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Clothing Clues For Canada: What To Pack & Wear

Canada is among the top holiday destinations in North America and with half of the summer already gone, people start looking for cheap flights to Montreal or cheap flights to Vancouver to spend their vacations the best way. You may love traveling but not as much as you hate packing. Traveling and packing share a love hate relationship; so, here we are suggesting you smart ways to help you minimize the packing blues and maximize the enjoyment on a Canadian holiday:

The Temperature

In Canada, the temperature may vary through the year and from one city to another. It can be a very cold country during winter months (from mid November to March) and quite sizzling in summers. Especially months from July to September could be roasting. So, you need to have clothes according to the climate. If you are planning to travel long distances within Canada, make sure that you pack things wisely for varying climate of the area you are heading for.

What To Pack

·         It is smart to pack and wear layered clothes in Canada because this will help you cope up with the varying climates.

·         Using merino wool clothing can help you stay warm in cold and will absorb moisture when it is hot without retaining any odor.

·         Pack a few pairs of your comfortable jeans to match with light knitwear, jackets or long sleeved shirts.

·         Having sun glasses, good quality sun screen and hat is a must if you are visiting Canada during summers.

·         There are a lot of things to do and see in Canada and most of the time you will be on your feet so it is essential to pack a comfortable pair of shoes that also looks good. Avoid high heels.

·         Hard suitcases are not allowed in the train services Of Canada (check in advance). Ensure that all your stuff is packed in soft rucksack or canvas holdalls.

·         A lightweight carry bag will come handy while sightseeing to carry essentials like camera, water bottle and other such stuff.

·         Carry a pair of soft rubber shoes to ease your feet on snow. Hard rubber soles may freeze in snow to make you slip.

Drop Those Excess Baggage

Following tips will help you travel lightly and still look good:

·         While on a holiday, it is not necessary to wear new clothes every day. You can wear same jeans for a few times and you can use same pashmina shawl or accessory to accompany more than one dress.

·         Women must take a formal cardigan and men a dinner jacket to appear appropriate at a formal event or at a restaurant even in summers.

·         Everything from sunscreens to slippers and more is easily available at stores in Canada; so, do not panic if you need or have forgotten something. Just travel light and enjoy your trip. However prescribed medicines and contact lenses must be in your pack all the time.

·         It serves the purpose to pack an additional bag for the stuff you like and buy in Canada.

With the above smart tips, you will even save on baggage check fees while you are on your cheap flights to Toronto or any other city in Canada. Keep saving with us and having fun in Canada.