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Some More Options For Active Vacation In Calgary

Our previous post suggested you some of the most liked outdoor activities in Calgary to help you have an active vacation. In this post, we will take you a step ahead to discover some of the trendiest Calgary outdoor activities to be tried out. The moment your flights to Calgary land you at the airport, you can feel the grandeur of unscathed nature; following list of outdoor activities will let you enjoy the natural beauty along with great active fun. Take a look:


If you think that tumbling upside down in a giant rubber ball will give you a good time, zorbing is your thing to try in Calgary. You will be strapped inside 3.3 meter wide ball to tumble down a 600 meter long trench. You can try zorbing at Canada Olympic Park.

As you roll and bounce inside the ball, you will experience the ultimate rush of adrenaline within your nerves. During this 30 second thrill ride, you are tamed by over 300 elastic and rubber shock absorbers inside the inner sphere of the ball while the outer sphere touches the ground.


As you travel via flights to Calgary Alberta, you can dream about floating in your beloved boat from the city limits. Even if you are a beginner in canoeing, it is easy to find short lessons in Calgary. If you are a beginner, you may start at the Fish creek Provincial Park which is near Lake Sikome and it ends at the southeast of the city in Carseland.

Your canoeing trip may last up to 2 days with about 5 to 6 hours of floating each day. The water currents are relatively slow so that you can enjoy the magical sceneries along your way. Children and elderly persons accompanying you on the trip would utterly enjoy it.


When you talk about bouldering, it is just a rock and you passing through hard places. Unlike the dizzying heights common to rock climbing, bouldering is done at a height not more than 3 to 7 meters above the ground level. It basically involves the climber taking intense physical moves on the rock which are commonly known as “problems”. The ultimate challenge is to set out a difficult path and finding a solution on-the-spot.

Calgary has perfect spots for bouldering. Just head about 90 kms West of Calgary towards White Buddha; the limestone cliff facing south gets you plenty of bouldering opportunities. The best thing about this place is that beginners and experts can climb together as it has big holds for beginners and trickier problems for the experts. Plus, you would only need a good pair of climbing shoes that you can comfortably rent right on the spot.

So, Calgary is a wonderful place to step out and be active. Apart from this, there are plenty other things to try such as biking, paragliding, hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing and much more. To enjoy all this, you can book cheapest flights to Calgary, right here.