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Fort McMurray

With the mechanical life, a man leads today, he definitely needs a break. Plan your vacations at the right time to the right place at your budget and we are here to help you out. Fort McMurray can be your destination if you are looking forward to an exciting weekend trip with your expenses controlled J

Fort McMurray has some beautiful places to visit which would also feed you with some interesting facts and will help you all gain some knowledge. One such place would be the Oil Sands Discovery Centre.

Oil Sands Discovery Centre:

Athabasca Oil Sands is the world’s biggest oil deposit and this is where the Oil Sands Discovery Centre is located. This educational facility is run by Alberta Culture and Tourism, Historic Site and Museums branch. The visual aids would make it a knowledgeable spot for its visitors. The economic value, history and futures of Oil Sands can’t be explained any better. Trying to visualize how would this be? Why to visualize? Earn a trip to McMurray. It’s easy with our rates J

MacDonald Island:

Ranging from golf courts to rock climbing to swim meets to gym and what not? Phew... You wouldn’t have seen this number of amenities within an island. This variety makes it a must place to visit. This is claimed to be the Canada largest community recreational center. MacDonald Island offers an opportunity to keep yourselves fit by joining one of their many sports and recreation leagues. As a part of their services, MacDonald Island helps in making the Total Fitness Centre operational. Have you ever had a thought about keeping yourselves fit? If not consider this place and you will always want yourselves to be fit.

Bison Sanctuary:

Bison is the largest Canadian terrestrial animal. This Bison Sanctuary is located off Hwy63 which is approximately 20 miles to the north of the city and close to Buffalo Viewing Point which is a unique spread of protected land that stocks a flock of bison. This land was once an actively functioning part of the city, which the city gifted back in accordance with the view to protect the area’s natural resources and to develop and eco-tourism destination J  Bison herd there would approximately be 300 in number. If you are looking forward to click a few snaps this very location, you will end up losing all your day doing so. This animals are usually habituated to stay at a single place for long and hence you cannot expect them to pose for you J

So, what are you looking for yet? Plan for your itinerary and pack your bags to fly to this land of Oil Sands and herd of Bison’s. Finding it difficult to get your tickets booked? Don’t worry, you can reach out to us anytime and we will book your flights at the price you want us to J



Happy flight!! Enjoy your scenic trip to Fort McMurray…

3 places to visit in Edmonton

Edmonton, “the city of festivals” as it is hailed, is located in Alberta. Edmonton attracts a decent number of tourists every year. Here we present to you the top 5 places that you will never regret visiting.

1. Winspear Centre:

To experience the best acoustics and to have a pleasant evening, Winspear Centre is the go-to place. With lots of music lovers around, the concerts hosted here are a major reach. To cite an example for the acoustics being at its best, you could even hear the choir members turning of the pages from your seat. Well may be surprising, but that’s trueJ. The ambience and decor of the Centre would floor you down. Look for your favorite symphony performing at this very venue and book your tickets right away. They are also known for their inexpensive ticket fares J

2. West Edmonton Mall:

The largest shopping fraternity of North America and the tenth largest shopping mall in the world is this West Edmonton Mall. Covering about 5,300,000 square feet, the mall holds about 800 stores and a parking capacity for more than 20,000 vehicles. A few attractions at the mall would include:

Galaxy land: Second only to Ferrari world, this indoor attraction at the West Edmonton Mall has 24 rides in it.

World Waterpark: This is the second largest indoor waterpark in the world and has the world’s largest indoor wave pool, with six wave bays each with 2 panels.

Nightclub Empire Ballroom: The Joint and Ka'os Nightclub were once the tenants of this recreational spot.

3. The TWOS:

The southwest corner of the coronation park, holds this Centre, which was first opened in 1984 to replace the Elizabeth planetarium. Telus World of Science was formerly known as Odyssium, after it was changed from Edmonton Space and Science Centre. This Centre was raised by the Edmonton space and science foundation. The exhibits galleries of telus world of science includes:

GPS Adventures Canada: This is an interactive maze combing technology with 3D puzzles in four rooms dedicated to Global positioning system and navigation technology.

