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Take Your Family To Toronto: 5 Wonderful Reasons

Although there are many cheap flights to Toronto connecting rest of the world with this city, but, Toronto remains unexplored in shade of other Canadian major cities like Vancouver and Montreal. So, before rest of the world get to explore the suave city of Toronto, hurry and book your cheap flights to Toronto right now for a family vacation; we are giving you 5 more wonderful reasons to visit Toronto right now:

1. Historic Distillery District

You can easily travel by the streetcars or subways to reach this stunning district that is cobblestoned and does not allow cars to enter. It is a collection of Victorian Industrial warehouses that have been preserved perfectly. This district was once the home for 19th century distilleries but now it is known for Ontario Spring Water Sake Company – the recent occupant here. Behind many beautifully lined facades, there are many ateliers, galleries and artisan food shops.

Here, you can purchase the sake bottles or can be at a bar for sake cocktail. If interested, you can even see the distilling process where Californian rice is mixed with water to produce straight-up nama sake – the unpasteurized sake.

2. Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Center

The building of Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Center will charm you straightaway with its decent white color and playful angles. This is a popular museum exhibiting artistic, intellectual and scientific achievements of the Islamic communities. More than thousand pieces are showcased here along with stunning 16th century paintings from the legendary Persian Book Of Kings.

You can also see the earliest manuscripts of Avicenna’s Canon Of Medicine in this museum. Your family can enjoy a delightful meal at the Diwan Restaurant built on-the-site with subdued décor and extensive menu including Turkish, North African, Iranian, Indian and Central Asian flavors.

3. Kensington Market

After your cheap flights to Toronto, you can take easy ride on streetcars to reach this happening market that truly represents foodie scene of Toronto. From Chinese to Ethiopian, Italian and Venezuelan, every cuisine seems to melt in a single pot of this market.

This ethnically diverse market is your single stop to buy authentic spices and local produces. The delicious combo dishes such as Jerk Chicken, aromatic anise baked products and much more is dished out to tantalize your taste buds incessantly.

4. Kids Attractions

Your kids can safely let loose at the Legoland. It is the only place where you can see Southern Ontario turned in lego-brick form. Smaller kids can weigh themselves in lego-bricks and see how lego-bricks are made.

Bigger kids can head to Canada’s Wonderland to enjoy animatronic dinosaurs, water slides, roller coasters and much more.

5. EdgeWalk On The CN Tower

The 360 degree view of the town from the CN Tower already draws a huge crowd of locals and visitors but the newest EdgeWalk on the CN Tower is generating great buzz. When you participate, you are harnessed to circumnavigate hands free on a platform made just out from the tower top.

There are plenty other reasons than mentioned above to visit the eclectic and friendly Canadian city of Toronto. Get started right here, right now.  

5 Misconceptions About Fort McMurray That Are Totally Wrong

Fort McMurray is a beautiful place in Northern Alberta City. Fort Mac is a popular name of this city as called by local residents and the main occupation here is oil sands production. Although, Fort McMurray is full of positive energy, there are certain misconceptions in the minds of people who have never been here before or are boarding on cheap flights to Fort McMurray for the first time. But, once you reach here, you will discover the true Fort McMurray spirit in vibrant communities, picturesque surroundings and many fantastic things-to-do. Here’s breaking some of the most common misconceptions attached to Fort McMurray:

Misconception #1: There Only Are Rig Workers

Fort McMurray is a city of young and happy families. If you think you will see a city crawling only with men, you are absolutely under a fallacy. The median age of local residents is about 31 years and more than 100 babies are born here every month. So, it is a decent, safe and friendly place for families with lots of things to be enjoyed as a family unit. There are many businessmen and then there are fine artists too.

Misconception #2: It Is Freezing

This misconception of yours will whack away as soon as you step in the city out of your cheap flights to Fort McMurray. You might have always thought that North means cold …right? The Alberta’s weather is unpredictable and you need to come prepared for both – hot and cold. You could get hit by warm wind on a day in January while next day, it might be snowing. Thus, it has a temperature to let you enjoy throughout the year.

Misconception #3: There’s Not Much To Do

Think again! There is more than 130 Km of wonderful trail within this city and there are enough reasons to go out and stay out. You can enjoy snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing and much more. You can even spend hours gazing the starry skyline under a canopy. To keep you and your family busy with incredible activities, there also are public libraries, running tracks, climbing walls, racquetball courts, splash parks, playgrounds and many skating rinks making sure you burn off your energy enjoyably.

