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A Refreshed List Of Best Canadian Destinations (Part 2)

In the previous part of this article, we talked about some of the must-visit Canadian destinations that are sure to mesmerize you even in today’s modern time. Continuing further, here are some more destinations that are ready to amuse you like no other city:


Just in a few days from when your cheap flights land you at Winnipeg, you would realize that it actually is an amazing place. No matter for how many times you have heard from people about Winnipeg being a too bore or too cold place; it is worth visiting this place at least once to discover that all negative being said about Winnipeg is either false or just a rumor to keep tourists away.

Winnipeg is a prairie city with extremely vibrant music scene. No wonder, it is the home of famous artists such as Bachman Turner Overdrive, Neil Young and many others. Downtown Winnipeg sees numerous festivals round the year. You can spend great time in Winnipeg by simply exploring unique & mysterious legislative building or different neighborhoods like Osborne village or French Quarter etc. Winnipeg is a gem for people who want to explore.


Toronto takes you on a different ride altogether. Despite of honing various cultures, Toronto is truly Canadian at heart. There are countless museums, parks, food trucks, restaurants, sports arena, cultural and architectural wonders to be explored. The bottom line is that there is something for everyone.

Even though it is a metro city, yet everything is quite affordable here. Toronto is also a place where you can be as crazy as you want – try edge walk at the CN tower for a start.

Vancouver BC

Vancouver has mild weather. It is a fast moving city that does not has extreme climate like rest of Canada. You will be surprised by the number of activities you can compress into a day.

If you are a fan of hiking, snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, surfing etc, Vancouver city is an ideal place to book cheap flight tickets for; just name an activity and it’s already there. Vancouver is in our list of must-see Canadian destinations not only because it’s beautiful and full of activities but also because it is very easy to commute within this large city.


It is an extremely happening place with increasing numbers of pubs, clubs and restaurants. It is a beautiful city and the best way to explore it is to rent a bike or a boat and sail through canals.

There are countless pathways within the city and each one leads to an entirely new experience. If you are planning to Ottawa, make it close to Canada Day be a part of true Canadian culture and discover the real essence of this city.

Doesn’t it excite you instantly to book cheap tickets & flights to one of these amazing Canadian destinations? We at Nanak Flights, are up with guaranteed lowest ticket prices. Just pack your bags and get going.

A Refreshed List Of Best Canadian Destinations (Part 1)

Canada is among one of the most beautiful holiday destinations that is full of natural wonders to surprise you at every step. Here we are taking you to a refreshed tour of Canada’s best destinations. Take a look and get inspired:

Vancouver Island BC

Vancouver Island is the largest island on the West Coast of North America. There is a lot to see and experience in Vancouver Island – the Victorian streets with English charm, surfing vibes, friendly people and lots more. Things in this island are quite laid back and everything has its own pace. You will realize the calm and coolness in almost everything, be it culture, art, people, sports or food.

Vancouver Island is definitely larger than it may sound here but you can easily see it all in a short trip since everything is at an easy driving distance. You can book cheap flights to Vancouver with family for a fun vacation in Vancouver Island. You can enjoy a cruise to explore this fantastic island with family or take part in a relaxed camping tour – the options are endless. Vancouver Island is a paradise for hikers, luxury travelers and for people who love capturing natural grandeur in their cameras. So, it is kind of a do-it-all and see-it-all kind of a destination.


Yukon is kind of a rugged place and it is always full of people from every corner of the world but it’s still worth booking cheap flight tickets and experience this wonder land. It is home to some of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in whole Canada such as Tombsone Mountain Range. Because of the vast expanses of dense bushes and Klondike Gold Rush, Yukon attracts million visitors every year.

 It is a great place where people are fun loving and do not take things too seriously. Like Vancouver, Yukon is also set to offer you great experiences with its bold art forms, quirky towns, funky people and splendid natural beauty. Here, you can easily find gold miners trying hard to strike a hit at gold till late night and people enjoying their time till 1 am. When it comes to enjoy life to fullest, Yukon is just too munificent.

Okanagan Valley

This picturesque valley is ideal for a romantic getaway. This huge valley allures you instantly with warm lakes, mild temperature, beautiful vineyards and much more. The pristine beaches at Okanagan Valley are full of boaters, surfers and kite flyers.

Especially in summers, Okanagan valley fills you up with freshness. The best way to enjoy this valley is to rent a car, a bike or a boat and just lose yourself to discover amazing countryside of Okanagan Valley. Make sure that you carry a good camera to capture loads of memories.

