is not difficult to find authentic Indian food with full variety including butter chicken, dal makhani, naan and stellar snacks.

Delectable Street Food

Vancouver has extremely popular street food served through high-end food trucks. When you want to taste the best of street food in Vancouver, you could get a full egg breakfast, smoked salmon salad, seafood loaded poutine, sandwiches, burgers, cookies, tacos and much more. There also are tours organized to display the incredible street food scene of Vancouver.

The Coffee Culture  

The coffee culture of Vancouver is both – brewing hot and drifting up to Seattle. If you are fond of, you can have best cups of locally-roasted coffee beans at Starbucks awarded coffee shops but if you really want to taste the real kick of java, head towards independent coffee shops and baristas of Vancouver.

Festival Feasts

There are many food focused festivals celebrated in Vancouver that reflect the true love of Vancouverites for their food whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian or vegan. You can also participate in straight cook-offs or dumpling eating competitions and pie making challenge during festivals and special events.

The food scene of Vancouver is focused on being green with high emphasis on sustainability. All the restaurants and food joints use local products and maintain sustainability in their décor, design and treatment of food not eaten. People here believe in wasting less food and that adequately expresses their love for food. If all this excite you enough, you have cheap flights to Vancouver to be boarded right a few clicks away. Happy Eating In Vancouver!

Cool Coffee Destinations In Montreal

A cup of coffee is what you need after your cheap flights to Montreal to kick on your trip with right mood. Luckily, Montreal houses some of the best coffee destinations to rejuvenate you instantly.

Here is our list of perfect independently owned coffee paradises serving expertly brewed cups especially for you:

1. Café Myraide

This café is scattered all over Montreal with three posh branches at Mackay Street, West Sainte-Catherine Street and West Saint-Viateur Street. It is easy to find a branch right after your cheap flights to Montreal lands you here.

Café Myraide is very popular amongst the local coffee aficionados and it is also a beloved spot for instagrammers for its inspiring décor. But, what makes this place top our list is their fine coffee grains that are sourced from top roasters in Vancouver.

2. Café Odessa

Café Odessa at East Beaubien Street is a small cozy place with only 10 seats to enjoy your perfect cup of java in absolute solace. No matter if you like hot or cold coffee - Café Odessa serves you the best shot. Here, you could choose among different types of brews like drip coffee, cold brew, espressos or lattes.

3. Le Carlet

Located at the heart of the Old-Montreal city, this Café at McGill Street is a gourmet coffee shop and a restaurant. This bistro and boutique is popular for serving best lunches in the city and it is much loved by local residents and tourists because of its brilliant décor and excellent service. So, when you need a refreshing java-fix, you know where to go.

4. Pikolo Espresso Bar

Pikolo Espresso Bar at Du Parc Avenue is a favorite coffee stop for students as it is conveniently located between two busy universities – UQAM & McGill. On your visit, you will find this café to be the most picturesque one with stunning interiors and fine accessories. It has two levels and it is much known for its kicking 3-ounce miniature lattes that are made with single origin coffee beans sourced straight from Roasters in Portland.

5. Moustache Café

Located at East Beaubein Street, this café is preserved by local and they are not willing to let this secret spot be shared as it may get spoiled. But this is the place that has cozy ambiance and inviting aromas of coffee that is brewed with Synchro espresso machine. You must also try their vegan smoothies for a little twist.

6. Laure & Fils

Laure & Fils with its 2 locations at East De Castelnau Street and East Jarry Street initially started as a solo venture at Villeray but now it is double venture at most idyllic locations. With prime locations, this café is also proud to be serving Montreal-brewed coffee. During summertime, you could also catch their vintage blue truck in the streets of Montreal serving refreshing cups of coffee with snacks.

There are some more coffee paradises that are less famous but worth-an-explore in Montreal, for example, Tunnel Espresso that serves independently brewed coffee with amazing macadamia nut cookies and Replika for serving strong yet flavorsome espressos and lattes along with delicious snacks.

If you are a true coffee lover, these incredible cafés in Montreal invite you to book your cheap flights to Montreal immediately and taste their java shots.

Explore The Offbeat Ottawa

Ottawa generally is mistaken to be full of dreary government buildings and traditional restaurants but unlike the general conception, Ottawa has much to discover; your exploration could start right from the moment your cheap flights to Ottawa land you in this wondrous Canadian capital city.

If you have got bored of visiting common tourist places, Ottawa will surprise you as a fun-filled place with many off-beat things to do. We are listing here some of such off-beat things that must not be missed:

Inspire Yourself At Parliament Hill

Ottawa offers a unique opportunity to get refreshed with some healthy exercises. Hundreds of fellows come together for a free, an hour long yoga class on the beautiful green lawn right in front of the huge parliament buildings. This could be the best way to relax and fill you with positive power to enjoy your Ottawa trip to fullest. The classes are organized weekly in summers and it is recommended to check the days and time with local residents.

Experience A Twist In The Art

If normal art galleries bore you, visit the most unusual art gallery in Ottawa city – the living room of artist Brenda Gale Warner. The artist has an old wood frame home of late 1870 which was once a catholic convent. The first floor of her home houses a wonderful art space where she has displayed her amazing photographs and paintings along with other inspiring work from local Canadians and international artists. This one will change your perception towards art.

Enjoy The Annual Lawyer Play

Have you ever laughed at a lawyer or a justice? Ottawa has a deal for you if you ever wanted to do that. Local lawyers, Supreme Court justices and several Member of Parliament step up the stage for an annual Lawyer Play that is organized by Great Canadian Theatre Company to raise funds. Plus you can also enjoy a whole season of contemporary Canadian theatre performances from September to June.

Satisfy Your Fashionista Core

If you love craft works and there’s a fashionista that breathes inside you, do not miss visiting the Sister Flock Boutique at Workshop Studios & Boutique. Here you can see the stunning eclectic stocks styled by Canadian designers. You can also participate in short workshops for knitting, crocheting or sewing. Fashion fans can get inspired here for best DIY projects.

Be In The Jail

What? You did not board your cheap flights to Ottawa to be in jail! Fret not… in Ottawa, you do not need to be arrested to be in a jail. You can spend a night at the HI-Ottawa Hostel to sleep behind the bars in former Carleton County Gaol. If that does not thrill you enough, you can even go for a haunted walk in the 19th century building to know why Ottawa was once considered one of the most dangerous places in North America.

There is much more to experience in Ottawa from cold war movie watching in a vintage bunker to enjoying the most happening Karaoke Fest in Chinatown. Above off-beat things will certainly push you enough to book your cheap flights to Ottawa right now and enjoy a fun filled family holiday.