Misconception #4: It’s Only About Food

You will be surprised to see the splendid dining scene in Fort McMurray. There are authentic pizzerias; many urban cafes and fine dine restaurants with delicious meals and quality preparations. You can enjoy best of the seafood and bison short ribs here along with fresh soups and sandwiches made with freshly baked breads.  

Misconception #5: It Lacks Good Places To Stay

It is easy to find a bed & breakfast hotels in Fort McMurray with cozy settings. You can also find some house with open kitchen and spacious guest rooms to stay with your family. For a single night stay, get a deal at any of the facilitating motels.

 The comfortable and well connected cheap flights to Fort Mac Murray will give a great start to your trip with your loved ones. If you are looking for friendliest people and great adventure, head to Fort McMurray.

Hidden Attractions Of Victoria

Victoria houses most popular tourist attractions of British Columbia. You can board cheap flights to Victoria to explore these lesser-known places for best ever travel experience. There are numerous tourist places in Victoria like Royal BC museum, Craigdarroch Castle and much more that sometimes it is difficult to decide where to start from. This season, we suggest you to get started with some off-beat places that we are listing here:

Dragon Alley

Out of many nooks and corners of Chinatown, Fan Tan Alley is a popular place that is also the narrowest street of Canada. While most people enjoy strolling in Chinatown, take a mysterious escape to Dragon Alley. Revitalized recently, Dragon Alley has plenty of eclectic shops, many studios, restaurants and many other places to shop and relax. This alley connects Herald and Fisgard Street; do not miss the red “Dragon Alley” road sign on the Fisgard Street to locate this hidden getaway.

Ghost Tours

Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that Victoria is one of the most haunted places in Canada. There are a lot of murder stories, love and hanging stories to enchant you forever. You would love to catch cheap flights to Victoria for experiencing these thrilling ghost tours. The Ghostly Walks is developed by famous storyteller and historian – john Adams. He along with his expert guides take you to the most haunted spots in Victoria. It will surely be a unique experience for you and for entire your family.

Glass Sidewalks

One may not consider Glass Sidewalks as an attraction since many people walk over these spectacular purple prisms every day but it is certainly something to hold everything else for a moment and give it an eye. These prisms are historical blocks of translucent glass paved in late 19th century. It was initially installed to let the sunlight enter the below basements and since then, many of the glass prisms have been destroyed or removed but you can still find some of them reflecting their true eminence at the Johnson Street or along the Broad Street. 

Downtown Markets

Summers in Victoria are the best times to dive into the vast pool of downtown markets. During summers, these markets are flooded with best of the local fresh produces and artisan food items. You can also shop here for incredible art pieces and hand crafted jewelry. Head straight to Moss Street Market or to Ship Point Night Market to make best use of your time and money.

Thunderbird Park

This is the most extraordinary but mostly overlooked feature of Victoria. This park is situated just next to the Royal BC Museum and it has the most amazing display of totem poles along with First Nations Monuments. There also are two mesmerizing historical buildings (St. Anne’s Schoolhouse and Helmcken House) that you will appreciate for its intricate artwork and architecture.


Every visitor and even residents of Victoria must visit these places as they are sure to give you loads of memories. So, do not wait any longer, just book your cheap flights to Victoria right now and get on for a fun-filled exploration of these hidden attractions. 

Why Montreal Is The Best Family Vacation Destination

With a charming fusion of stone cobbled streets and tall skyscrapers with European elegance and American swagger, Montreal truly is unlike any of the other cities in the continent. Apparently, a lot of cheap flights to Montreal are easily available to take you to this unique destination for a fun filled family vacation.

Do It The French Way

If you want to experience rich French culture, Montreal is the best place to be in. Montreal is the largest French speaking city in Canada that is also popular for its colorful festivals and the exceptional “Joi de Vivre”. Amid Montreal’s old-world charm of heritage parks, buildings and narrow lanes from 18th and 19th century, Montreal is happy to also reflect out as an urban city.

Enjoy The Sophistication

It has some classy boutique hotels that reflect contemporary lifestyle in the posh locations and there also are newly build flashy skyscrapers that already seem to be competing for their space in the vivid skyline. Your cheap flights to Montreal will land you in a sophisticated metropolis that is nestled in the beautiful riverside. To make sure you thoroughly enjoy your vacations in Montreal, there also are cosmopolitan eateries, cool shops and many great festivals.