These are just a few places to enjoy a terrific holiday in Canada. Next part of this article will showcase some more Canadian destinations that are often skipped even by entrenched travelers. Till then, just get your cheap tickets & flights booked for Canada at the best price with Nanak Flights.

Camping? What Should Go In Your Backpack

Doesn’t it sound exciting to book cheap flights to Canada and trek through the Canadian wilderness?

Well, this whole thing can feel great if everything could just fit in your pocket. Unfortunately, we don’t have inflatable houses yet; so, you most probably will have to go with a backpack.

For camping & backpacking, the big question is – what should go in? Sometimes, filling a backpack is easy but for camping out, you are constantly instructed to be ready for the worst and yet pack light. We get you covered with our list of essentials you absolutely need to pack in your bag for camping:

1. Knife

A Swiss army knife is easy to find online or at a good store near you. It is worth spending a few bucks on it as its functions are not limited just to a knife. It has a small screw driver, scissors, tweezers, nail filer and more. It would be your best buy for camping as well as for daily use.

Knife and little tools that are clubbed together in a Swiss knife can save you from a lot of pain while camping. It can help you in many situations like for cutting ropes or for sharpening sticks. There may of course be better knives but for beginners, a good Swiss knife can be very useful especially when it is easy to use and fits well in the pocket.

2. Compass

Carrying a compass is crucially important when you are camping especially in an unknown place. You do not need the fanciest or the most expensive one, just a simple compass can help you when you need to know which direction you are heading to.

A compass can re-orient you in the right direction when you do not have cell phone networks. If you have never used a compass before, learn through online videos before proceeding.

3. Cordage

For survival in deserted places, a cordage or rope is utmost important. It comes handy for several purposes like binding wood, drying wet clothes, tying the canopy or simply to pull something up.

You can look for handy reflective bracelet cordages to serve as a survival tool. If nothing else, you can attach different gears to your bag with cordage and make it a hammock.

4. Lighter

Keeping dry and warm is utterly important while camping. You can of course work with match sticks or striker sticks but when it comes to picking up something that works every time without much mess, a lighter comes handy.

If you have booked cheap tickets & flights to a Canadian destination that is not at very high elevation (more than 12,000 feet), any cheap lighter would work. But for an elevation more than that, you may need to look for specific lighters.

5. Water

Staying hydrated while camping is crucial. So, work a bit to find suitable water bottle. A good water bottle can help to boil water and to melt snow. Look for a bottle that is light but sturdy and you can clip it on your bag or belt.

For some odd conditions, you may also consider carrying some water purification tablets.

Hope these items will make your camping trip way more enjoyable and memorable. So, when your backpack is filled with all the essentials, what’s the wait for? Get the cheap flight tickets to Canada booked right now. Happy Camping!

Traveling Canada: The Best Tips

Canada is home to very friendly people, wonderful landscapes, diverse culture and beautiful cities. All in all, Canada is a perfect destination to immediately book cheap flights for and enjoy a memorable vacation.

Canada is generally overlooked by travelers and it does not get the attention it actually deserves. This tremendous country has a lot to offer and here are our best tips. These tips will also help you to plan your Canadian trip with best travel experience:


Food is an integral part of traveling and Canada has a delectable variety of food to offer. Having food in Canada may not be very expensive if you plan to cook your own food or you hit an affordable pub.

A meal at a good Canadian Restaurant may cost you between 25 and 50 Canadian dollars per person but you can always hit the cheap food centers for delicious sandwiches and other popular street food that will cost you about 20 to 40 CAD per meal.


Staying rate in Canada can largely vary according to the choice of accommodation you want and the city you are in. Generally, the staying cost in Canada can cost between 50 to 100 CAD.

Canada offers a lot of staying options to fit into any budget. You can directly book a dorm room in a hostel as soon as you book your cheap flight tickets to Canada or you can check into any of the budget hotel rooms.

Moving Around

Canada is a big country and you may have a difficult time to move around in the city without a car. There are well established networks of public transportation to help you out. The most used public transport in Canada is Metro that may cost you about30-40 CAD for a one way trip.

To move between the cities, you can take train network that runs from coast to coast taking you trough scenic trails. To move within the city, you also have the vastly spread bus networks. Car on rent are also available costing around 50-80 CAD per day.

How To Save Money While Traveling Canada

Canada is a country that has plenty of indoor and outdoor activities no matter which Canadian city you are visiting. While you enjoy these activities, here are some expert tips to help you save money:

·         Look for some coupon sites that offer good deals on local shopping and dining.

·         Canadian summer is full of festivals. Be a part of such festivals and you can enjoy great street shows, music, food and much more at a low cost.

