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10 Smart Ways For Saving Money While Traveling Abroad (continued)

Continuing the endeavor of saving money on a trip abroad, here are some more tips to help ease your travel expenses and still have a wonderful experience:

5. Check About Your Currency

While you can easily purchase cheap flight tickets to your destination using your own currency, it makes sense to do a bit of research about your currency before leaving your country.

Currency exchange rates are not constant, it keeps changing quite frequently. You always have an option to exchange your currency with foreign currency in advance and this means that you can begin tracking the exchange rates a few months before you leave for trip. When you see the rates dropping, go for currency exchange before it rises again. This could save you a lot. You can even decide which country to visit according to the currency exchange rates of that particular country.

6. Make Some Research For Accommodation

Unlike buying cheap tickets & flights available at a website, most people book a hotel that is most familiar to them or that is available on discount at a travel website. However, there are several other aspects to be considered for accommodation except just these.

If you are not traveling with kids and don’t mind sharing space, why not book a hostel? People who need privacy can also look for vacation property on rent in place of a hotel. Even if such rental property will cost you same as a hotel room, you will have facility of cooking your own food. Make research to make sure that your accommodation is close to bus/train line and downtown area to save further on transportation. As a thumb rule, don’t forget to check the reviews.

7. Be Savvy While Shopping

Instead of mall and traditional stores, try shopping at local market to find truly unique items at a much less cost. Try to know more about the local customs to haggle over the prices so that you do not spend any more than necessary.

8. Get A Good Travel Budget App

It doesn’t matter how well you plan our trip, there may be situations when you need a car on rent or need to change the accommodation; for such circumstances, you can use a good budget travel app to sort everything for you and grab the best deal. Such apps are quick and could really snatch a great deal for you.

9. Indulge In Free Entertainment

Every major city of most countries has great options for free entertainment. You can research or speak with local residents in order to find cheap or free entertainment options. For example, almost every museum in London is free. Look for free concerts, public parks or festival celebrations.

10. Stay Away From Traps

There are some things special to specific locations but as you try to purchase something that would remind you of your trip, make sure that it is not quietly breaking your budget. The best thing to do would be making a list of special things you want to experience at a place and then narrow it further according to what is most exciting and most affordable.

Keep saving and enjoying your trips abroad stress free with these smart tips. Book cheap flights today at