Space Gallery: Aspiring astronauts can find this place to be like wow! Would you believe if I say this exhibit runs you through a computer program that turns your face in to an alien? You have to, as it does J

Environment Gallery: This interactive gallery keeps you informed about a few possible ogy’s which includes hydrology, ecology and meteorology.


If you are planning for a day’s trip to Edmonton, then this places would sum up your day. Added to this the places that you can take a sneak look at would be places like the Alberta railway museum where you can find a never-ending display of trains, the Edmonton City Hall, which can turn your sunny day into a pleasant one with the wading pool that it has right in front of it and last but not the least the Alberta Art Gallery which could your trip awesome with the exhibitions over there.


Have a fun-filled, informative trip to Edmonton! Don’t miss booking your flights. 

Winnipeg – The 911 City


World’s first city which developed the 911 emergency contact number was Winnipeg. Thanks to the city for this wonderful initiative. We here bring to you 5 weird, funny, cool, interesting facts about this city, which you might have not known earlier. Have fun with the facts J There we go from the bottom…

5. Let’s make a deal:

To my knowledge, Winnipeggers have a very good reputation towards looking for the best deals, in general. No wonder about it, since Winnipeg stands as the birth place of the host of a famous television game show “Let’s make a deal”. Yes, Monty Hall was born in Winnipeg. The prominent Monty hall problem still serves to be a nightmare to me. I am sure, I will have a lot of company J

4. Intrepid:

Intrepid, by which Sir William Samuel Stephenson is best known is the wartime intelligence codename. He was one of the real-life inspirations for James Bond. Leaving school at a younger age to work as a telegrapher was his destiny followed by which he also volunteered his service to the 101st Overseas Battalion of the Canada Expeditionary Force. The seeds were sown by then which later made him an Intrepid, a real hero. Brave hearts continue to live. Winnipeggers are always proud of him J

3. Wine festival for a cause:

Among the other festivals around other cities of the country, Winnipeg’s wine festival boasts the highest crowd. This festival is the most respected and the largest wine festival across the country, the reason being the cause behind it. Special Olympics Manitoba, which makes Manitobans with intellectual disability to enjoy their lives through active participation in sports, is funded by this wine festival. With the happiness, that is evident through the smiles of differently abled, you can definitely be satisfied. Wine for a cause really makes senseJ

2. 41st Mayor of Winnipeg:

Sometimes you can’t classify facts into a category. One such fact is right here. Winnipeg is the first major city of Canada that elected an openly gay man to be the mayor. Yes, Glenn Murray was the 41st mayor of Winnipeg. Glenn Murray was a little lesser than perfect when compared to his counterparts is what the Canadian had to say on him. But he had some significant events during his tenure such as 1999 Pan American Games and the C5 Summit. “Fortune favors the brave”, in this case the brave decision got favoredJ

1. Confusion Corner:

You will not be able to find an intersection that is more perplex than the one at Winnipeg. Osborne Junction, is the one that can never be compared to any other intersections in the world. Hence the name Confusion corner.  Most of the traffic between downtown and the southwest of city must pass through this intersection. This is still infamous for its complexity, that it doesn’t help distracted or unfamiliar drivers to navigate correctly. When students are confused about intersections on their mathematical papers, there is a city intersection that misleads traffic. The analogy though didn’t bring in much of a humor, still looks healthy J

Hope the facts did refresh you. The best thing about the Winnipeg is its climate. Winnipeg has four different seasons, with short transitional periods between winter and summer.Temperatures as highas 42.2 °C (108 °F) in July 1936 and as low as −47.8 °C (−54.0 °F) in December 1879 have occurred in the city.  Winnipeg was named the coldest city in the world with a population of over 600,000 based on the average night-time temperature from December to February. However this name is now taken over by Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Keep your dates blocked for flying to this beautiful city and experience multi-faceted personalities and the varieties of cuisines available around in the city.