·         During winters, you can easily rent a pair of snow shoes and enjoy free walks through the wonderful trails beautified further by snow.

·         During summers, you can enjoy low cost outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking and canoeing.

·         Enjoy multiday rodeo carnival – Calgary Stampede in July that allows you to pretend like a cowboy or cowgirl.

Hope this little blog will help you get most out of your Canadian trip without spending much. While Canada still remains an underrated destination for rest of the world, book cheap tickets & flights with us and discover Canadian grandeur to charm you forever.

Travel Is A Tool, Not A Cure: Controlling Expectations

It is better to feel and surprise yourself than expecting too much and feeling low.

Too much expectation often leads to disappointments. Most people catch cheap flights and go traveling to experience great things but there also are people who travel to escape certain problems in life.

Travel alone cannot solve your issues but it can be a great tool to help you cope with your life problems. You too are needed to put in efforts. Here are the most common problems people expect to be solved by travel:

1. People Don’t Know What They Want From Their Life

On a life crossroad, you may lose your way of what you want to do in your life or career. You think by traveling, changing lifestyle and meeting new people, you would be able to fetch some ideas. Practically, traveling is quite an inefficient way to do this.

Unless you make some efforts to know your inner self and realize what exactly you want, you will return back to the point where you started from – even after a wonderful travel. Traveling for a break is fine but do not expect it to hit you with a life changing idea/opportunity.

2. Huge Debt

You may want to book cheap flight tickets and escape abroad when your financial conditions are not good. No matter how tempting it may sound, living abroad is just not enough to get out of the financial crux.

Instead of traveling to a new place, it is better to overhaul your spending habits and try to maintain a consistent lifestyle. This would help you live successfully no matter where you are.

3. To Start A Business

It is not very sensible to travel to a new and unfamiliar destination to start a business. Your productivity is very much related to your routine which gets disturbed when you travel or while you are trying to adjust to a new environment.

Smart would be to start an online business from wherever you are and give your business full attention that it deserves rather than spending time and money into business traveling.

4. To Escape Past

Past can stay in your mind for long. In order to get into normal life, a lot of people opt for traveling. When you are in pain, a new and happy surrounding can fill you with positivity. It can help you gain confidence as you are out of the old painful environment.

While you enjoy your travel, do meet good therapists to help you move on and see the better side of the world.

5. To Refresh Relationship

Traveling with your partner can boost the feeling of together but sometimes, it can exacerbate the problems. If you want to refresh the relationship with your partner, do not expect traveling as a sure shot medium. Start mending the relationship at home and continue to make efforts when traveling or not.

Traveling can be a great decision to uplift yourself and feel charged up to face all that life throws at you but if you expect traveling to magically fix all issues, you are going to be highly disappointed. You can easily book cheap tickets & flights with us to experience the world in a completely different way, to develop new dreams and gain long-term benefits.

With traveling as a fuel, get ready to work hard; solve your life problems and be a proud you!

How To Enjoy Luxury Travel Within Your Budget

Finding cheap flights to your preferred destinations to enjoy an exciting weekend trip needs time and patience. But the end rewards are truly worthwhile. Who doesn’t loves to showoff about a luxurious travel and stay they have just had but the real essence of traveling is in going some extra miles for less.

Our idea here is to see and experience many lovely things without breaking banks. Read on to get inspired and have a vacation that is luxurious in many ways and yet low on budget:

Live Like Rest Of The World

Rooms of a luxury hotel are great but spending a weekend at such a place on budget can be a tight call. Check out some of the house swapping websites such as airbnb. They would have great accommodations to amaze you incredibly and to fit into your budget.

You may even think of planning a trip with your friends and share the staying cost of an apartment or a penthouse available for tourists. Some of the prominent rental websites even allow you to book economical catering services within the package. So, this way, you can really have a luxurious stay without spending whole lot of fortune.

The Lounging Time Treats

You may think that booking the airport lounge will beat your budget but in reality, it’s surprisingly a fantastic way to fetch great value for your money while waiting for your flights.

For just about £15 or so per person, you can relax in the lounge area and enjoy reading newspaper, magazines, collect charge points, enjoy free unlimited drinks and much more. Some lounges even have alcoholic beverages plus kids under 10 are normally entertained free. So, you can feel like VIPs while your kids enjoy their time.

Discover The Hidden Treasures

Non-popular destinations are often cheaper and can offer far better cultural experience, culinary delights and amazing sightseeing away from the humongous crowd of tourists. A little research can open your door to such hidden inexpensive treasures.

