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Never To Miss Authentic Dishes Of Chennai

Chennai is a busy Indian city that has an elaborated food history. In spite of many urban restaurants and hotel chains serving international cuisines, Chennai still has authentic food being served at the street food corners and old eateries.

When your flights to Chennai land you in this charming city, do not miss trying out the mouthwatering authentic Chennai dishes for a wholesome experience:

1. Fluffy Idlis

It is a very popular breakfast dish not only in Chennai but in entire India. This fluffy dish is made with a batter of rice and black gram. Idlis are served with assorted chutneys and sambar. To enjoy best taste of idlis, try them at A2B, Murugan Idli Kadai or Rathna Café. It is never too difficult to find idlis in Chennai as it is commonly sold around streets.

2. Spicy Vada

Vada is popularly known as vadai in Chennai. This deep fried dish is again a famous breakfast dish that has many varieties. It can be tasted in almost every hotel of Chennai. Popular varieties of vadas are masala vada, medu vada, thayir vada and sambar vada. Try them at Balaji Bhavan or at Saravana Bhawan for best experience.

3. Crispy Dosa

Dosa or dosai are made with a mixture of black gram and rice. Dosas are now one of the most cherished foods across India and world. It is like a crispy thin crepe of rice flour and it can have a variety of fillings inside like potato, onion, paneer and even cheese. It is generally served with sambar and a mix of chutneys. Dosa can best be enjoyed at old eateries or at Rathna Café.

4. Pongal

A variety of rice dishes are served with sambar and chutney in Chennai. These dishes are kind of common here and do not wonder if you find it served in your cheap flights to Chennai. Pongal is another such dish. It is prepared with rice and los of nuts, ghee and pepper. There also is a sweeter version of Pongal prepared with jiggery. Sweet Pongal is made in every home during festivals.

5. Thalapakkati Biryani

This variety of Biryani is also known as Dindigul Thalapakkati Biryani. This is an authentic dish of Tamil Nadu State. It has originated from Dindigul (a place in Tamil Nadu) and hence it got its name. This Biryani is totally different in terms or its taste and preparation than what you would normally find anywhere else.

6. Tasteful Chicken 65

It is a delectable fried chicken dish that is loved by people of all ages as a starter. It is believed that it was discovered in 1965 and since then, it is popular as chicken 65. This dish can be tried at any of the authentic South Indian restaurant or Chettinad Hotels in Chennai.

When you are in Chennai, do not miss out eating the authentic South Indian Thali that is served in a very traditional way on the plantain leaf. Chennai food scene has a lot to offer and if all the above dishes have tickled your taste buds, book cheap flights to Chennai right now.