Experience The Local Lifestyle

For sightseeing, Montreal has much to surprise you. There is no end to the list of things you can do here on a family vacation. You can stroll to the Mount Royal plateau to reach chic designer fashion boutiques, wrought-iron staircases, lively art scenes and funky nightspots bustling in the streets. Your family can also enjoy a horse driven carriage ride along the thriving St. Laurence River that proffers immense beauty to the Old Montreal. The harbor front is always buzzing with many activities throughout the day.

Relax & Relish

If you just want a relaxing escape from modern life hustles, find your space in Pole des Rapides that is an expansive 21 kilometers park to enjoy a leisurely cruise along the enchanting Lachine canal. For a unique travel experience, visit the Le Village Gai which is a large gay district in North America. Here, you can dine outside during summers at one of the best restaurants or you can enjoy a sip of steamy hot cappuccino during winters in Little Italy.

Taste A Bit Of Montreal

The local cuisine of Montreal is simply divine and this city claims to have largest number of busy eateries per capita in whole North America. The food truck food is very popular in Entire Canada and these trucks are winning fans all over with their delectable food preparations like fried squid, crepes, maple syrup products and other eclectic dishes from dim sum to Pakistani kebabs.

Party Hard

Montreal is always set with a party vibe. There are many local and international festivals like Jazz international festival, just laugh festival and many more. Festivals in Montreal are the best times to be a part of its culture and experience the best of local food and rituals. Montreal en Lumiere festival in winters is not to be missed as it lines up wonderful outdoor shows for your family to enjoy.

So, why wait any longer? Just get your bags pack and get your cheap flights to Montreal booked in a jiffy to experience the amazing city of Montreal.

In Company Of Nature – Fort McMurray Parks & Trails

Fort McMurray was initially known as McMurray which is an urban city with all the modern facilities to make life expedient. In spite of developed areas and sophisticated populace, Fort McMurray city still has its foundations strongly bound with nature. You can experience the nature’s grandeur as soon as your cheap flights to Fort McMurray land you here.

Expansive Trail System

The city of Fort McMurray has expansive 400 hectares of beautiful parks. The local residents and the visitors both can enjoy at these parks and other natural trails. Even if your cheap flights to Fort McMurray are in transit, you can spend some relaxing time in 130 kilometers of natural trail system.

Fort McMurray offers a great opportunity to be in companionship of nature. You can walk, hike or bike in and around the parks. The natural and expansive trails are carved through the forests.

Beautiful Community Parks

Community parks of Fort McMurray are modern and equipped with many entertainment options such as basket ball courts, soccer fields, beach volleyball spaces, concessional parks and water play parks. These parks offer enjoyment for everyone throughout the year.

There also are outdoor and indoor hockey and skating rinks along with incredible outdoor skating rink of Borealis Park which has lush green surroundings.

Birchwood Trails

The wonderful Birchwood trails and an outdoor green gym offers great enjoyment options. Situated in the Con Creek Valley that is between Timberlea, Thickwood and Dicksenfield, this trail provides ample space for a relaxed walk or a healthful run. During winter months, you can also enjoy cross country skiing.

An outdoor gym runs along the outer side of the Birchwood trail to help you follow your regular fitness regimen. Each well equipped station at the gym has everything that a modern gym has. The best part about this outdoor gym is that it is available for everyone all of the time. You do not need any membership card and you can work out here for hours.

Abasand Hikes

This is an old oil sands plants and it is the first such plants in Athabasca region. It is a unique experience to discover the geological profiles of marvelous oil sands across the Horse River Valley.

Crane Lake Trail

About 30 kilometers north to Fort McMurray, Crane Lake Nature Trail is a beautiful place for bird watching. This area is popular for inventive reclamation efforts made by Suncor Energy. The Crane Lake expands in a total area of 19 hectares which is a reclaimed land. This trail also offers great wild life viewing opportunities along with bird watching.

Wood Bison Gateway

If you truly love nature, you will love Wood Bison Gateway even more. A giant sculpture of Wood Bison herds stand here that is carved in stone. This is an amazing 4 kilometer trail spread across 50 hectares of reclaimed land. You can visit this trail to see many types of landscapes like wetlands, grasslands, spruce forests and jack pine forests.