Instead of taking an overseas destination, try looking outside your doorsteps. With little planning and some research, you can always plan a glamorous weekend outing for petite expenses.

Try The New Way

When you have your trip planned alone, you can look for modern ways of finding a co-traveler and sharing the cost. There are services like blablacar that connects you with drivers or travelers who are going the same route. Get a new friend with a benefit of sharing the cost!

Travel On Water

Even if we are living in a wonderful place of rivers and canals, we often forget planning our trips via waterways. While in a hurry to book cheap flight tickets, do think if you can take boat or cheap cruise trips. Waterways in veracity are a great approach to enjoy a day out plus you would also not miss enjoying the beautiful sceneries along the way.

Money should never hinder your way to enjoy a luxury travel. While you feel inspired about enjoying more in less, get the cheap tickets & flights to your favorite holiday place booked right away at nanakflights with lowest price and price drop guarantee.

5 Incredible Life Lessons That Only Traveling Can Teach

We all have certain life routines to follow each day – get up, have breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, come back, eat again and sleep. We do it every day unstintingly. Following routine is not bad at all but when you seek personal growth, a little bend in the regular schedule is utterly required.

You incredibly expand your horizons as you book cheap flights for a relaxed vacation where you encounter challenges, have an amazing time and learn so much about the world. You will fall in love with traveling because it can teach you much more than what you might have ever learned in colleges.

Here are the 5 incredible life lessons only traveling can teach you:

1. Nervousness Is Adventurous

Chaos can happen while traveling, you may misplace your cheap flight tickets or you may not get a suitable night bus. There’s nothing much that you can do to avoid such incidents. No matter how meticulously you plan your trip; such messes are destined to happen. And it is absolutely okay to get nervous at such times.

These small odd things that happen during travel actually make the entire experience much exciting and they add new dimension to one’s life. The adrenaline rush during such peculiar time help you grow, learn and feel adventurous.

2. Money Cannot Limit Your Experience

Traveling with a limited budget can be a bit daunting but not impossible. Small things like using local transport at your destination and cooking your own food can help you enjoy your vacation for longer without going out of budget.

Try to live within the available means and it can work wonders to help you gain best travel experience. This way, you will get a real and practical travel experience.

3. Appreciating Small Things

In your daily life, you just keep hopping from one thing to another. Traveling is the time when you can slow down a bit to enjoy the beauty of every small thing.

When you are at a new place, everything is fresh and exciting for you. You will find something to look and appreciate even while sipping on your cup of coffee. Learn a new language, experience a new culture or taste new food. There’s a lot to be experienced and appreciated.

4. There Is Nothing To Be Scared Of

You are much braver than you think you are. In the beginning of your journey, you may feel scared to be away for long, but at the end, you will be amazed at yourself.

People around the world are pretty generous and kind. So, there is really nothing that should stop you from traveling the wonderful world.

5. Life Is Still A Puzzle

Most people don’t reckon what they actually want in their lives. Traveling can make you realize that there is still a lot to do.

Traveling to new places and meeting new people can help you discover the goal of your life while also making it clear that there is no rush.

Overall, traveling is a wonderful thing that can teach you many things about life and about yourself. Just get the tickets & flights to one of the inspiring destinations booked now and be surprised about what it may teach you.

Visiting India On Its Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated in India every year on 15th August. For Indians, it is a day of great significance and if you have your cheap flights booked for India during this time, you can enjoy a day full of many activities and celebrations.

 In India, Independence Day is a national holiday and various patriotic celebrations can be observed all across the country. This year (2016), 15th August is going to be all so special because India will celebrate its 70th year of independence.

It was not easy for India to achieve freedom from Britishers and many brave freedom fighters had to sacrifice their lives to see independence. On this day, schools, colleges, banks, government offices and business organizations etc are closed but public transport work as normal. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Indian capital city – Delhi.

If your cheap flight tickets to Delhi are booked, here’s how you can enjoy Indian Independence Day:

Visit Lal Quila (Red Fort)

Red Fort is the most potent symbol of Indian history. It is the place from where the Prime Minister of India addresses its citizens on Independence Day. It was the epicenter of independence revolt in 1857.

Flag hoisting by prime minister in the morning on Red Fort is a great event to witness on Independence Day. There also are some colorful programs worth watching by students and artists from different states.

Shop The Sale

There are huge sales announced during Independence Day in India. It is the best time to shop in all-under-one-roof shopping malls and also over the online stores. You can also shop at the local markets to support local economy and manufacturing. Look for unique hand made products, clothes and artifacts – they make a special gift for your loved ones back at your hometown.

