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Montreal – The Perfect Destination For Every Type Of Traveler

It doesn’t matter what type of a traveler you are – foodie, romantic, adventure lover or festive junkie – if you have your cheap flights to Montreal booked, you are sure to land at a perfect destination.

Montreal is a home to top chefs, romantic getaways, cobblestone streets, amazing graffiti artists and millions of fun loving inhabitants. If you walk a few miles on the streets of Montreal, you are very likely to meet like-minded people and suitable places you love to spend time at.

If you are yet not convinced, here is the proof:

For The Insatiable Foodie

Right from the moment you board your cheap flights to Montreal, you would get to hear phrases like “farm fresh”, “best local produces”, “from farm to table” and “craft cocktails” etcetera. There are about 4000 plus restaurants and exclusive food joints in Montreal; that means your palate is going to have an absolute treat here.

Just to get you an idea, there are more than 40 types of egg benedict being served in the popular L’Avenue that also includes a steak version and duck confit. For insatiable foodies are there is much to relish on. You have late night clubs serving cocktails, splendid dessert bars and many locally sourced fine-dine restaurants in Montreal. Even the street food is very fancy and flavorful with fresh ingredients used very respectfully.

For The Romantic Vacationers

Montreal is a perfect place for romantic vacationers, Montreal is a place to bask around and get lost in the beautiful memories. There are cozy cafes, cobble stone streets and wonderfully preserved buildings of yesteryears where you can let your romance come alive.

For example, Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal draws a lot of visitors for its amazing architecture; you can take relaxed strolls here and when a pause is needed, you can stop at one of the spots for a refreshing cocktail or a cup of coffee.

For The Art Lovers

There are quite a few art museums in Montreal but if you dislike standing in queues or need a little more practical experience, take a guided tour with audio that lists unknown historical facts.

The city also hosts Montreal Mural Festival for 11 days in which 50 street murals decorate the buildings with their free art amidst of live music and DJ. Local graffiti pieces and pop art portraits are always there to be admired by eclectic art lovers.

For The Cultural Enthusiasts

The life of a city pulses in its people and culture. If you have boarded cheap flights to Montreal to explore more about cultural richness of the city, skip the regular accommodations in the comfortable downtown. Rather, get comfortable and mix up with people at the local eateries and small alleyways with signs in foreign languages. There are many languages, food, colors and spices to be explored.

Taste the best pho in the Chinatown while talking to local residents or explore the lesser-known cultural neighborhood in Little Burgundy or indulge in the Montreal’s jazz scene or shop at the local markets; it is all a great experience.

So, it doesn’t matter what type of a traveler you are – the destination always got be Montreal. Book your flight right here.