Happy flight!!

Ottawa – City of Museums


Museums can be a boring chapter in many of your books. But, we bet you will change your opinion once you land in Ottawa. Formerly named “Bytown” after British military engineer Colonel John By, the city of Ottawa is known for the long list of its museums. Here, we bring to you the best of museums in and around the city:

Canadian War Museum:

To become a democracy it would have cost many nations a hundreds of years and this nation is no exception. What it cost this nation to become one is architecturally sculptured in this monument. A perfect tribute to those brave hearts who took part in World War II. The exhibits at the museum will never let you take your eyes off them. It ranges from naval guns to tanks and from motorcycles to jet aircraft. The total space of the museum is segregated into different galleries each depicting various periods of war from the nations earliest times to the present conflicts. A must visit place for a historian who digs deep into World history J

Canadian Museum of Nature:

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin as quoted by Shakespeare stands true for long time now and will continue to last until such monuments are in place. The Canadian Museum of Nature includes all aspects of the intersection of human society and nature. The exhibits are placed at the Victoria Memorial Museum Building, which has a total 7 galleries namely,

Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery which contains the skeletons and miniatures about the extinction of dinosaurs.

Vale Earth Gallery which educates us about how the geological forces shaped planet.

Mammal Gallery which exhibits Canada’s wild animals.

RCB Blue Water Gallery which features a blue whale skeleton and exhibits about life found under waters.

Bird Gallery comprising of more than 450 Canadian bird mounts.

Animalium that exhibits live insects and

Stone Wall Gallery that runs us through the photographs and art displays about natural science.

One would wonder if nature includes all of the above mentioned exhibits. Certainly it does. Learn nature and help preventing it J

Canadian Museum of History:

Previously known as Canadian Museum of Civilization, this museum is one among the oldest cultural institutions of North America. Canadian Museum of History has also with it the Canadian Children’s Museum and an IMAX theatre with 3D capacity. So definitely a visit to the Civilization museum would be at you vision now. The museum has 3 halls where the exhibits are placed namely, the Grand Hall, the First Peoples Hall and the Canada Hall. With the Grand Hall known for its architectural masterpiece and the First Peoples Hall getting its root from 20,000 years of history, the Canada Hall is closed for renovation now are situated at respective levels of the building. Sheer entertainment guaranteed. Don’t miss out on this spot on your vacation to Ottawa.


Ottawa is real feast for the lovers of history and for those who love to research on whatever they get to. So don’t delay and plan your trip to Ottawa. Time and tide waits for none.

Baggage Guide by Nanak Flights


This blog post explains what you can and what you can’t take with you when you are traveling by flight. 

We have tried to compile all the baggage related information for major airlines.

This information applies to economy class travelers for major carriers.

For more detailed information, please visit



Max Dimensions (cm)

Weight (Kg)

Carry-on Allowance


157 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 55),1 personal

United Airlines

157 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 35 x 56),1 personal

Porter Airlines

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 55),1 personal

Delta Air Lines

157 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 36 x 56),1 personal

British Airways

43 x 75 x 90


1 standard (23 x 45 x 56),1 personal

American Airlines

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 35 x 56),1 personal

Alaska Airlines

158 (linear)


1 standard (25 x 43 x 61),1 personal

Air Transat

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 51),1 personal

Air Canada

158 (linear)


1 standard (23 x 40 x 55),1 personal


Just in case you are wondering what a personal item is?

Personal items include:

·        Small backpack

·         Purse

·         Laptop

·         Briefcase

·         Items under 91cm (length + width + height) can also be classified as personal items.

      For updated information, Nanak Flights customers can call (855) 722-9977 or (905) 456-9977. You can also email us at

5 Things to do in Calgary

Planning for your vacation at Calgary? Do remember to check out our fabulous five recommendations about things to do at Calgary and you never regret for the choice that you made. Basic need of a tourist, visiting a holiday spot would well be to make his time and money worth with fun and entertainment either with his family or friends. Those fun factors when not met, makes the trip good for nothing.

