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Be A Better Passenger: Know The Flying Etiquettes (Part 2)

In the previous part of this article, you got to know about some basic flight etiquettes. This part of the article will let you learn some more etiquette to be followed when you are in your cheap flights to Toronto or any other destination. So, read on…

5. The Child Drill

Most of the parents on flight are really good with their children; but with kids on flight, there always are chances of a deep drill. Children running up and down the aisle, pulling passenger’s hair or screaming could just be horrible to experience in flights.

So, if kids are flying with you on cheap flights to Edmonton and other places, make sure you have packed a number of activities for them to keep busy and be less a trouble to the fellow passengers. Get small toys, video games, story books or other such things to keep your child entertained.

Keep an eye on kids. Make sure they do not fall over the aisle or other passengers. If you are worried about other people’s children bothering you on flight, consult the flight attendant calmly and report the matter before you directly jump and handle the situation all by yourself.

No matter how bad the situations are, just remember that it will last as long as you are in the flight and avoid building a scene. And lastly, look that your children are not unceasingly kicking the seats in front of them.

6. The Food & Trash Bash

It is absolutely fine to bring your own food to the flights. Since the food and dining options in the flights are really limited, you can bring your food unless it is not very smelly like canned tuna. Just get rid of the garbage when it is appropriate. Make sure that you do not thrust your trash on to other passengers travelling in cheap flights to Kelowna and other places.

7. Reclining Your Seats

This could be a tricky issue to deal with. Plane seats are wonderfully designed to recline but as the airline companies tend to maximize their profits with more seats, the leg room is decreasing. You could use the knee defenders that stop the seat in front of you to recline but there also are less aggressive options to try – look around before reclining. If people sitting behind you are feeling uncomfortable, gently ask them if they would allow you to recline.

8. Conversing With Other Passengers

Chatting with your fellow passengers is absolutely fine. Just ensure that the person you are talking to is interested in interacting with you. If the passenger next to you has his/her headphones on or is reading something, it is clearly indicated that they like to be with themselves – avoid disturbing them.

On the other hand, if the person next to you is chattering continuously, politely apologize and tell them that you want to read something or need to take a quick nap. When the cellphone services are made available, do not make long calls and resist talking too loudly.

9. Coming Out Of The Flight  

While exiting the flight, be in a line. Pay attention to the announcements and let the people with connections exit the flight first. Extend courtesy to all people traveling with you as well as the crew members. If you are rude to them, they could become your temporary enemies to completely spoil your travel experience.

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