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Planning A Long Term Travel? Here’s The Checklist - 2

Long term traveling needs to be well planned if you want it to be stress free. We will not leave any aspect left out to help you plan and have a perfect long term travel experience.

While the previous part of this article talked about what you should plan and do almost a year ahead to your date of journey, this part will discuss what all should be taken care of when you have six months to leave for traveling.

About Six Months Before

Six months in hand is a pretty good time to make important decisions about your planning and complete some critical things that would ensure smooth traveling in future. So, here are the things you should consider:

·         Decide A Departure date

Since you have been saving for past six months or so, it’s now time to evaluate your savings and decide a suitable departure date. If your savings are not good enough according to what you had planned six months ago, you must not hurry to book cheap flight tickets at once. Think about delaying your departure by a few months so that you would have enough money to go.

If your savings are good, go ahead; decide a date most suitable to you.

·         Get Immunized

See your physician to discuss your travel plans and to get advised on what immunization may be needed. It is important to start immunization process at least six months in advance because some immunization shots are given in series which may take about six months time to complete.

·         Do Check Your Passport

In case you are planning to travel out of your own country and do not have a passport, it’s now time to apply for. If you already have a passport, make sure it is valid at least for a year from the date of traveling.

Also make sure that your passport has enough space for all the new stamps you would be collecting throughout.

About Three Months Before

It’s now only three months left to your final date of traveling. Start converting your plans into actions at this time.

·         Get Your Flights Booked

Visit and book cheap flights to your preferred destination. If your travel dates are flexible, you can grab great deals on cheap tickets & flights.

Look for different flight possibilities and play around the dates/days to get maximum money savings.

·         Confirm Your Itinerary

Once your travel tickets are done, think about refining your itinerary like how long would be your stay at a place, what are the must-do things at that place, which route or transportation you would be taking to reach next place etcetera.

Think about which experience or event you want to attend first and do you need any special preparation or stuff packed for that? Check hotel reservations as well.

While doing all this, you are gradually moving closer o your final date of traveling. It’s quite fine to feel excited but in midst of all that, do not forget to follow the checklist as we move ahead in the next parts.