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Be Safe From Heat During Travel

Summers are the perfect time to enjoy camping trips, hiking trips, a great beach tour and much more. The soaring temperatures of summer cannot kill the traveler in you but while you take cheap flights to Calgary for a delightful summer holiday, it is important to stay healthy and safe while traveling.

As humidity level and temperature rises in the summer, you need to avoid the risks of heat associated illness especially when you are traveling. Here are some expert tips to avoid common heat issues during travel:

1. Dehydration

It occurs when your body loses more water (in form of sweat or urine) than you drink. In this condition, our body lacks enough water to carry out normal functions. Old people and young children are at high risk.

Symptoms of dehydration may include less urine, sticky or dry mouth, dizziness, headache and thirst. See a doctor immediately if you feel fainting or when you cannot hold nay fluid in the body.

How To Avoid

·         Drink lots of fluids like water or good sports drink that are high in electrolytes

·         Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol

·         Eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content

2. Heat Exhaustion

When body loses essential water and salt, symptoms of heat exhaustion show up. It shows up as a result of prolonged activity in the hot weather. One could feel high pulse with heavy sweating. Untreated case may lead to dangerous heat strokes. Heat exhaustion is completely preventable. Visit the doctor immediately if the condition is worsening with time.

How To Avoid

·         Keep your body hydrated

·         Plan activities in shade and carry umbrella with you

·         Keep checking the urine color. If it is dark yellow in color, drink more water

·         Wear light weight, light colored and loose clothes

2. Heat Stroke

It is the most dangerous heat related illness. Its symptoms are similar to heat exhaustion with additional neurological symptoms like dizziness, confusion or coma. The body stops sweating and the internal temperature of the body soars up high. See the doctor immediately if the condition is out of control.

How To Avoid

·         Avoid heavy physical activities in the heat

·         Avoid the high heat period between 10 am and 6 pm

·         Drink water every half hour

·         Take break from the activities in the cool shady area

Some Important Things Of Concern

Other than these illnesses, there also are some things that you need to take care of during traveling in hot weather. As soon as you land from your cheapest flights to Vancouver and other popular holiday destinations, make sure that you take action to protect against following:

Insect bite –                 1. Use good insect repellent that at least has 10% DEET

          2. Cover full body if going to a place with heavy vegetation

          3. Take extra care from mosquito bite between dusk and dawn

Bacterial Infections -  1. Avoid visiting areas with wood and dense bushes

                                           2. Take shower as you return indoor

                                           3. Use permethrin on clothing

Swim Safely -               1. Always swim with a buddy

                                           2. Wear proper swim gear and life jackets while swimming in the current

                                           3. Only swim in the designated areas

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