Overall, Fort McMurray has an incredible range of parks and trails to offer easy walks and moderate hikes in nature’s lap. You can book cheap flights to Fort McMurray right now to enjoy the natural magnificence that is well preserved here.

4 Historical Sites To Check Out In Victoria

If you have great admiration for historical sites, book cheap flights to Victoria and you will not be disappointed. Victoria is one such place that you should not miss while traveling in British Columbia. And specifically, its historical sites will give you a splendid insight into the centuries old culture.

As your cheap flights to Victoria land you in the city, you could easily get details of the popular historical sites but here are the 4 most wonderful sites that you should check out before others:

1. Hatley Park National Historic Site

One of the largest historic sites of Canada, this park is situated at 2005 Sooke Road. The Hatley Park offers a great slink into the cultural and historical heritage of the country. There is a historical castle that attracts many tourists for it unique architecture. Built in 1908, this castle is a magnificent building constructed by James Dunsmuir.

You can plan a guided tour to the castle or can relax at one of the many gardens of the park. The wonderful Japanese, Italian and the rose gardens are the perfect place to take a stroll or relax in nature’s company.

2. Craigdarroch Castle

This castle at Joan Crescent was constructed by a coal baron Robert Dunsmuir in 1890s. The exclusive furniture of the Victorian Era is the main attraction to be watched here. The castle is also popular for its intricate wood work on the walls and stunning stained glass art. It interestingly showcases the lavish lifestyle of wealthy people way back during 19th century.

The castle also has a tower and you would need to climb up 87 steps of the stairway to get the most spectacular view of the city. The Olympic Mountains look amazing from here. Well connected via local transports, this castle is convenient to reach and you could spend as much time as you want at any part of the castle. If you do not have much time, a complete tour of the castle takes about an hour.

3. Victoria Chinatown

The Victoria Chinatown at Fisgard Street is the oldest one in Canada. There are many historical buildings and sites to be watched. This site includes an old Chinese school, the famous Fan tan Alley and the magnificent Tam Khung Buddhist temple.

It is a significant historical site as it served to be a temporary residential region during the 1858 West Coast Gold Rush.

4. Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse

Conveniently situated at Ford Hill Road, just at a distance of 10 kilometers from downtown, this historical site offers an immense opportunity to explore Canada’s greatest military and marine heritage.

At the Fort Rodd Hill, you could get to see some terrific military buildings including barracks and searchlight emplacements. You cannot pass without noticing the 3 very old (19th century) coastal artillery batteries.

Established in 1860, the Fisgard Lighthouse still stands as the oldest and most significant lighthouse on the Western coast of Canada.

Other than these historical sites, Victoria City is full of many tourist attractions to please people of all ages and interests. So, for a marvelous family vacation, book cheap flights to Victoria, right here.

Take Your Family On A Grand Canadian Vacation

Whether you are wildlife lover, an adrenaline junkie, hardcore foodie or a tireless traveler who likes explore cultures, Canada fits perfectly into all the boxes. You may book cheap flights to Ottawa – capital of Canada or any other city for a fun filled family vacation anytime of the year for following good reasons:

The Varied Landscapes

Canada is world’s second largest country with diverse landscapes from glaciers tipped mountains to wild prairies, intact coastlines, emerald lakes, vast forests and Arctic water lapping upon the frozen tundra. And interestingly, cosmopolitan cities and urban populace are nestled among such natural wilderness. The astonishing settlement between nature and human is quite a thing to relish in Canada.

Multicultural Backdrop

People of Canada are as diverse as its landscapes. The vast spread Asian communities, British expats, Arctic Inuit and the Quebeckers, make Canada a melting pot of many cultures. Over 20% of Canada populace is foreign-born.

Friendly People & Urban Setup

The progressive cities of Canada have always been identified as one of the best cities to live in. The skyscrapers, pristine beach lines, charming neighborhoods, plenty of fantastic museums, adventure sports and other modern tourist attractions make Canada seem to be very close to you as you explore centuries old customs, historic places and ancient architectural finesse.

Box Full Of Surprises

Canada is truly a magnificent box full of cheerful surprises at every step. Be it the Canadian Rockies, lush downtown parks of Vancouver or cowboy tradition of many festivals. You can book direct cheap flights to Calgary if you want to enjoy biggest stampede with your family. Adventure lovers can try kayaking, skiing or touring to many wineries or watch Niagara Falls from a helicopter.

