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Have You Booked Your Ticket To Calgary Stampede Yet?

Calgary is a multicultural and modern city with a spectacular backdrop of Rocky Mountains and natural grandeur of Bow River. If Calgary’s winter season is popular for exciting winter sports, entire world knows Calgary summers for Calgary Stampede.

What Is So Special About Calgary Stampede?

Calgary Stampede is undoubtedly the best and most celebrated rodeo event in the whole world. The event is organized in July every year but party lovers start booking cheapest flights to Calgary right from the start of April. More than just a celebration of amazing Western values and heritage, Calgary Stampede is a thrilling event; it’s a gala musical festival and celebration of First Nations Indian culture continuing for whole 10 days in the fabulous city of Calgary.

You can even book cheap flight tickets to Calgary combining Calgary Stampede and a holiday tour in British Columbia and an incredible ride on Rocky Mountaineer – it is one of the greatest rail journeys that take you from Calgary to Vancouver, Rockies and Whistler.

Centenary Celebration

Calgary Stampede basically celebrates its centenary in the month of July 2012. It is a general note that organizers will throw out a bigger party than regular celebrations to mark this special occasion.

Almost a century ago, millions of people across Europe and North America got enthralled by the Western celebration of heritage and culture through best parties of that time. Calgary Stampede commemorates the energy, spirit and optimism of that time. Every year, the event of Calgary Stampede runs from July 6th to July 15th.

Calgary Stampede Is The Greatest Event Of The Planet

At Calgary Stampede, you can witness richest outdoor rodeo, thrilling races, amazing shows and top class competitions and local agricultural attractions. The Western spirits and brilliant stories make Calgary Stampede a unique event that is supported by volunteers to be a non-profit attraction for visitors.

Richest Rodeo Event

Calgary stampede is a prestigious rodeo spectacle. You can see bull riding, ladies barrel racing, tie-down roping, saddle bronc, Chuckwagon racing, bareback and many other exciting competitions.  

Every year during the Calgary Stampede, the city gets third largest city of Alberta with a complete infrastructure to safely accommodate over 120,000 residents and visitors. The Stampede Park remarkably features everything that you would love to see in a good city. You will find many cafes, restaurants, medical services, shopping centers, logistics teams, police detachment, parking authorities, recycling plant, security forces, night clubs and several community villages.

The Greatest Musical Festival

Being the largest musical festival in Canada, biggest and most popular entertainers perform here for 10 days. Many top headliners like Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Reba, Janet Jackson and Nickleback have performed here.

If you haven’t yet, book cheap flight tickets to Calgary right now to experience the most amazing rodeo event in the world.

Why Visit Calgary

Calgary is one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Alberta, Canada. Calgary has unique attractions with lands meeting the prairies adorningly and with hosting of the world known – Calgary Stampede.

Easy Calgary Transportation

Flying to Calgary with cheapest flights to Calgary is exceedingly easy and that is the biggest factor to inspire many international tourists to visit Calgary. You too can book cheap flight tickets to Calgary to have a wonderful time with your family, friends or loved ones.

Once your cheapest flights to Calgary land you in the Calgary international airport, it is again very easy to get into the main city. You may take up the Calgary Transit or alternatively, you could also look for special Airporter bus services to take you to your pre-booked hotels or inns.

Moving in and around the city gets super convenient via light-rail provided by Calgary Transit. There also are C-Trains, buses and prepaid taxis to enjoy local grandeur. Frequent bus services are offered for more than 160 routes with 800 sophisticated buses. Youth can enjoy discounted fare for their rides while kids under six years of age can travel free. Day passes for buses and 10 ride tickets can be a big money saving deal as you explore the magnificence of the city.

Moderate Calgary Weather

Weather in Calgary varies widely but it still offers a lot of opportunity for tourists to have pleasure in romantic winters, sunny summers and not so frequent rains.

During winter season, the temperature may vary along days and nights. The below zero temperature rarely lasts in Calgary however, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Calgary was -49 F. Summers are generally pleasant with colder nights and sunny days.

Calgary Things To Do

The biggest charms of Calgary are the beautiful mountains surrounding it at just a distance of an hour. Apparently, Banff National Forest in Calgary is rated as one of the most inspiring and beautiful places in the world. You can enjoy amazing hikes over the towering mountains that often take you over the tree lines bestowing spectacular views along the neighboring mountains.

Calgary is also the finest place to watch clear glacier feeding blue rivers and lakes. Besides that, Calgary is best known for its winter sports such as top class ice climbing, snowboarding and other winter athletics. Summers of Calgary offer scenic gorgeousness all around with great species of flora and fauna.

Staying In Calgary

Since Calgary is a popular tourist destination, the city has developed options of staying and lodging. There are many cheap hotels and rooms available for fine staying experience. Rooms that are away from downtown may be a bit cheaper than the rooms available in the middle of the city.

If you are looking for a home like staying option, you can consider bed & breakfast inns that offer full breakfasts along with comfortable bed and other basic amenities such as cable television, internet access and some of the finer inns may also have spa facilities.

If all these favorable attributes of Calgary inspire you to make it your next holiday destination, you can book cheap flight tickets to Calgary here.

Enjoying Calgary As Single

Calgary is a thriving city with clean and modern environments and friendly people. The recent developments in Calgary put it in the category of cosmopolitan cities but it still retains its natural charm and small town roots. Besides all this, being single adds another reason to book cheap flight tickets to Calgary right away. We’ll explain why…

Single lifestyle provides more opportunities to travel to new places and enjoy meeting different people. No matter which city you are from single lifestyle could be intimidating at times. Most of the singles choose to spend their time in local nightclubs and other activities to socialize with other people and communities. While all such activities are all great to get company but sometimes, you need something that is little more exciting to fill your life with adventure and joy.

Why Calgary

Calgary is the best place for singles to plan an adventure tour with your other single friends or you can also enjoy Calgary’s grandeur as a solo traveler. The city itself has many tourist attractions and cultural diversions promising you to have a great time alone. The weather in Calgary remains pleasant all through the year. However, the most suitable time to visit Calgary is from May to September.

During the months from October to April, Calgary observes beautiful snowfall but it still is a great place to enjoy white snow and enjoy winter activities. It is easy to travel in Calgary from airport to the main city. If it is not a high rush hour, you can easily reach any part of the city within just 30 minutes from the airport.

What To Enjoy In Calgary As Single

As a single tourist, you can take a hike through the wilderness or down the hill. Calgary is also a place to spend a peaceful holiday with trips to many museums, art galleries, local shops and parks or you can simply explore the grand Calgary Mountains. You are sure to find a lot of activities and entertainment options in the downtown areas of Calgary to have a wonderful time.

If you love winter sports, skiing and snowboarding, you can also enjoy Calgary’s gateway to the Rockies. Horse drawn sleigh rides and dog sledding are the must try single adventures in Calgary if you are there in winter. Other than that Calgary is great for natural sightseeing, patio dining and other recreational activities.  

Calgary Stampede

In summers, Calgary Stampede is the biggest Western-themed festival in Cagary. It takes place in early dates of July and it lasts for whole 10 days. Calgary Stampede is a unique festival that you must surely enjoy as a single. Great parties and exciting events are organized during Calgary Stampede.

If you are planning your visit to Calgary to experience Calgary Stampede, it is recommended to book your accommodations in advance as most of the accommodations get heavily booked during this time.

If the beautiful grandeur of Calgary is ideal for romantic trips as a couple, the exciting local adventures are worth experiencing as a single. Book cheapest flights to Calgary right here.