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Top Beach Accommodations Near Vancouver

Start of the golden summer is the perfect time to book cheap flights to Vancouver and enjoy at the best budget hotels near the pristine beaches of Vancouver. Here, we are listing some of the top beach hotels, hostels and comfy accommodations of Vancouver that would conveniently fit into your budget too. Take a look:

Pacific Sands Beach Resort

It is a beautiful family-run resort located at the edge of the Pacific Rim National Park. It was opened about 40 years ago and at that time it took around 6 hours drive over the trail full of dirt to reach this resort; but today, you can quickly reach this place conveniently by passing through the scenic drive ways.

This resort has plenty of activities to involve your entire family. Take a surfing lesson or simply just comb the sand and collect shells, everything takes you closer to nature and its grandeur. With fully equipped kitchens, cozy ambience and luxurious beach houses, the Pacific Sands Beach Resort is an inspiring place to spend your summer vacations.

HI Jericho Beach

This beach hostel is truly unique and second to none. The air force barracks of 1930 have now been converted into relaxed private rooms. Perfectly set along the beachside of Blackberry bushes, HI Jericho beach hotel is just 20 minutes drive away from the downtown Vancouver.

This hostel is frequently visited by travelers and students to enjoy an unperturbed stay and beach activities such as stand up paddle boarding and sailing.

Soule Creek Lodge

Soule Creek Lodge offer urban cabins and yurts at the ridge of the San Juan. This lodge is worth booking direct flights to Vancouver and little local traveling to enjoy best of locally sourced food in the best panoramic view of the surroundings.

It is owned by two chef brothers and hence it is a paradise for seafood lover who also enjoy natural world. From here, you can take a hike to explore the Red Creek Fir which also is the tallest Douglas fir in the world.

Mussel Beach Campground

This campground is little on the off-beat track of the Western Coast of Vancouver but it offers eco friendly facilities in the pure wilderness. The camping pitches are stretched along the miles long beach. Here, some special creatures like sea lions, swooping eagles or black bears may come to accompany you during your stay. You may go to explore the wondrous sea caves or just ideally sit around the beach to spot grey whales

The Beach Club Resort

This is a spectacular four star resort on the country’s warmest beach - Parksville beach. It is an incredible experience to enjoy a glass of wine while overlooking the expansive Parksville bay. You can enjoy family friendly swimming here while the tide is low. There also is a spa, beach facing patio and seaside pool to make your times even more fabulous.

These are the top but not all the accommodations near Vancouver beaches. There are plenty of other options to be tried. So, why waste the stunning summer sitting inside the dull hotel rooms? Go out to the beaches and enjoy the sun. To book cheapest flights to Vancouver, click here.