On your visit to Calgary, you will never be kept away from being entertained. Here are the 5 things from Calgary that will enthrall you to the core:

5. The Calgary tower:

On the Observation Deck of the Calgary tower, you'll overcome an impressive 360° view of the city which is full of life, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the foothills, and the grasslands. Would recommend you to experience a stand on the amazing glass floor of the tower for a birds-eye view of the city streets below.  “Get rid of your acrophobia and experience the thrillJ

4. The Minhas Micro Brewery:

This spot will always be on your itinerary if you are a beer lover. This spot is a 9KM drive from the Calgary international airport. A tour of the brew house is always on the cards for all beer lovers and they live to their dreams at Minhas Micro Brewery. They can also get certified in Beer-ology and grab a bite to eat at Pizza Brew where award-winning pizzas and fresh appetizers (some with a beery taste) are served together with a selection of 60 different ales and lagers. “Grab yourself a drink directly from the factoryJ

3. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary:

Choosing a location to get yourselves clicked can be a hectic task at times. With a lot of spots on your itinerary popping out, you can’t spend time looking for a spot to have your photo-shoot hosted. This Bird Sanctuary is put up on the list to serve your need for photographical locations and also for a peace and calm walk. Inglewood bird sanctuary is a definite hideaway from the chaos of the city. “It is definitely going to ease your head of the pressure the your bosses give at workJ

2. Calaway Park:

Amusement as per dictionary is Enjoyment/Fun and this park is rightly named as Calaway Amusement Park. Roller coaster rides and other enthralling rides will add thrill pages to your book. Calaway Live shows, street performers, jugglers and what not. This makes the Calaway park a must visit spot for all families around the west of Calgary. “Get ready to drop yourselves from heightsJ

1. Heritage Park Historical Village:

On any itinerary, there would be a small portion of history. To add some historical spot to the itinerary of Calgary, I suggest you the Heritage Park Historical Village. This park is divided into 4 parts which will take you through 4 different cultures of the country, namely Western Canadian history depicting the late 1860’s, the Pre-Railway Settlement Village, circa 1880, the Railway Prairie Town, circa 1910; and the newly opened (2009) Heritage Town Square, depicting the 1920s to 1950s. “Knowing about a country is not a bad choice at allJ


So, let’s take our flights to Calgary to get ourselves chilled and enjoy the nature. Book your flights right away and enjoy your trip without being concerned about the worthiness of the trip. We assure you the best of your trips to Calgary.

The Festive Season is on !!!

Bored of celebrating the same set of festivals in your city? Give it a break then. There are a few seasonal festivals which you can’t ignore forever and one such event is all set to be on the floors from the 17th of January till 8th of February (on weekends).

Yes, the highly popular family event, the Fête des neiges de Montréal, is back at Parc Jean-Drapeau for four weekends, from January 17 to February 8, 2015.

For one among those who wonder what this is all about, here is a snippet that describes the festive season:

 “An event, free of cost, on several weekends with plenty of winter activities line up. This include Zip lines, tube sliding, skating, concerts and much more!!”

Adding value to the event, a versatile multi-talented actor/director, Yan England will be the spokesperson for the sixth consecutive year.

With the commencement of event this year, Fête des neiges de Montréal, would mark its 32nd anniversary and hence making this year’s event special. To celebrate the anniversary, a wide range of free activities are planned outdoors and a few at a reasonable cost.

Parc Jean-Drapeau, known for its diverse cultural and sports programming, is the perfect place for family, couples and friends getaways, which is only a 5 minute drive from downtown Montreal. This makes people to commute easily from downtown. Parc Jean-Drapeau, attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world and when are you going to be one among them?

To name a few attractions at Parc Jean-Drapeau, it would go wrong if these places don’t take a mention here.

·         The Montreal Casino,

·         The Beach,

·         The Olympic Basin,

·         The Flower Gardens and

·         The Pavilion of Canada, with each one of the places having their own fortes.