What You Should Not Miss In Canada

1. Canada has an incredible dining scene. From plenteous street food vendors to stunning fine dine restaurants – all of them have delectable food choices to be experienced. Do not miss enjoying world’s best poutine at popular food trucks.

2. Do not forget to take a whole lot of maple syrup from here as it is quite inexpensive in Canada. You can find many varieties to suit your liking.

3. The mesmerizing and thunderous Niagara Falls is surely not to be missed. The mighty water body roars down from a height equivalent to about 13 storey building. You can take a helicopter ride or take an adventurous jet boat trip to pump up adrenaline to max.

4. Go for whale watching at Bay Of Fundy on St. John’s Reversing Falls. For more fun, capture a few grizzlies in your cameras in the Yukon.

5. Learn Lasso (a rope loop thrown at a target and tightened) at the Albertan Ranch.

Fun and adventure in Canada never seem to end. So, plan a family tour to Canada as it promises to offer a fantastic time to everyone. You can book cheap flights to Vancouver for a chilled out vacation or you may fly straight to the Canadian capital – Ottawa for a thrilling start to your trip. To avail best offers on air tickets to Canada, just click here.

Why Visit Winnipeg This Summer – Top Reasons

Located at the center, Winnipeg is truly the heart of North America. As your cheap flights to Winnipeg land you here, you can instantly get absorbed by the closely knit communities and urban flair of this mid-sized city. The vibrancy, cultural richness and friendly people are many reasons why you’ll love visiting Winnipeg anytime of the year, but we give you few more reasons to enjoy Winnipeg’s aura in summers:


Winnipeg is famous for something interesting happening throughout the year. If your cheap flights to Winnipeg are landing you here in summer, you could experience one of the most vibrant festivals – Folkorama. This is a multicultural festival which is also the longest running festival in the whole world. There are many performances and live shows form local and international artists to be enjoyed along with great food. It is the best festival to explore cultural side of Winnipeg with your family or friends.

Journey To Churchill

It is a great species exhibit that attracts people of all ages and groups. Apparently, it is the most comprehensive northern exhibit of species in the world. It would be an amazing experience to watch wonderful species in their natural habitat. You can also watch six of the rescued polar bears here as they swim & play along.

The Forks

This is the most popular place among the visitors as well as the locals. It is the center of many attractions to have a wonderful time. The best thing is that there is something interesting for everyone in the family. There are museums, art galleries, markets and huge open spaces to stroll around or just have fun. It is also the best place if you want to buy some goodies for your friends and family members back home.

A Look Behind The Curtains

If you are a music lover and have always been allured by the moments behind the curtain, Winnipeg is the right place for you. You can actually see how the world class performers prepare and organize their shows. You could see Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Royal Manitoba and Royal Winnipeg Ballet in live performances as well as behind the curtains.

The Manitoba Museum

This is a different type of museum that you can explore during your stay in Winnipeg this summer. Here, you can see one of the world’s oldest corporation – Hudson’s Bay Company’s staggering collection and their contribution to build Canada through their amazing collection. The Manitoba museum truly makes a must visit place in Winnipeg.

Watch The Game

Every season is game season in Winnipeg. You can witness the thrills of combating games at many stadiums between teams like Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Jets or Winnipeg Goldeyes etc or you can bring the stakes at some of the fascinating casinos in Winnipeg such as McPhillips Station Casino or Club Regent Casino.

There is no end to the list of fun things-to-do in Winnipeg. To enjoy all this and more, you just need to book your cheap flights to Winnipeg right here and have a blast of good times.

For Your First Trip To Toronto: Best Of The Sites

Toronto is truly a vibrant city with jubilant people who love their city and diverse cultures. Here is your perfect guide to top sites and things to do when it is the first time you have taken cheap flights to Toronto for a family holiday.

Toronto is a city that constantly keeps re-inventing itself. So, as a first timer in Toronto, it may be difficult for you to completely know it in a short time. With over 14 million people visiting Toronto every year, here are the sites you should visit to make best of your time:

Toronto’s Time Square

Also known as Yonge-Dundas Square, this is the busiest and most popular intersection with something free happening quite often. The huge Eaton Centre Mall is a paradise for shopaholics and food lovers. The Urban Eatery at the mall offers something interesting for each family member or you can also try The Sentor for more of home-style dining experience. The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre is a worth visiting place as it is the only double-decker theatre of the world.


