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Best Traveling Apps You Must Have

If you are a busy traveler, besides hunting for cheap flight tickets, you might always be in search of ways to make your travel easy. You surely want all the practical information about your destination, especially when you are traveling to a new place.

In such a case, new age travel apps can be your best friends to keep you updated and save time & money. If you have never used a travel app before, you would rather be surprised by their dexterity; you have an app to see the best places, taste the most delicious meal and even to visit your favorite artist’s event in a city. Overall, apps can make your travel a lot easier and fruitful.

So, before you book cheap flights and get to see the world, here are some of the best travel apps we dearly recommend:

1. Travel List

If you are peculiar about packing and do not want to forget your toothbrush or favorite cologne, this app is a savior.

It helps you to organize important items you want to go in your suitcase. You can add reminders to add something at the last minute making sure that you do not miss on anything. It even allows you to add events and plan every stop through entire journey.

2. Flight Track Pro

This amazing app keeps you covered as it allows you to easily manage your cheap tickets & flights.

The zoom-able maps of international flights provided by this app give you real-time updates. You get flight delay and cancellation information at your fingertips. It also includes push flight alerts to make your travel absolutely stress-free.

3. Trip It

This immaculate trip planner helps you plan your trip in full details. You can quickly glance at your flight, hotel, map, car and direction information etc all at a single place.

It allows you to sync your travel plan with mobile calendar or share it on social platforms.

4. Google Translate

With this app, you will never feel lost at a new destination. In this app, you can either type a word to translate in the word box or speak a phrase to translate.

This easy-to-use app helps you translate text in 58 different languages and can hear 23 languages. The best part is that it is free for iphones and android phones.

5. Foodspotting

With this app, you can easily find the food you are craving for in a restaurant near you. You can even read the recommendations and reviews for a restaurant and its food.

You can learn about the best places to eat in a city by your friends, great foodies, experts and other fellow app users.

6. ICE

This app gets you covered in case of any medical emergency. It keeps details of your health condition.

It can have your doctor’s contact details and health insurance information etc on mobile. You can access this critical information even when your phone is off.

When entire world is going tech-crazy, take a smart tour with these travel apps. So, what’s the wait for? Just pack your bags and book cheap tickets & flights at Nanak Flights.