Enjoy Local Food

Special celebrations like Independence Day are also a great time to enjoy good food in India. Hit the popular restaurants to taste some delicious dishes especially made to commemorate Independence Day. Do not miss hitting the most renowned street food joints in the nearby local market to try food that is loved by locals.

You may also get to enjoy authentic Indian food prepared by some of your friends in India by dining with them. For a better experience, go for shopping local ingredients with them and give a hand while they prepare the meal for you.


Indian cities like Delhi are home to many historic monuments such as Red Fort, India Gate, Humanyu’s Tomb, Qutub Minar and more. Join the Independence Day festivities at these places and talk to the locals to know interesting facts about Indian independence struggles. You never know when you can come across a special story or person to utterly inspire you.

India is an amazing country with vivid cultural colors and vibrant people. Independence Day is a colossal opportunity to know more about this fascinating country and get a feel of its true magic.

So, what is the wait for? We have got great deals on cheap tickets and flights to Delhi at especially for you.

Eating Like A Local While Traveling

After weeks of searching cheap flights, you finally have booked a trip to your preferred destination. Well done! The fun now begins. You will have plenty of things to think about. Where to stay? What to see? What to shop? And very importantly, where to eat?

Food is an imperative consideration of traveling especially if you are going overseas. Food not only binds people together but it also plays a major role in defining the culture. While visiting a place, eating local food would give you an opportunity to dive into local tradition and be a part of their society.

With a boom in online social mediums and culinary industry, it sometimes get difficult to avoid falling in the traps set for tourists who are unknown to the best local eateries. Even if you check online references, most reviews are written by other visitors and food experts. Plus how would you know that a particularly recommended restaurant has food good enough to suit your palate or kind of food you enjoy?

Here are our top tips on how to eat like a local in a new place and avoid slurping heavily priced margaritas with fried chicken:

Eat With Locals

No other dining experience can match the experience of eating with locals. After eyeing cheap flight tickets, start looking for someone living there who could let you eat with them. This way you will not only get authentic home cooked meal but you will also get a unique experience of local dining customs.

In case you cannot find any personal connection in that area, try connecting with online networks such as that conjoin travelers with local chefs and home cooks who happily agree to prepare meals for tourists at their own homes.

Look Around Local Food Markets

Even if you do not have an access to a kitchen at your accommodation, do not miss visiting the local food market. It will give you an inside view of the local food culture. These markets are full of vendors selling fresh produces, meat, spices and wine etc. they can really help you know the best recipes to cook meals with local ingredients.

When you don’t have any arrangements to cook your own meal, browse the local markets for quick and tasty meals around.

Speak With Strangers

You cannot be shy during travel. Come out of your comfort zone and try speaking with strangers who come across. They will help you know more about special local places to eat. Strangers will prove to be your best and most honest guides.

In case you are visiting a place with no prominent tourist infrastructure, speaking with strangers to know about their favorite eateries can save you.

Do Your Research

There are plenty of online resources that can help you plan a meal on your trip. You may browse the city maps and sort out the places that look interesting. We recommend using more than one resource and take notice of the places that have been mentioned in most of the resources.

Now when you know how to enjoy best of local food during your travel, get ready to explore your favorite destination; book cheap tickets & flights right now at

An All New Way To Discover Cheapest Airfare With Us


Presenting The Cheapest Air Fare Calendar

Nanak Flights has always been there with you in your search of cheap flights to your favorite destinations. We are your leading travel partner with IATA & TICO accreditations that helps us to serve you most competitively with cheapest possible air fares.

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Taking A Step Further

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Taking our same legacy of exuberant services and cheapest flight tickets a step forward, we present Historical Cheapest Fare Calendar for last year (2015). This calendar is displayed right at the homepage of our website when you scroll down a bit.

Get More Information At a Glance

When you fly frequently, it makes sense to look for cheapest possible airfare and that is what we are here to serve you with.

This cheapest fare calendar has been historically arranged so that it presents required information in a systematic order. It is aimed to help you plan your ravel to different parts of the world while simultaneously guiding you to save money with cheap tickets & flights.

Just a look at this calendar can proffer following key information:

·         You instantly get to see the popular most destinations and routes that saw the maximum traffic last year. You can plan your trip to or across these destinations knowing the fact that they are popular and hence would see some great deals.

·         You can see ticket prices for the whole year that has passed in a single view. This would give you a fair idea of how prices fluctuate during a year.

·         Since the lowest price of the year to a destination is marked red, you immediately can notice the month with lowest fare. This allows you to plan your holiday at a time when you have the maximum possibilities of catching the cheapest of all time air fare.

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