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Cheap Eats In Toronto: The New List (Part 1)

Apart from buying cheap flight tickets, another way to save on a trip, is to eat cheap (yet tasty) food at your destination. And if you are in Toronto, the task of eating cheap gets easier for you.

Toronto is a cross cultural city and this reflects in its street food that is truly unique and lip smacking. Pizza, sandwiches, tacos or fried chicken – no matter what you are craving for, Toronto has options to fit in your budget. So, here we explore some of the cheap food destinations of Toronto that are new but are serving great food:

Otto’s Berlin Doner

It is a great sandwich shop in Toronto’s Kensington Market. When you crave German food, this is the best destination as they specialize in German Street food.

Their best selling sandwich is a variation of Turkish delight that has flatbread filled with chicken, lamb and veal. Topped with fried halloumi, special yogurt and harissa sauce, this wholesome sandwich costs about 8 dollars. This giant sandwich can be clubbed with feta and fries with optional upgrades at just 50 cents each.

Apart from sandwiches, they also offer breadless versions of sandwiches and currywurst (with tomato based curry). You can even order a bottle of Prime Mate at dollar 3.80 or a caffeinated and carbonated version of cub mate. This European styled food joint is highly affordable and is one of the popular eating joint for Toronto’s locales and visitors. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Bobbie Sue’s

This is Toronto’s first all mac & cheese eatery. Located at Foxley a little off Ossington, this eatery is easy to find as it has attractive colorful paneled shacks.

The service is quick and the food is delicious. Operated only through a single walk-up window, Bobbie Sue’s complete every order with precooked noodles, choice of sauces and several add-ins. The classic mac & cheese is available for just 6 dollars. The basic mac & cheese is the base for other four vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations available here.

This place is sure to give you nostalgic eating experience when you crave lot of cheese. Their menu also includes buffalo wing inspired mac, pulled pork and curried tuna with peas. In chilly winters of Toronto, the food at Boobie Sue’s looks more appealing and truly warming.

Tacos 101

Unlike what you might think about this place by its name, Taco 101 is not any regular taco food joint. It is a small point with open kitchen and an open counter.

The uncomplicated menu is their high point with just five varieties of tacos along with selective sides and a few drinks. A pork taco costs about dollar 4 that is garnished with delicious salsa, spear of pineapple and onion. Their fish taco @ $4.50 is worth trying that has soft beer batter fried fish along with mango salsa, chipotle mayo and shredded red cabbage. You can also try guac & chips with home-made horchata to drink.

This is just a few cheap eating options in Toronto. Follow the 2nd part of this article to know about more of such food joints.

If you have your cheap flights to Toronto booked for a holiday, do enjoy tasteful food at above points without burning a hole in your pocket. For further savings, you can always book cheap tickets & flights at