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Amazing Travel Hacks That Are Clever Yet Fun

Catching cheap flights to explore unknown places is a great feeling. Millions of people embark on traveling each year. Traveling has many benefits to enhance your health and life but there also are some stressors attached to traveling that can completely ruin your experience.

Here, we are giving amazing travel hacks to make your travel extremely comfortable, fun and productive. Let’s get to them without delay:

Before You Begin Your Travel

1. If you are traveling with family, try booking room or small home instead of hotels. Look for some websites that provides private rooms from home owners at your destination.

2. Instead of folding your clothes, roll your clothes. This will help you packing more things in less luggage space. You can even roll your undergarments and socks etc within clothes to save space further.

3. Scan your passport and other important documents and mail them to yourself. This would come handy in case of theft or loss of documents. Once you have emailed them to yourself, open the mail and save them as pictures on your phone to have an offline record.

4. Put a fragile sign on your luggage. This will not only alert flight crew to handle your luggage carefully but they will also ensure that it is kept above all other suitcases. Plus, your bag will be released first.

At The Departure

1. Bring your own water bottle as the amount of times water is offered in an airline may not be adequate to your liking.

2. Engage yourself on to your cell phone with internet to pass the waiting time if getting on a conversation with your seat partner is difficult.

3. Make sure that you carry a pen to fill out the custom forms.

4. About 20 minutes before landing at your destination, sprint for the bathroom and relieve yourself. This will save you from bathroom fights for the washrooms as you land.

On Arrival

1. Hit directly for the baggage claim to save time and avoid arguments with fellow travelers.

2. Don’t throw away money you have saved on cheap flight tickets by using money converters at the airport. They usually charge fee. Use ATMs instead to get local currency.

3. Shop for required groceries at the airport as this can save you a lot. Remember, you are not buying for a feast, just buy the essentials.

4. Don’t unpack every single item of your bag at the hotel room as this will make packing clumsy. Just take out what you need.

At A New Location

1. Eat local food and speak local language as much as possible.

2. “Dress like Romans if you are in Rome”. Don’t be a stubborn traveler and follow the local regulations to stay safe as a traveler.

Returning Home

1. Keep your toiletry bag packed if you are a frequent traveler. This will save you from packing it time again and making costly purchases in case you forget anything.

2. Unpack your bags as soon as you reach back home no matter how tired you are.

3. Use cloud sharing to save your travel pictures as a safe and efficient way to have automatic copy of precious pictures.

Hope these tips will provide great assistance to you for a happy journey. To make it happier, book cheap tickets & flights with us and save huge with our lowest price guarantee

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Nanak Flights Blog Great Advice on Cheap Flights

Be A Better Passenger: Know The Flying Etiquettes (Part 1)

You are on your cheap flights to Montreal seated on a middle seat and the lady on the window seat is snoring uncontrollably while her kid on the aisle seat is wearing his headphones with his head steadily nodding into your space. You try to take a short nap and stretch your seat back to realize that the passenger behind you is working on a gadget that stops your seat from reclining.

Isn’t that a very common scene during flights? What would you do?

Flying can really put you in stress. And the shrinking flight seats just add up to the whole strain. Crowded flights especially can be quite annoying but that certainly should not bring out the worst face of you.

While flying into cheap flights to Victoria or other destinations, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the journey is pleasant for you as well as for your fellow passengers. And to ensure that, here are some of the very important flying etiquettes you must learn and follow. These will help you become a better passenger and your flying would always be enjoyable:

1. The Luggage Snag

As you board your flight, keep your luggage in the nearest compartment to your seat. Be aware of other people in the aisle and try not to block their influx whilst you stow your luggage. Avoid carrying overweighed bags.

You may want to pack everything in your carry-on bags to dodge away the baggage fee but do remember that you will have to hoist these heavy bags up to the overhead luggage compartments. Most of the airlines restrict flight attendants to handle their passenger’s luggage for avoiding liability and injuries; so, make sure you can easily handle your luggage by your own.

2. The Arm Rest Rustle

The middle seat of any flight is undoubtedly the worst seat of all. The passengers of the window seat can easily rest their head and arm on the window while the passenger in the aisle seat always has an extra room to lean. But the mid seat passenger is stuck in the limited, restricted space. Next time, be considerate enough to cede the inner arm rest for the person sitting in the middle. And if you are on the middle seat, politely ask your fellow passengers to let you use some space.

3. The Hygiene Regime   

Each flight has close quarters. Avoid wearing flip flops while flying and never take off your shoes. Make sure that you always wear a pleasant deodorant that is not over boarded. Wear comfortable but full clothing (prefer pants over shorts).

4. The Headphone Hangs

If you want to listen to music, watch a movie or play games, keep in mind that headphones with full volume become mini speakers that could trouble passengers sitting next to you and even sitting on the next row. It is an easy to forget rule; so, do not ignore this.

Other than these, there are some more flying etiquette as well to know about that we would cover in the next part of the article. So whether you are boarding cheap flights to Calgary or anywhere else, be a better passenger with our tips. For easy flight bookings, visit