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Celebrate This Christmas In Canada

Christmas not only brings merriest festivities but it also is the perfect time to enjoy a week long holiday in Canada. With winter season eminently showering its glory all over the place, Christmas and the New Year’s beginning transforms Canada and its cities, big or small, into an enjoyable destination. Here is what you may want to know about celebrating Christmas in Canada:

Christmas Celebrations In Canada

December 25 or the Christmas day in Canada is celebrated pretty much the same way as in other Western countries but with little extra zeal and fun. People generally hunk down at homes, have party, eat the feasts and open presents.

Almost everything is closed on the Christmas day; so, Christmas Eve is your last chance to shop for required things. In case your cheap flights to Montreal land in city on the Christmas day itself make sure you have got pretty much everything you need to enjoy Christmas with family. However, December 26 is the biggest sale day in most of the malls here and you could shop till you drop.

What Not To Miss

Most Canadian cities burst up with lively events and parties during Christmas and New Year’s Day. But there certainly are some great events that must not be missed when you are already in Canada.

The Santa Claus Parades: A number of Santa Claus parades are held in November with a few pouring in December too. You can be the part of biggest parade in Toronto in November but if you miss that, you can still be a part of smaller ones during the holidays.

The Light Festivals: On Christmas, a lot of Canadian cities aglow with dazzling light festivals to be enjoyed by whole family. Some of the spectacularly popular light festivals are;

·         Toronto Cavalcade Of Lights

·         Winter Festivals Of Light, Niagara Falls

·         Vancouver Festivals Of Light at VanDusen Botanical Garden

·         Christmas Lights Across Canada, Ottawa

·         Airdire Festivals Of Lights, 22 miles away from Calgary

The Boxing Day Sales: December 26 or Boxing Day is a statutory holiday in most of the Canadian cities like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick etcetera. Just like huge sales day after thanksgiving in US, the Boxing Day in Canada comes with biggest sale following Christmas.

Weather Guide

When you plan your Christmas holidays in Canada, come prepared for the winters. Although the weather may vary as you travel from West to East Canada, Vancouver and British Columbian region are still milder.

Popular Canadian holiday destinations like Toronto, Ontario, Montreal and other Quebec destinations can see dramatic snowfall during Christmas and New Year. Be sure of what you are wearing and be cautious while driving in snow.

If you wish to celebrate Christmas at a milder place in Canada, take cheap flights to Vancouver where you can also enjoy Rogers Santa Claus Parade.

So, just get your cheap flights to Toronto or your favorite Canadian destination booked and have the most cheerful Christmas of your life. To avoid end hour rush, get your flights booked early. Christmas in Canada is just going to be spectacular.