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How To Control Business Travel Expenses (For Companies)

Business traveling means great luxury for privileged few – getting out of the regular office schedule, flying first class, staying in nice hotels, having amazing food, socializing with clients and having an incredible experience.

Companies now spend over boards to keep their staff and clients happy. Despite of online meeting and marketing platforms, business travel has never lost its vitality. A face-to-face interaction is really important when it comes to finalizing an amazing deal. So, here we suggest smart ways to save business travel expenses and yet have your hand over that ground breaking deal. With no surprise, it starts with booking cheap flight tickets:

The 3-Way Strategy

Other than cutting the bonuses, thankfully there are some better ways to control business travel expenses:

1. Book hotels, cheap tickets & flights in as much advance as possible

2. Get the risk management policy in place

3. Have an effective process for trip approval

The Pro Tips

As you use above incredibly effective business travel cost saving strategies, following tips will prove useful:

·         When other airlines are offering great deals, it is only smart to ditch your favorite airline. You can even use your company credit card to catch frequent flyer discount.

·         Avoid hopping from one hotel to another. Once you find a hotel that is absolutely perfect for you in terms of price, comfort, services and location, just stick to it. Remember, hotels need business from you and they would happily add a few extra perks if you give them consistent business.

·         Plan stay in a hotel with a star less than normal hotel. You would be amazed on how much you can save by doing this without compromising much on services/facilities.

·         Using a company credit card for business traveling is not only convenient but it also is smart; like, you can get up to 10% discount for frequent flying in place of 6%  without the card and possible 15% discount on hotel bookings.

·         Stay prepared for unexpected things to happen on the go and your staff may need to make some arrangements in such situations. Have a report back process in progress so as to see if their arrangements fit into your budget.

Keep Things Simple

Simple and clear policies help everyone. Having your business travel system in good place would require decision making, regular reporting, proper documentation and cooperation from both – the company and the traveling staff. So, travel processes must be simple but effective.

Have A Functional Platform

Most of the current travelers make bookings on their mobile devices. That is why it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your traveling system works on office platform as well as on mobile devices and that they are interlinked.

Above tips and suggestions can really help companies to save some hard earned dollars on business traveling. If you want to save even more, book cheap flights with us for all your business travel as we offer lowest price guarantee along with price drop guarantee.