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Top 10 Tricks For Easy Outdoor Camping In Canada - 2

Camping in Canadian outdoors of course is fun when you have right hacks in your pocket. In the previous part of this article, we shared some great ideas to make your outdoor camping easy; read on some more interesting hacks in this part:

6. Keeping Warm

Unless you have booked cheap flights to go camping in summers, Canadian nights are generally cold and so it might get a tad nippy. You certainly cannot get a room heater for camping so, we recommend bringing some extra pairs of socks to keep your feet cozy while sleeping.

You can even throw a hot water bottle inside your sleeping bag to keep warm throughout the night. If you are camping with your partner, do get a double (2 person) sleeping bag so that your body heat can keep two of you warm. If nothing else, just wrap a heated stone from the fire pit in a towel and cuddle it in your sleeping bag for warmth.

7. Light Up The Place

Everyone brings a flashlight for camping, that’s a no brainer; but which type of flashlight do you bring may make the cut. A hand held flashlight is most common to be carried by people but you can even use the flashlight app on your smart phone to adequately light up the space. This will even save the space.

As you book cheap flight tickets to Canada for a camping trip, you can also look for headlamps that are most useful for late night bathroom rushes. If you have someone in your group who is afraid of darkness, look for standalone lanterns to get ample light while camping at night.

8. Use Disposable Dishes

Doing dishes three times a day is the last thing you would ever want to do while camping. So, just save your time and energy and use disposable dishes.

You can even use biodegradable variety of dishes to reduce the waste and go green. Another great hack to save dishes from washing is to wrap them with cling film before use. After you have finished eating, just throw the cling wrap and your dishes are still clean.

9. Stay Powered

You generally go for a camping trip to cut off from the world for some time and experience closeness to nature but you will still want to get in touch with real world at some point of time.

You may want to check Twittter, post some pictures on Instagram or hang out with friends on Facebook; but if you do not have any power, your phone will die.

Luckily, you now have solar panel charger to give you continuous power. It uses the power of sun to charge your phone and other small electronic gadgets.  

10. Keep Happy

Camping is a great opportunity to refresh your mind and soul amid wonderful nature. There could be some upsetting instances during a camp trip but you need to keep happy. Make sure that you bring enough food and drinks to lift your mood. Don’t forget to bring your favorite chocolates for when you need to feel good.

Just get cheap tickets and flights to Canada booked at Nanak Flights and enjoy camping that’s easy and fun.