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Take A Ride Back Into The Time At Heritage Park, Calgary’s

If you have cheap flights booked to Calgary for a family trip, you need to choose family friendly activities that will get everyone happy. Calgary’s Heritage Park is one such Western theme park that will give a spectacular living history experience for all.

If you are looking for true Canadian experience in Calgary for entire family, the Heritage Park is an ideal spot.

Why Will You Love This Park – Living The History As It Was

The park officially opened in 1964 for public. The Historical Village of the park truly displays how the West was in past years. Village’s exhibits and buildings make you feel like you have stepped into a real village from 1800’s. As you enter the park, it’s just like that your cheap tickets & flights to Calgary have taken you back into the time when things were pretty laid back and beautiful.

During summer, you can even see park staff dressed in charming historical costumes all through the park. It will be an amazing experience for whole family (including kids) to see the First Nations people, fur traders, prairie town people and railway workers in their historical attire busy in their daily choir the way as it was in the past.

What’s For Kids

For kids and also for the grown up kids, the authentic steam engine train would be the star attraction. It circles the park and stops at three stations. The best part is that the train ride has general admission and you can jump in and out as many times as you like.

After enough riding in the train, kids can also hop on for a fun filled horse drawn wagon ride. The wagon is large enough to accommodate entire family (16 passengers) at a time. Catch the wagon from the Wainwright Hotel street and enjoy about 25 minutes of ride.

As you head to the antique midway, there also are some old fashioned rides for kids such as dangler swings, ferris wheel, bowness caraousal, ferris wheel for babies under 7 and some more.

Ideal For Families

The park is spread over about 125 acres of land and it is quite easy to find a decent spot to sit around for a picnic and comfy chit-chat. The open grass field allows your kids to run around and have a good time.

There also are some great restaurants adorned with original machinery and artifacts from the past. It even has several cafes and shops. A few special ones are – Alberta Bakery, Railway Roundhouse, Vulcan Ice cream Parlor and Wanwright Hotel.

For family members who love cars and history associated with cars, the Gasoline Alley will be a real treat. This place is filled with polished historical artifacts and antique automobiles for display. Be ready to be charmed away by the best collection of old fuel pumps of the country.

The Heritage Park in Calgary offers a unique mix of history and enjoyment for whole family. While it enchants you with old-world aura, it has something special for people of all ages and groups.

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