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6 Restaurants In Ottawa To Visit With Family

Taking cheap flights to Ottawa and then finding a perfect place to stay could be hectic. But it could be more hectic to find a family friendly restaurant to eat out and relax after a tiring day. So, here we list 6 restaurants we have found especially for you:

1. ZaZaZa Pizza

This is not just any ordinary pizza joint; it is rather a fun adventure with food. You get to choose your own type of crust and toppings from an expansive range of choices such as avocado, grilled eggplant, BBQ sauce or curry or mushroom.

Your picky kids would be happy eating here as they could also order their old favorite sauce and cheese pizza. Order a dessert pizza with toppings like choco chips, nutella or marshmeelow to end a frantic day quite merrily.

2. The Flying Banzini

Here, once again, you are allowed to pick your choices. Pick your filler, the sauce, the bread and just wait a few minutes to enjoy your selected dinner delight. After a long travel in cheap flights to Ottawa, if you feel lazy to select options, you can order their perfectly delicious roast chicken with bacon paninis. You can either dine or take away the food parcels.

3. The Newport Restaurant

You would absolutely love this restaurant for two reasons – one, it is kids-friendly and two, their “ask & we would do it for you” kind of an attitude. You can ask for additional plates, milk in the kid’s sipper or even a cloth; they try everything to be made available for your comfort. The food is excellent with generous portion and the menu is huge to choose from.

4. The Elgin Street Diner

This restaurant is famous as one of the top restaurants in Ottawa. It is specifically popular for its brunch and delectable poutine. It even has entertainment options for the kids so that you can peacefully enjoy your meals.

5. The Works

They have excellent burgers and they have 7 locations in the city. No wonder, it is the most popular place in Ottawa to eat. It is not just a regular burger place; the extensive menu will blow your mind. Try everyone’s favorite tower-o-ring burger and the sexy burger with pineapple, cream cheese and peppers. Kids can have their favorite burger with peanut butter, bacon and cheese.

6. Spud’s Potato Bar & Poutinerie

Just visit this place when you want to eat food that is fast and absolutely fun. They serve potato based meals in a cool atmosphere and their menu is sure to please kids and adults alike. Get your kids delighted with classic mac and cheese poutine while you enjoy your favorites from a vast menu. It is a very informal kind of a place where they do not mind loud noises and kid’s choir.

Choose your own fav from our list to have a fantastic food experience when you fly to Ottawa . Why take cheap flights to Montreal or other popular Canadian cities to enjoy great food when you have amazing options right here in Ottawa.