This will definitely serve to feed the needs of people ranging from children to sports enthusiasts and from nature lovers to culture devotees.

Parc Jean-Drapeau also holds the record for hosting Canadian Grand Pix since 1978 with an exception of 1987 and 2009. To name a few more festivals that would be held here are:

·         Vans Warped Tour and

·         The Osheaga Festival 

The park around has also got the privilege of hosting the music concerts of a few recognized and rated bands such as:

·         Coldplay, 

·         Dave Matthews Band, 

·         Radiohead,

·         Metallica, 

·         Bon Jovi, 

·         Iron Maiden and 

·         Nickel back

To know about the complete event list, we will have to wait till December, which still adds to the beauty of the event.

Get ready to be excited and don’t miss to carry your shutters with you to get those awesome moments captured. What next? Plan for the trip and the budget importantly Smile


Your planning is going to be simple and you are just a click away to make it to the Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal this January. An exciting opportunity to make it to the festival city to have ultimate fun this season is awaiting you. To get your flights booked click here and have fun at Montreal – the city of festivals.  

How to book cheap flight tickets online?


Have sufficient funds to buy an iPhone6? Well, then you are ready to get on your trip to your favorite holiday destination. Confused? A One plus one mobile could now do whatever an iPhone6 could do, except for the brand name that it has got. Why waste money buying such a costly product? Instead make your holiday dreams come true. Here we have got you a few good ways to book an air fare at fairly low costs.

·         When you have access to internet, make the most out of it. Look for coupons from a variety of sites. To my knowledge, those coupon sites would receive the same amount of a hit that any social networking site would receive. Savings, will talk big time in your future. Never ignore offers. “Discount your laziness in finding for discounts J

·         Never try to contact a third-party vendor who doesn’t have verified their identity. However, there are a few good players in the show. “Keep your eyes wide open to have your eyes fresh at the holiday spot J

·         Open multiple tabs in your browser with different verified vendors deal’s in each tab. Since we are dealing with airfare’s we will have to be as quick as possible. You can easily identify what would be the best deal for you. “ Run through as many catalogue’s as possible to taste your favorite brands without getting frustrated J

·         Do have all the details intact that would be required for booking. Since the airfares are not fixed, in the sense, they keep changing every second, it would help you reduce the cost as much as possible. It would be a better option to have all your card details and passenger info drafted before you proceed further. “Quicker hands may help you enjoy your honeymoon for a longer period J

·         Look for the classes of your travel. Unless and until you are a CEO of a company, you would well suit an economy class. Ideally the seats in the business class would be the same as that of the ones in economy class, the only difference being the hospitality that you get. For a travel of that would not consume you more than a couple of hours, I would well suggest an economy class rather than the business one’s. “Compromise on class of the trip and that will help you in gifting a glass to someone very special J

·         Look for the latest contenders in the market. When any new airline gets launched the offers that they use to promote their airline will simply be amazing. Make use of the promotions of the latest market people to benefit you the most.

·         Before you decide to get on a trip, do follow of a couple of airlines closely. You would get to know their trend. This will help you in identifying if you will have a good time or not.

·         Last but not the least, you can put up a query on the ‘n’ number of blogs/forums/discussion area that are available today, to get the best of the deals and offers to make your trip happy and satisfactory.


Hope this helps. Get your fittings tight and carry enough cash to have fun J Happy Journey guys and a safe one too J


TORONTO – “City of York” as it was known in the early 18th century


This article will read you through 10 things that you can look forward to cherish 10 years, down the lane, from the day of your visit to this populous city of Canada. Get your smiles ready J TORONTO – the magic ride is on.