On West from the Yorkville subway interchange, Mink Mile is a popular place where all famous and rich people of Toronto dine and shop. On moving further to West, you can explore one of the best attractions of Toronto – The Royal Ontario Museum. You and your family can spend entire day here exploring the interesting exhibits here without feeling bored. And when you feel hungry, eat at the moderately priced Bloor St Diner.

Harbourfront & Corktown

Even if it is the first time you boarded on cheap flights to Toronto, we assure it will never be the last since you will enjoy visiting the Harbourfront & Corktown tourism hub so much. There is CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, Rogers Centre Stadium and much more. It is also the hub to board on ferries to Toronto Island. You can also head to Corktown and rejoice Tornoto’s oldest but spectacular architecture such as Distillery District, St. Lawrence Market and many cafes and boutiques.

The Entertainment District

For best of nightlife on your first trip to Toronto, head straight away to The entertainment District at King & Adelaide St. There are superb pubs, night clubs, bars, restaurants, theatres and many other entertainment hubs. Here, you can also eat in the top restaurants including Patria, Lee, Terroni and many others. If your budget allows, enjoy a stay at the Thompson Toronto which also has an exquisite roof top pool bar.

What You Need To Know About Toronto

As it is the first time you are travelling in cheap flights to Toronto with family, it becomes imperative to know following things for a hassle-free time:

·         Toronto’s airport is Lester B Pearson (YYZ)

·         It is a safer place to visit with family but make sure to pack clothes and accessories according to the weather

·         The temperature in winters may fall below zero while during summers, you may meet thunder storms. Spring and fall are the pleasant times to visit Toronto

·         People are friendly here and bar staff, drivers or waiters can be tipped

·         Hotel rooms and flight tickets book fast especially during the summer festival so, book your seats now

Exploring Fun Quotient In Montreal

If your cheap flights to Montreal have just landed you in this splendid city and you are in search of fun things to do, here are the suggestions.

See The World’s Tallest Inclined Tower

Structured at an angle of 45 degrees, it is a 574 foot giant structure – a part of the Olympic Park built for 1976 games. It is the tallest inclined tower in the whole world. Due to several delay and worker’s strike, the tower is still incomplete but you can take a ride to the top of the tower to get a stunning 360 degree view of the Montreal city.

See Brother Andre’s Heart Kept In A Jar

The heart of Brother Andre is kept in a jar at the 4th floor of the Saint Joseph’s Oratory. It is safe behind a locked gate and thick glass sheet. The body of Brother Andre rests peacefully in a tomb built beneath the Oratory. Saint Brother Andre is rightly credited with many miraculous healings and he was canonized in the year 2010.

You may want to see the heart for the reason that it was stolen for ransom in month of March, 1973 but on church refusal to pay the ransom amount, the heart was returned in the month of December, 1974. Since then, it is well protected in a jar.

Check Out The Fossils At Musee Redpath

The Musee Redpath in the McGill University Campus is a pretty good place to spend time and exploring dinosaurs, rocks, minerals and other sections on prehistoric Egypt. It is a lovely place to be in especially when kids are accompanying you. After their cheap flights to Montreal, they will surely enjoy special signage that features various dinosaurs. A smiling T- Rex will announce that the museum is now open while a weeping triceratops will announce that it is now closed. It is a free museum to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Visit The Oldest Bookstore

Archambault is the oldest bookstore in the Montreal city. The first of its outlet was opened in 1896 and now the Archambault’s headquarters with a seven storey building is located at 500 Rue Ste Catherine. At this bookstore, you will find many books in English and French languages. You can also buy CDs, records and DVDs here but the real catch is at the top floor of the building where amazing musical instruments are sold. You can buy pianos, drums or guitars or other musical instruments that are well displayed in separate rooms. Here, you may also catch up a recital sometimes.

Buy Maple Syrup                                            

There are many stores in Montreal that only sell local products. If you like maple syrup, you can buy your favorites from the wide variety of maple syrup produced in Quebec. You can also purchase maple candies and cookies, local made beer and jams to be taken back home for friends and family.

Eat & Eat

If you are a hardcore foodie, Montreal is the place to be in. There are a lot of restaurants and food joints that serve delicious treats from lobster pasta to smoked meat sandwich and from poutine to bon bons. Montreal is a foodie’s heaven to eat while you explore the beautiful city.

To experience all these fun activities, we arrange cheap flights to Montreal with best deals. Just click at this and get mesmerized by Montreal.