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Have An Active Vacation In Calgary

If you have flights to Calgary booked for a vacation, don’t let it go waste; indulge into splendid outdoor activities for an absolute active vacation. Especially in a place like Calgary that has so much of inspiring surroundings, no one can resist enjoying great outdoors and plentiful of activities. Here are our best suggestions for an active vacation in Calgary:

Go Hiking

As you book flights to Calgary Alberta, be known that hiking is in the blood of people in Calgary. With rocky Mountain just at the doorsteps, you get the best hiking experience here. In case you have never tried hiking before you can choose level of hiking to match your skills.

You can choose among the amazing hiking trails like the Grotto Canyon trail with a flat creek bed and limestone walls or the Larch Valley trail that starts with Moraine Lake followed with a steep climb over the rocky spires and more. The options for day hiking would never end in Calgary.

Go Kayaking

It is generally misunderstood that kayaking needs a deep knowledge of how to roll the kayak. As you paddle the kayak with your head out of the water, you just need to know the few basic techniques.

Kayaking can be much easier than you ever imagined. If you are trying your hands at sea kayaking for the very first time, you may start in the still waters. This way, even if you tip down your craft, it will be easier to get out. When you have learnt and practiced basic kayaking and you are confident enough, you can have a perfect roll in the whitewater kayak.

Try Caving

This sport will leave you worming through muddy, cold, wet and tight spots. It is a unique opportunity to discover the earth’s beauty hidden within the mysterious caves. When you have gained some basic training and experience, you are called a caver.

You would just not get enough of the amazing underground world that is sculpted over hundreds and thousands of years. You may get cave tours organized for the Rat’s Nest cave near Canmore to explore the caves with clear water fossilized animal bones and calcite formations. Before you go caving, make sure that you are physically fit for it.

Do Horseback Riding

Until you saddle up a Calgarian pedigree, you cannot completely claim to be a good rider. The very famous Griffin Valley Ranch has made its mark in the horse riding history with a glorious past of more than 50 years. This ranch provides a lot of courses to encourage local residents and visitors to get in the saddle.

If you are a newbie, first, take a guided trail ride. This ranch has more than 100 horses that can suit to riders of any level – new or experienced.

Try PaintBall

This spectacular game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It just requires tactical shooting skills but without shedding any blood. The huge 118 acre playing field in west to the Cochrane has 19 courses with terrains that include forests and fields. The instructors are also available to give you quick lesson.

To enjoy all this and much, you can book cheapest flights to Calgary, right here.