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Best Wedding Venues In Vancouver

Vancouver wedding venues do an amazing job to help all your wedding dreams come true. No wonder, a lot of people catch flights to Vancouver for best wedding events. Here is our recommended list of best wedding venues in Vancouver:

The Vancouver Club

This (one of the oldest wedding venues) is worth booking cheap flight to Vancouver and enjoy a beautiful wedding. Over many years, the Vancouver Club has not lost its charm and it still is a sophisticated wedding venue. If you would love your wedding arranged in a huge ballroom with exclusive and elite club, this is the right place for you. This club would definitely please your guests with its old-world character, elegance and multiple facilities like cocktail hour, indoor ceremonies and more.

Marriott Pinnacle Hotel

This is a perfect wedding venue if you like to have an open wedding. Another good thing about this venue is that it is surrounded with beautiful photographic locations like Stanley Park, Coal Harbor, Marine Building, Canada Palace and much more. When you book a wedding at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, you also get reward points that could be used for staying at Marriott International Hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel

This is an exquisite wedding venue in Vancouver. It is located right in the heart of the city at a short distance from Robson Square. It offers best quality wedding services and food. There are many reception rooms and a roof deck if you want to have an outdoor wedding.

Rosewood Hotel

This hotel again is one of the oldest but stunning wedding venues in downtown Vancouver. With eminent design of 1920s, it has a modern décor to create timeless appeal. There also are nearby locations for urbane wedding photographs.

Cecil Green House

This private heritage mansion offers exclusive views of the mountains and water. Situated on the UBC endowment lands, the Cecil Green House has large open space for grand wedding ceremonies, intimate dining room, separate bridal room and extra rooms for dancing and other events. Your guests will be delighted to watch sunset from the large porch.

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

It is an upscale Vancouver wedding venue with fantastic food and modern décor. This hotel has made its existence in the list of best luxury hotel of Canada by the Travel & Leisure magazine. Your guests will never forget the evening spent here and would always rave about it. There are indoor as well as outdoor locations for amazing photos.

Hotel Vancouver

It is one of the iconic hotels of Vancouver and it is popular for its opulence and magnificent history. It has both – small and large ballrooms with quality food and services. It has decent arrangements to conduct indoor ceremonies and wedding receptions. If you are planning to have a small wedding party, you may use their gold rooms that are intimate and serve as ideal venue.

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Take Better Travel Photographs

A lot of photographs are taken during travel only to be dumped in some storage device. Unless it is a case of hard drive cash, these photos may never meet your eyes again. But some of the precious photographs like of a special person, place or thing have a different fate simply because they are a bit different and better shot.

This article will help you take better travel photographs even with a simple smartphone so that they become a keeper and not a throw-away. Here are some of the best non-tech tips:

Think Of People, Things And Places

Your flights to Vancouver can drop you in a beautiful city but capturing a perfect shot entirely depends on your creativity. For example, if you want to take a picture of a beautiful church in rain, you can easily pull on a decent shot. But if you take your kids (special people) in the shot holding an umbrella while the church just sneaks under the umbrella rim, it becomes a memorable shot.

Stay Closer

Get closer to your subject and you will be able to capture better details and thus an interesting photograph. You may simply walk closer to the subject or use the telephoto zoom option of the camera to get compelling image. It is an effective technique for amazing results.

Consider Light

The cheap flights to Vancouver definitely land you in a beautiful city that has wonderful views all around to be captured; but while taking a shot, consider the light because what you see from your eyes may not be the same what your camera will reproduce. When you face the sun, you may see colors and people clearly but your camera will mostly give you shadows. Similarly, when you shoot in shadow, your camera will only give you dark images.

Know the position of the sun and make the subject face the sun or take the picture of the sunny side of the stationary subjects. Also consider time of the day. Sunsets and especially sunrises can give you stunning images.

Fill The Frame

The intended subject should start at the left corner of the viewfinder and should end at the right corner so that it completely fills the frame with little details of the superfluous scenes. This will let the viewers focus directly on the intended subject and will let the image amplify your travel experience.

Emphasize Your Subject

When you are photographing a site that is frequently photographed such as Eiffel Tower, you may better buy a calendar. For such subjects, make the photograph a bit different and exciting by emphasizing on your companion or your pet or simply other people walking by.

Think Before You Click

Before you finally click a photograph, take a look at the surroundings and try to find out something interesting that might be going around. If you simply capture the picture of what you see through camera without planning, you will get a simple photograph but for an extraordinary picture think beyond what you usually see.

Vancouver indeed is an inspiring place for amazing travel photographs. For cheapest flights to Vancouver, simply click here.