Niagara Falls:

“A dream destination for any wedding ceremony”, that’s how one would react on seeing Niagara. To me, this would be the world’s best romantic place. Though you may have to drive a while from Toronto to Niagara, you won’t regret for being here. Beauty of it stands as in where it is the collection of three waterfalls that straddles the border between US and Canada and hence the twin cities, Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York. An interesting fact that would give you a wow factor is the number of tourists expected every year. The count always keeps ticking and an average number would be 20 million.  “Spend a few nights here and your girlfriend will never complainJ

The Second City:

“The art of latte” coffee will make your whole day great. Drinking in the classy Euro kind of coffee will be your treat for a hard long day at work. By now, you would have definitely thought that this crap is about a Café shop or a breakout lounge. If so, am sorry lads, it’s not what you thought. The Second City is a place where you literally do your “LOL (Laugh Out Loud)” stuff. Second City is the first-ever on-going improvisational theatre troupe focussing mainly on comedy. The toughest genre to be called of all is comedy and it has become their cup of tea now. “Relax yourself here during Saturday nights, instead of pulling your pants”- #ifyouknowwhatimeanJ




Do you love being amused? Then give wonderland a shot. Worth the visit. They haven’t established themselves to be unique. They sell “Ice in Antarctic” but still you will be having fun, with the gadgets there. Definitely, your stomach needs utmost priorityJ. But be warned: the rides and attractions tend to leave you sopping wet.  “Experience your life in a roller-coaster. Be prepared to have ultimate funJ

The House on Parliament:

I bet, this is going to bring a little more smile to your faces, since this is a spot every man would freak out. “Pub”, as the oxford dictionary states, is a place to resell drinks with light meals. But according to my dictionary, it is a place where you meet and date girls all throughout your lifetime. A flirt studioJ Jokes apart, though this Cabbage town pub offers a nice list of local and global beers on tap, they are as well-known for their food as they are for their drinks. They offer lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, complete with pub-inspired breakfast options such as a wild boar, pheasant and cognac Scotch egg with hollandaise, in their cosy, booth-lined Victorian. “Drink…Drink…Stop not till you reach on a highJ

Hockey Hall of Fame:

A few countries, with the n number of religions they have, still want to grow their religions and so they add up entertainment to the list. One such country, unfortunately, becomes my nation. With multiple religions across the country, people have also taken cricket and cinema as their own religious stuff. At times I feel worried, why people can’t differentiate entertainment and religion. This citation was made, as Canada is another country where a sport is being an obsession, the difference being the sport. Cricket in India is as Hockey in Canada and vice versa. So for a sports enthusiast this would be a must-visit place. Many civilians come here only to take selfies with the trophies. “Play your favourite shots but this time not with the bats but with your camerasJ

The AGO, Art Gallery of Ontario:

Everyone would have spent their childhood either playing with MS-Paint or with natures colours. No one would hate paintings and to make the most out of it Canada had to establish this wonderful masterpiece. A place where you could see a variety of paintings which ranges from an exclusive Alex Colville collection to smaller collections of Michelangelo drawings. Canadians would obviously want their countrymen’s paintings to be put up in huge numbers as compared to an immigrants work and hence the difference in numbers. If you are looking forward to a career related to this soulful art, I would recommend you to spend at least a day here. “Welcome your world of colours and get your face exposed with right mixtures of themJ



Edge Walk (CN Tower):

When holding a record for a span of 5 years is getting tougher in this competitive world, this monument has held a record for almost 2 and a half decades. To be precise, this monument was the world’s tallest-free standing structure and tallest tower from 1976 till 2010, before the Bhurj Khalifa was built. “CN Towers” was named after the company “Canadian National”, the railway company that built the tower. Around August 2011, the CN Tower opened the Edge Walk, where adventure-lovers can walk on and around the roof of the main pod of the tower which is at 356 m from the ground. Feeling giddy? What are you waiting for? Let’s walk on the edge... “Get your bags packed to discover life from a different perspective and from different heightsJ

The Beach:

