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Some More Things For Girls To Do In Montreal

If you are a girl and your cheap flights are booked for Montreal, you are extremely lucky as you are up for a great time. Montreal has every essential thing like amazing food, great spots and a lot of self pampering options to make a girl’s dream vacation turn real.

For a girl, Montreal has many reasons to fall in love that too with a backdrop of culturally-rich city. Here is our list of some interesting things to do for girls in Montreal:

Go Brunching

There’s nothing better than rolling into a steaming brunch on weekends. Montreal fortunately offers great brunching options. Have a punchy coffee at Le Carter on McGill Avenue. This place in old Montreal also serves delectable Mimosa with fresh fruit couli, nuts and maple syrup.  

For brunch, you can also enjoy sophisticated menu at Le Comptoir that includes eggs and bacon or try breakfast poutine at Faberge.

Learn Something

Girls always are curious and ready to hone new skills. Make your trip to Montreal memorable by learning something new. Learning in fact, could be the most fun filled experience you would have in Montreal. You can learn blending perfect cocktails at Ateliers et Saveurs to please your guests or you can even try your hands on making fresh pasta at Mezza Luna.

Turn the game a little sweeter and learn making sweet creations at Chocolate HQ or at Patissier. You can even join the 6 hour special workshops on Sundays at Masion Christian Faure to master making French macarons, chocolates and vienoisseries. The workshops itself would be a great experience but tasting sessions after the class would be the most exciting part of your learning in Montreal.

Get Your Fitness Fix

To shun away the traveling tiredness, the best way out is to start your day with some fitness fix. So, when you need to recollect your strength and recharge yourself to enjoy rest of your girl’s getaway, head to Mount Royal which has a 200 hectare park for fitness freaks.

It has several running trails, staircases and lake to allow good workout amid great natural surroundings. Here, you can even hire a professional instructor to help you burn some calories seriously.

Try Paddle Boarding

Do remember that you have booked cheap tickets & flights to one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Montreal is home to amazing rivers and lakes. Visit the Saint Lawrence River and try some paddle boarding. You can choose the level according to your skills and comfort.

Take an excursion tour guided by an instructor to test your limits. This is an exemplary exercise to beat the Canadian cold. You can head to Notre Dame Island to try paddle boarding set on the banks of comparatively warm rivers.

There is something fun always happening in Montreal. The ultimate girl’s getaway is calling all girls. Don’t just keep reading about it. Just book cheap flight tickets to Montreal right now and live your dream.