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10 Rules To Follow At The Airport - 1

With delayed flights, busy airports, crowd pushing you aside and long queues, flying may not feel like a pleasant experience unless you have booked cheap flight tickets for first class. Sometimes, airport becomes the place where all etiquettes seem to die.

Keeping that in mind, following are 10 rules to follow at airports that will go a long way to make flying better for everyone:

1. Switch Your Phones Off

Not only because airlines require your phone to be switched off or on airplane mode, but it is highly uncivilized to take calls while in close proximity to your fellow travelers.

If it is really important to take a call, find a secluded corner so that you do not disturb others. No one would like to hear your phone alarm beep continuously in the bag tucked away in the overhead cabin. So, once you board the plane, make sure your phone is completely powered off.

2. Respect The Queue

While you arrive at the airport to board your cheap flights, long queues are common to be seen. Don’t ever think that your time is more important than other people standing in the queue patiently waiting for their turn. In fact, getting in between the queue vehemently would not help you to fly quickly because the plane would not take off unless everyone is on.

If you really hate to stand in queues, pay a bit more and buy a business class ticket to head for the express check-in line. Everyone will land out of the plan at the same time; so, there’s no sense in pushing people with your huge luggage in order to pass the gate faster.

3. Don’t Forget That You Are A Parent

You may be on a vacation with your family, but airport is not the place to take a break from being a parent. Children can sometimes be uncontrollable but even pretending to calm them down would appease our fellow passengers.

Even you would not like a three or eight year old kid constantly kicking your seat or the tiny tots running up & down the aisle. Not from parenting, take a break from the movie or video you have been watching and focus on your kids to keep them happy and controlled.

4. Do Share The Armrest

No matter how tired you feel or how much you have paid for the seat, the person stuck at the middle seat get to use both the armrests. If you are sitting at the window or aisle seat, don’t even try to argue over sharing of the armrests.

5. Do Not Stink

Your fellow passengers would never want to smell the left over Chinese food or cheesy burger. So, ensure that you just don’t bring any such food items to the airport and if you really want to bring such food, do not spill or open it near other travelers.

Moreover, take it light on perfumes and avoid taking cologne bath before boarding the plane. Many people may be bothered by the continuous smell for hours. Make sure not to have body odor.

As you book cheap tickets and flights at, do keep all the above rules of airport conduct in mind. Some more rules will be discussed in the next part of this article.