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7 Easy Hacks For Frequent Flyers

It doesn’t matter if you already are an expert traveler or you want to become one, our following top hacks would surely help you in long run to have stress-free traveling. We have dug in deep to bring you these advices that will help novice and experts alike.

1. Take electronic Backup Of Important Documents

Backup all the important documents that could be catastrophic to lose (like passport, credit card, insurance policies and itinerary confirmations etc) electronically. Though it is imperative to take backups when you are catching short flights to Calgary Alberta or other Canadian cities, backups become quintessential when you are traveling overseas.

And while you are storing sensitive information like your credit card number, use special codes or numbers so that it is not so easy to decipher by other persons. This will save you from any harm in case your electronic device is stolen or misplaced.

2. Collect And Store All Addresses Ahead Of Time

Squandering your time on streets and hunting for the addresses is the last thing you would want to do on a tour. So, before you begin your traveling, send yourself an email that contains all the addresses of the locations you would want to visit.

You can even launch an application on your smartphone that would map the destinations you want to visit. You may use the wifi connections available at the airports to tick the locations you have already visited in the list and to map the next ones.

3. Check The Seating Chart

When you board on direct flights to Vancouver or any other flight, you must check if the seating configuration and numbers have not changed with your airlines. There are many online applications that can help you with this although you must remember that airlines change this information time to time and this could give a state of flux. So, keep a check.

4. Click The Photo Of The Parking Lot

Instead of completely relying on your memory, take a photo of the nearest sign at the parking lot where you have parked your car. Even better, record the information in a voicemail sent to self. This will save you from getting jostled at the parking.

5. Remember The Simple Rule

Regardless of the airlines, all planes have bigger number at the back and alphabets run from right to left when you face back of the plane. This simple rule will save much hassles and delays to get to your seat.

6. Get Food & Water

Especially when you are traveling with kids and family, its wise to carry food and water for you never know how much of water is provided by the service routines. For water, you can use the inflatable bottle that does not take much space when empty. Most of the airlines under-stock food items and best of the menu items generally finishes off at the aisle side before reaching your window seat.

You can either eat before you board or you can order food ahead with choices of veg, non-veg or kosher meals. This would ensure that you are served before the entire cabin and that your meals are fresh.

7. Don’t Check The Lengths Of The Security Check Line

In situations when you are getting late to catch your cheap flights to Vancouver BC and need to pass the security check ASAP, do not check the line length; instead determine which screener and machine is taking the shortest time.

These hacks will surely simplify your travel while we take good care of all your ticket booking requirements.