Most popular tourist destination to the east of Toronto’s downtown. Also known as the neighbourhood, it has 4 beaches to add feathers to its cap. Woodbine, Kew, Scarboro, Balmy are those beaches located around the neighbourhood. The special X factor about the Woodbine beach is that unlike the other beaches which are meant for bathing, this is meant for wooden cuts and hence the name “The Cut”. To have a cool bath and breathe some fresh air, drive through “The Beach”. “Going on a holiday to your favourite destination and returning without a beach visit would be a sin and my mom has insisted me not to commit any sin in my lifetimeJ


A 46-storey tower, located in John street, which is set back from the much smaller 19th century buildings along King Street. Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), has its headquarters here at the Bell Light box cinema complex. origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-position: initial; background-repeat: initial;" lang="EN-IN"> Bruce McDonald's “Trigger” was the first film screened at the theatre. This is a recent attraction that has been added to a never-ending list of attractions in the city of York. Having roamed around places, you need some place to take a back seat and relax yourself and this place would definitely help. Quality of dining is set high in this screened complex. “Plan your time to enjoy and have fun watching big names on the screenJ

Toronto Zoo:


You could well see the social media being flooded with a number of pet lovers and their pictures with them. A recent statistics reveals a fact that, people who are fond of pets are also likely to develop a liking towards the wild ones. To those friends of mine, please book your passes this summer for the Toronto zoo. Make sure you reserve at least a half a day to see all the attractions. In fact, spending a whole day here would probably be more adequate. I recommend getting there at opening and seeing the Pandas first before the crowds start arriving. During winters, you may not be able to see a whole lot of the bunch. “Be loving to them and they will teach you what love is all about. Refrain yourself from harming those innocent bunchJ

On A Budget Trip TO Vancouver

Vancouver is not a cheap to run city. Although, you can easily get discount flight tickets to Vancouver right here, but a trip to Vancouver on budget requires smart brains. This article features some smart tips to experience the magnificence of Vancouver on a budget.

This article takes off from the point where you have book tickets online to Vancouver as we have already told you where to get the best flight deals. So, let’s get started from the next most important part for a budget trip to Vancouver – the accommodation.

For Budget Accommodations

It actually pays a great fortune to spend a little time and effort to look out for best deals for hotels in Vancouver. Check the prices for multiple hotels on several websites. Sometimes, the best deals are offered at the official website of the hotels; so, it makes sense to also check out hotel’s own website.

Before you book the accommodations online, do make a call to the hotel and confirm about the discounted rates offered by the website. Additionally, it never hurts to directly ask hotels for an even cheaper deal. You might be able to crack the cheapest deal.

Local Traveling

Vancouver is a beautiful city with many places worth a visit. But if you are on a budget, it is better to first make a list of places where you and your companions would like to visit. Look for a hotel that is closest to most of the places on your list. This will remarkably reduce the local travelling cost.

Not to forget, Vancouver is a bike friendly city and there also are plenty cheap local travelling options like sky train to help you control local traveling expenses. You can always walk to the nearest local markets to save some extra bucks.

Free Of Charge Fun

When you are on budget, Vancouver offers many free of charge destinations that provide great fun for people of all ages. There a plenty of parks with free entry. For example,

·         There is Stanley Park spread across 5 miles with many lakes and trails to be relished by entire family or group of friends.

·         There also are many other parks such as Deer Lake Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Lynn Canyon Park etc that are sure to give you a memorable time that too without banging on your wallet.

Exploring The City

On a budget trip to Vancouver, the best way to explore the city and its culture is through street shopping and historic neighborhoods. Chinatown, Gastown, Robson Street, Yaletown, Granville Island and many other busy but exciting public place and markets have ample to offer. A ride on the unique Sea bus headed to Lonsdale Quay will get you totally mesmerized with wonderful views and picturesque beauty.

Food On Budget

Vancouver is the best place to enjoy megabites of tasty street food. Vancouver has nice mix food cuisines to please your pallet. However, dining in restaurants and food chains could be expensive but you can easily get Indian, Italian, French and Filipino food in the economical restaurants near Granville and other public markets.

So, get your cheap tickets to Vancouver booked and get on for a budget holiday that promises great fun & food without raiding your wallet.