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Cheap Eats In Toronto: The New List (Part 2)

Previous part of this post suggested some of the great places to enjoy cheap eats in Toronto. While you book cheap flights to Toronto for a wonderful family vacation, we are here with some more options to relish on best of Toronto’s street food without spending a big fortune:

The Dirty Bird

It is a newly opened waffle and chicken outlet in Kensington Market, Toronto. With tasteful urban décor, this place is adorned with neutral hues, wooden counters and industrial stools. It is a cool and relaxed place where you don’t have to worry about dirtying anything with your sticky fingers though you may lick your fingers clean.

The specialty of this place is that every ingredient is sourced locally. You can order a three piece meal here that has leg meat and bone in thigh pieces for just dollar 9. The thing that distinguishes The Dirty Bird from rest of the chicken centers is the final addition of maple dust that gives a sweet hint to the already delicious savory treats. If you have cheap flight tickets to Toronto booked, do not miss enjoying a cheap meal here.

Royale’s Luncheonette

It is a small but charming place that has only 15 seats. Located at the West, Royale’s Luncheonette is only open in daytime. The freshly assembled kitchen has new sparkling equipments with cabinets stocked with Willie Nelson and Miles Davis albums.

The counter at the Royale’s Luncheonette is full of appealing home-baked goods for easy pick and go. The concise eclectic menu has a few more than 10 dishes that keep changing every week except for the few regulars like Royale cheese burger that is available just for dollar 7. This wholesome treat can be clubbed with composed beet salad that has goat cheese with beetroot roundels and creamy yogurt with fresh veggies. You must also try their shrimp tostada for $8.50 that has seared shrimp with tomato sauce in a crisp mini tortilla topped with dollop of guacamole and crunchy carrots.

TuckShop Kitchen

It is yet another sandwich outlet that makes takeaway sandwiches with great care. It is a small neighborhood shop at Edwin Street in the Junction Triangle. This place has a school camp like classic ambience and as the name suggests, it is a school tuck shop since there are many schools around.

Their fridge is full of little treats for kids like pop rock, fun dip and surprise bags etc. there is another fridge that is full of treats for adults and kids alike – it has ice cream sandwiches, organic milk and other beverages. It is a great convenient store where you can stop by to have quick food and hot coffee on the go. You can even pick up necessities here.

Stop here for home-made comfort sandwiches and cookies. For lunch, there also are potpies, lasagna and other bakery items. Try their smoked turkey sandwich or the huge big buddy sandwich at just dollar 3.

Food of course is one of the chief aspects of traveling. While you save money eating cheap at these suggested places, we get you cheap tickets & flights to Toronto right here.